Amber's Best Restaurant and Ihaw-Ihaw

Amber's Best Restaurant and Ihaw-Ihaw Chino Roces

1173 Chino Roces Ave. San Antonio, Makati Metro Manila Philippines (02) 403-7777 to 78
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food gooood, customer service baaaad


i grew acustomed to the service of the original branch. Even if there are scores of people ordeing and paying and waiting and getting orders, it is organized and everyone gets what they want.

But this new branch along Pasong Tamo in San Antonio Village, the service is poor and disorganized. No one knows what to do, the resto is not even half full and i see people violently reacting to half hour late orders, people cancelling orders. No one apologizes or makes up for anything they do wrong, the staff are mostly idiots save the cashier who seems to be the only one with legitimate intelligence.

Good food, the pichi-pichi and the pancit canton.

Why not the other yellow colored noodles, because i've noticed that people are sick and tired of that and there is always plenty of left-overs. When i ordered the pancit canton variety, in the party i went to that was used to that yellow stuff just gobbled the alternative. No left overs.

Parking is not a problem.

Staff - idiots

Value for money - it really depends if you can stand stupid people

6 years ago

Avhicd Dadivas

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I like your pancit malabon


Delivery is on time...
Pancit Malabon is excellent
Price is affordable
Delivery charge is affordable

Thank you, munchpuch for helping me to find a delicious and affordable pancit malabon.... My family love it...

8 years ago


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Best Barbeque and Pansit Malabon


Ambers Best just recently opened on Chino Roces Avenue. This restaurant is entirely different from the original Ambers near Cash and Carry. I think Ambers Best may be a franchisee.
You know what they say about the original being the best in this case Ambers Best has totally debunked that cliche. For me Pansit Malabon is nothing without the chicharon topping. At Ambers Best they always have this available as opposed to Ambers Golden Hotplate. The sauce they make is also not runny and its much tastier.
Their barbeque also comes in short sticks. Every bite of meat up to the fat at the end was so soft and juicy my mouth is watering right now just recalling it. Ive probably eaten almost all of the available pork barbeque in Makati and its environs, this one is the best for me. Picture this, a lazy Saturday afternoon cold San Miguel in hand plus this barbeque!
We recently got a flyer of their menu and one thing is for sure, we are going to order. As for my picky 5 year old, the food also has her seal of approval. For dessert, try ordering the pichi pichi. Im not much for native rice cakes but i tried one of these and i couldnt stop munching on them.
The service though is slowww. I dont know if its because theyre a new set up or they want to ensure the quality of their food. Whatever it is, it is worth the wait. For the Ambiance, well, if youre looking for fine dining this isnt it. I would suggest just taking away the food and serving it at home.
This is honest to goodness Filipino comfort food at its best.

9 years ago


Filipino Fast Food
P1 - 150
  • M, T, W, Th, F: 10:00AM - 10:00PM
  • Sa, Su: 10:00AM - 6:00PM
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