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Tagaytay City, Cavite Cavite Philippines (046) 413-0975
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bad service and food


Had lunch there during a Sunday. Decided to order menu from Antonio's breakfast and what a waste of money and time. The service was really bad as well as the food. They prefer that you order from their set menu rather than from their breakfast menu. If they wanted to serve customers just for their set menu then they should have remove their breakfast menu instead. Not worth going there...

9 years ago


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After reading all the raving reviews of Antonios, I went there expecting something spectacular. I must say I was extremely disappointed. Nevermind spectacular, it wasn't even good. The service was slow and confusing. Our waiter seemed to have better things to do than to serve us.

The foie made me almost throw up in my plate. It was salty as can be and left a rotten liver taste in my mouth. The foie was far from fresh. That was the common theme throughout the meal....too salty.

The entire experience was so bad that I don't want to have to relive it again. I would never go back.

10 years ago


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An Expensive Lunch Worth Every K


The title says it all my friends, a lunch at Antonio's on a cool, clear weekday in January is worth every K, Grand, or Sanlibo spent. Pennies are for tipping the lady who keeps the lavatories clean and orderly.

The renovations are complete and Antonio's has successfully managed to expand their eating areas without losing its grand casa feel. It's a shame that they had to eat into the garden areas for the expansion, but it just goes to show that there really are people in our country who are crisis-proof. [Sam I Am is categorically stating that
I am not one of these lucky blokes, only that there are some things that are worth paying for.]

We started the meal with the slam-the-table sa sarap, house dalandan juice. I haven't been so happy about fresh juice since North Park first started selling their fresh lemonade (which no longer tastes as good as it used to). They serve the juice in a glass carafe, with sprigs of mint and fat slices of dalandan lime floating inside. For appetizers, we ordered the escargots bourgignon, melted raclette, and tempura'd scallops.

Don't ask how many people are capable of scarfing down 3 appetizers before an Antonio's set lunch, suffice to say that there were no more than 4 of us at the table. I highly recommend the tempura'd scallops, soft and wrapped in the lightest of batters served with a cream mango sauce. I think there were about 6 to a serving.

The escargot was alright, I am lucky enough to say that I have tasted excellent escargot elsewhere so I can't exactly rave about this one, but it wasn't bad at all. The raclette was lovely, excellent paired with pickled shallots.

We chose a set lunch, comprised of Antonio's house salad, soup, a main dish, dessert and coffee or tea. The price of the main dish determines the total cost of your lunch.

The house salad was very good, fresh greens with herb cheese, glazed walnuts and a raspberry vinaigrette. Good enough to order on its own actually.

For our main dishes we tried Braised Beef Tongue with Garlic Risoni, Antonio's Trio Sampler, and Prawns served ala king in a flaky, light pastry cup. SamIAm never comes to an expensive place to be tentative so beef tongue was an obvious choice, steaks are a tad heavy for lunch.

The beef tongue was flavorful, the perfect texture and almost buttery to chew. If you love lengua, this is one dish you simply must try. Note: ONLY if lengua is one of your favorite dishes, because beef tongue texture and the images it conjures are only for a select few.

Antonio's Trio Sampler is made up of sample servings of tenderloin, grilled sea bass, and a lamb cutlet. The lamb cutlet was perfectly done and delicious, served with a light spread of blue cheese on top. I was too full to try the prawns, even just a spoonful.

For dessert, I had the panna cotta, it was light and creamy and really just perfect. It may look small, but it turns out to be just what you need after a meaty meal. We also tried the spicy chocolate ice-cream which is ... interesting, but the last thing I want to do is end a meal with a zing in my mouth.

I am definitely coming back, with family in tow. Reservations are a must, weekends are usually fully booked and you can kiss your Valentine's date idea goodbye, unless you're reserving for 2010.

SamIAm says must go, must see, must do. And expect to pay at least P2,000 a head (I think they finally accept credit cards - better to ask ahead because we all paid in cash).

weird trivia. A single bathroom cubicle has two toilets inside ... side by side. I thought the second bowl might be a bidet, but no ... it's a second bowl. Very strange.

In addition, the comfort room has breezy open windows, but located high enough so that only the occasional maya maya bird [or helicopter] could possibly spy on you.

10 years ago


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When in Tagaytay,....

4 must visit Antonio's! Just like Sonya's Garden, Josephine's, and Bag of Beans, Antonio's had added to the allure of Tagaytay as a prime vacation destination, especially for harried Manilans who want to escape the City's hustle and bustle and generally hostile environment.

Also check out Antonio's Breakfast....

10 years ago


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Fantastic dining experience!


Had lunch here with my mother's clan, and it was a feast to remember. Upon entering the tall wooden gates of the compound, I immediately felt like we were in a totally different place. I'd like to describe the place as a Spanish casa in a lush green property by the mountains. It's a classic place - perfect for dates and family time.

I was fortunate enough to try the following items in their menu:

-Fresh Oysters
-Foie Gras Patte
-Grilled Certified Angus Beef Prime Ribeye Steak
-Kurobuta Pork Belly Brasied in Milk and Sage
-and a whole bunch of other desserts

Looking at the menu, it may seem pricey but the servings are quite big and the experience makes you forget about bill!

Definitely looking forward to my next visit! :)

11 years ago


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the epitome of a date place


I love this place!

Everything -- ambience, food, especially the freebies I get from the Owner haha

11 years ago


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My first trip to antonio's was pretty exciting! Having read about it from newspaper and magazines, the place seems to be a "must see" for those who visit tagaytay. But after my first visit, Antonio's suddenly became one of those places where I usually bring balikbayan friends and friends who have never been to tagaytay. Not only is it a place with amazing ambiance, but it is a place with great cuisine....a sure must try for every food aficionado!

11 years ago

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Filipino , Fusion , International Fine Dining
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