Apartment 1B

Apartment 1B One Lafayette Square

G/F Unit 1-B One Lafayette Square, 132 Sedeno St Salcedo Village, Makati Metro Manila Philippines (02) 843-4075
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Miguel Antonio Roces

Miguel Antonio Roces craved for Carrot Cake

3 years ago


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Too expensive for so-so food


The place was small but nice. Even if we were seated near the stairs, we were not disturbed much, probably because there were not much people yet then. The food was not extraordinary for its price; it tasted great, but for its price, I am expecting more.

5 years ago


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One of my favorite places in Makati


The whole package is amazing in Apartment 1B. Great quality food with a warm ambiance that make you feel as if you are just at home with your friends. The attention is nice and the prices are okay to be a gourmet food place.
The burger with swiss cheese and caramelized onions is the best!

6 years ago


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great expectation, overpriced, ho hum food


I was craving for eggs benedict and been wanting to go back to this place since i ate here a year ago. Unfortunately, my craving is much more satisfying than the actual dining. Review rave about samosas, but there's really nothing great about it, I tasted a lot of cheese and that's it. Im expecting the eggs benedict to wow me, but all I tasted is poached egg, didnt really tasted that good, rich, creamy hollandaise sauce and the muffin was barely there, the spinach was also tasteless. I have tried this dish in a resto nearby for P250 and I think it's better, and for the price, c'mon it's just eggs with canadian bacon for P420. I also find the roasted chix quite dry. The ambience was not really spectacular and I saw a mosquito hovering waiting to bite that food-fed customer.

6 years ago


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Best Breakfast in PH


I'm a big breakfast fan. I could eat bacon and eggs anytime- day or night. And for me, Apartment 1B was a gem of a find.

While the prices may throw you, especially considering the average cost for the most important meal of the day here in the Philippines (and even in Makati), don't let it dissuade you. Just know that you are about to taste the best breakfast you've had since you landing here.

I chose the big breakfast - two eggs, amazing home fries with the perfect mix of paprika and onions, a piece of dry wheat toast (for the good stuff, you'll have to wait for the Salcedo Saturday Market, but that's a different story) and two slices each of bacon, sausage and Canadian bacon. Outstanding!

However, the star of the morning was my wife's Eggs Benedict. I've never tasted better anywhere on this planet. Well worth the Php 420 cost, especially since they also included those wonderful home fries.

The only downside is that it's a little small. Get there early, or expect to sit outside or wait.

However, with excellent service to boot, Apartment 1B is not to be missed for breakfast.

8 years ago


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sandwich paradise


I loved the Reuben -- and the Club too! Service was a tad slow, imagine though that the place was packed on a Tuesday!!!

Pasta was good, ingredients prime. Your 250/head pricing is impossible though.

Nice interiors, but the washrooms were a bit confusing.

8 years ago


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Gourmet comfort food in a very cozy setting


My sister and I have wanted to try Apartment 1B ever since we read such great reviews about it. We were finally able to squeeze in a lunch at Apt 1B a few weeks ago. For starters, we had the French Onion Soup. I love onion soup and this is one of the best I've tried. It was served in a (very) hot cup, with a layer of Gruyere cheese on top. The broth was very tasty but never overpowering. I absolutely enjoyed this.

Next, we had some baked Samosas. It's mushrooms, spinach and cheese stuffed inside a flaky pastry (not unlike croissant). I also liked the creaminess of the cheese and the taste of the mushrooms, and best of all, it's not oily! Delicious.

Then, we had crabcakes, which is my favorite among those we've tried. It's served with a raspberry vinaigrette salad. Being a seafood lover, I enjoyed this immensely. The crab tasted fresh, without even a hint of 'fishiness'. The breading was very crunchy, and the salad worked perfectly when I ate it between bites. It's listed as a starter, but I wouldn't mind having this as my main dish. There are two crabcakes to an order, very filling.

Then our 'actual' main dish arrived. We ordered the 3-cheese, vegetable lasagna. We were thinking something healthy, but with all the cheese that was in it (ricotta, cheddar and parmesan), I'm not sure it's a very healthy dish. I also liked it, but I think I was already full from the other dishes we had that I didn't enjoy it as much. It's very tasty for something that didn't have meat in it, so I would recommend it to vegetarians, or those just cutting back on their meat intake.

Last, but not the least, dessert. I've been reading so much about the White Toblerone Cheesecake that I've set such high expectations of it, which is always a bad thing. I was not blown away by this dessert. For me, it's just another cheesecake, but the white toblerone bits was a nice touch, and I have to give props for that.

