Amici Alabang Town Center

2/F Alabang Town Center, Alabang - Zapote Rd. Alabang, Muntinlupa Metro Manila Philippines (02) 403-9373
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horrible branch!

my husband and i went to amici in atc last week and we tried linguine al prosciutto, it was so good we re-ordered and forgot our diet.this afternoon, i was craving for the linguine al prosciutto of amici so my hubby and i went there, i was so hungry and excited to feast on the my dismay, we were served spaghetti instead of li...nguine, i asked the crew why we were served spaghetti when we ordered for linguine pasta, according to him they ran out of linguine in which it is their responsibility to inform the customers ahead of time that they are out of it and will be using a different pasta (which they did not do!...i only eat spaghetti pasta with filipino red sauce!), and they used bacon instead of prosciutto(ham), and the pasta was not drained properly so we were served with spaghetti al bacon drowning in pasta water!it tasted a lot different from what we had last week since this one had a strong bacon flavor. i did not complain anymore since we were very hungry but promised not to come back. i was so unhappy with what amici alabang did, if they do not have the prosciutto that time, they should not have offered the linguine al prosciutto. what they were after was just to serve the customers even if it meant compromising the quality. i paid for something i did not enjoy....this happened november last year, then 2 days ago we passed by this branch, my sister went in to see their gelatos on display, she ordered a scoop from the crew and the girl crew sarcastically said "cashier ako dun kayo umorder", unbelievable! my sister was so fast in entering the store so i was not able to warn her with our exprerience with amici atc. this branch is horrible i even posted the review on their fb account but did not get a reply, i guess such service is their standard

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not recommended


the customer service here was horrifying in my opinion: when we entered, none of the personnel invited us in, when we asked for a menu, we were told rather rudely that ordering and paying is at the counter (I didn't know it was self-service at first, but come to think of it, the ambiance turned out to be a cross between Jollibee and Chef D'Angelo - to think the reason I went to that specific branch was a blogger's comment: "relaxing afternoon ambiance").

there were two queues for the same cashier, and no one tried to show us the correct line, the personnel were of course too busy to mind. i wanted to pay using a credit card, no indication that they accepted it, had to ask the cashier two times and a staff member one time. while waiting, i had to bear the booming voice of an unsatisfied customer yelling at one of the managers. someone was mopping the tile floor but forgot that there were customers walking around and didn't install one of those yellow "Wet Floor" stands; of course a poor gentleman slipped, and that's when the genius mopper decided to bring out the stand.

we had to wait around 20 minutes before we had to beg one of the crew members to clean our table (no joke). we had to get our own condiments, and set our own table. water was served, but sloppily. they had wi-fi connection named "Amici", i asked one of the waiters about it, he said they didn't have wi-fi (oh??), went back to the cashier, was told that it was for managers only.

food took 30 minutes to prepare, so we had to step out and buy something from the Jamaican-patty-store-thing next door. the Amici dine-in menu was slightly different from the take-out menu, so i ordered the creamy salmon pasta which was supposed to be for take out customers, cashier didn't seem to mind the discrepancy. the pizza was surprisingly excellent though, we ordered the cheesy bacon; it was thin crust and had tomatoes that were cooked right as well as cream cheese chunks. the carbonara was absolute creamy trash, they could have balanced the thickness with a little evaporated milk, nothing like the one prepared by Cantinetta; the herbed bread was too pungent and cold. i guess there was only one parmesan cheese shaker in the entire resto, since we had to wait for about eight minutes before we were given parmesan cheese on a plate. the mango bravo was okay, but there are better versions elsewhere.

in all fairness, this was right after lunch time, but seriously, i've had better treatment in Jollibee during luch time. the only thing worth my while there was the pizza. i had expected much more since the food was pricey. i hadn't tried their gellato, it might be as good as they say, might not be. if not for it, i wouldn't recommend this place. if you're after an italian-style fast-food restaurant, of the same price range, try sbarro or italianni's.

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Italian Casual Dining
P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, F: 11:00AM - 9:00PM
  • Sa, Su: 10:00AM - 10:00PM
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