Acustica Bistro & Lounge

Acustica Bistro & Lounge Sampaloc

2/F Didache Bldg, 1508 España Blvd cor Valencia St Sampaloc, Manila Metro Manila Philippines (02) 241-5575

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Chicken For The Road 4.4 5 15 15
George Chan

George Chan had Fried Chicken and Garlic Chicken at Chicken For The Road Araneta Ave


Chicken was really tasty and the sauce was deemed very unique and interesting by my officemates. I actually really like this place and have been here before, and introduced it to everyone else by having whole chickens delivered. Didn't disappoint! :)

2 years ago

Francis Santelices

Francis Santelices had Hawaiian at Calda Pizza Manila

4 years ago

Mechaela Gonzales

Mechaela Gonzales had Barneys Bacon Cheeseburger and Barneys Fully-Loaded at Barneys Burger Quezon City


Big, juicy patty. Go for supreme! Not satisfied with their fries, nothing special with it.

4 years ago

Paean Saucium

Paean Saucium had red and white rice, various vegetarian entrees, and various soups and salads at Vegetarian Dinner Club Quezon City


Vegetarian dining that tastes better than junk food--without the karma.

4 years ago

Yza Miranda

Yza Miranda was at Betty's Sto. Domingo


5 years ago

Kim Apple Carvajal

Kim Apple Carvajal had Mocha Choco Chips and Chicken at Café-UK Manila


Cafe UK is an ideal place not only to spend time with your buddies, it is a perfect place to get your geek on. Cafe UK and its facilities cater to all different kinds of students and customers. It provides study tables, drafting tables and couches which are all perfect during exam week or just your ordinary day at school. Believe it or not, their public restroom is air conditioned! The Wi-fi was never a problem, running on a 10 MBPS internet with one modem each floor, you won't have any complaints at all!!

Student-friendly prices of course and the high quality of the food are just one of the few things that I love about CAFE UK. This is where healthy and budget meets! They also have cool and very friendly personnel, from the cashier, waiters and waitresses up to the baristas, you'd find a reason to make it your favorite place :)

I, myself is very picky with coffee shops since I want the perfect ambiance and of course where my budget fits, fortunately, CAFE UK is just around the corner and I am so glad my happy feet took me there :)

5 years ago


Filipino , Italian Casual Dining
P1 - 150
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa: 3:00PM - 2:00AM
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