All in all, lunch at Apartment 1B was a nice experience. The waiters were attentive, service was prompt, food was great and the ambiance is relaxed and cozy. But of course, it comes with a price, ours was 2K for 2 people. My bottom line, it's a great place to try if you're looking for gourmet comfort food, or for the great ambiance, but I'm not hooked. There are still some items I want to try, and I want to come back for more crabcakes, so I'll probably go back, just not in the near future.

8 years ago


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cozy urban fare


this place gives off a very cool urban cafe/bistro vibe. there are two floors and the restaurant is littered with original modern large paintings that are also for sale (about P80K per piece).

there are minimalist floral arrangements all around and once you walk into apartment 1b, it feels like a great respite from all the cement and busy-ness of makati (or pasig, or edsa or wherever). the main theme here is white walls, wooden floors that will soon look beat-up and solid antique looking mismatched dining chairs and tables.

the food! is great! each entree is usually a generous portion. what to order: roast chicken (so tender - even the breast, so flavorful, just how i'd imagine my roast chicken should be), meatloaf (savory, fluffy, yummy comfort food), classic burger (all beef baby!), strawberry milkshake (it's not "gaggingly" sweet and thick, but smooth with a great mix of tangy sweetness). their thick fries are great, too!

many have recommended their baked samosas so we tried that out, too. it's as good as everyone said and since it's baked it's supposedly kinder to the hips (but i doubt it coz there's cheese in there, but that's all right, it's goood!). there are four triangles per order.

for three people, we ended up spending about P1,800. i think it's reasonable for the quality of the food, good service, drinks, ambiance. worth a visit!

oh, i recommend making reservations, i think this place gets packed easily. they have couch seating areas that are ooohhh so cozy - especially on the second floor! but i think these go out fast so better reserve :)

9 years ago


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it was nice.


went there for the samosas, they did not have it at the time. i was in the mood for pasta that night so i ordered the carbonara. the pasta was perfectly done, so i didn't mind the sauce being too creamy. i always loved shaved parmesan and the prosciutto gave the rather common dish a little bit of distinction, and not to mention the very nice toast that they served with it. my husband had the chops and was very tender. the apple sauce was great! we also tried the roast chicken and the blue marlin (served on top of spaghetti with pesto!), both were okay but i thought the fish is a bit overpriced. also had the chocolate cake - very good since it was not too sweet and the texture was excellent. i look forward to trying their breakfast dishes that they serve till late in the day. overall apartment 1b is a great place to eat. very charming, good food, friendly service.

9 years ago


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My Best 2007 Find


If I would have written this on 2007, I will give a full 5 star for food. But then, I have not taken any desserts even if I have gone there a couple of times. Come 2008, I took a plunge on dessert w/c is a wrong move for a non-sweetie like me. It was deadly headache screaming sweetness. We even took the less suspicious Carrot Cake! We have to give up partaking the cake until we scrape all the icing off. If not, it will be left as it is - a waste of our order.

But moving to the good stuff - this is where I really find comfort food as what it implies. I don't think it's pricey considering that it is projecting itself as close to hi-end/mid-end resto. It is strategically located in an area with swarming expats so count its price versus its surrounding, this will be like the expats' neighborhood resto. The size is just right and actually this is what amazed me with it. They just know what the right size of food to make you feel satisfied w/o asking for more or w/o feeling that it is lacking.

I tried on
1. Quiche - A lover has to try quiche at all chances. It was good - not Lumiere good but it is there.
2. Samosas - Not oily - whoopee!
3. Blue Marlin - My pet peeve has always been the "fishiness". There's none here. And for grills, they usually turn out as hard as rock - but no, it was just fine - with juice oozing and all.
4. The Breakfast i.e. French Toast - I so love it that I took a picture of it :) It was best so far (until Chateau knocked me on months later). My pet peeve though is no refillable coffee! :(

The service can be a challenge esp during peak hours and esp if you are sitting outside bec you don't have reservation and you really really want to eat there.

The ambiance - come to think of it, even outside, it was nice. Secluded despite being steps away from Paseo Center and they have nice comfy living room type upstairs. I say, perfect hangout and be COMFORTED :)

9 years ago


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Great cozy place


Great cozy place, always full, a bit expensive considering it's size. I would say they have the best SAMOSAS in Manila, light and non-oily, though they are not authentic Indian resto. Prompt service. And when I see their freshly cut amazing flowers I forget my bill :)

10 years ago


Delis , International Cafe
P500 - 800
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