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wrote a review for Dennis the Grill Boy SM Mall of Asia

Bad Service...


After gym, my friend and i went and dine at Pupung's MOA. We ordered Tinuktuk, Rib Eye, Tuna Belly Kebab, Lemonade and Ice tea. For reference - OR# 382-000136257.
OR says we were there around 8:21pm. We sat on the table near the grill, i can see the counter and all that goes in there( cashier, counter, grill).the tables parallel to ours and adjacent to us are still empty then. Rib eye was served but not the tuna as i can see its still being grilled.the 2 tables got occupied and by that time, i saw that the tuna was forwarded by the cook (male) to the counter where a girl crew supposedly puts rice and condiments. By then, she was arranging a later order(must i say lesser but thats not the point). when she finished on the plate, she looked at the receipts in front of her and set new plates.She ignored the tuna, seing this, my friend approached her and asked if she can prioritize the tuna as this food was overdue. The girl crew just looked at my friend and continued as if she didnt hear a thing. The guy on the grill noticed this and he took the plate himself and did the finishing (rice etc...) all this time, the girl is so snobbish, not even apologetic but i would say the worst is that she didnt even acknowledged a customer. We were so pissed that we really didnt enjoy the meal. What a poor CUSTOMER SERVICE/RELATIONSHIP.They badly need training. To make the matter worst, i asked another crew who this time has a name tag ( the girl didnt wear one ) and read as Lance;we requested for the manager but his reply was the manager already LEFT? By that time all tables are full including tables outside,how can there be no manager... The reason we ate at Pupungs was because me and my other friends are regular diners of Pupung's Vito Cruz which was near DLSU but i guess i was sorry i suggested Pupungs ...

Sa hirap ng buhay at pera,its just but fair to have quality not just in food but in service as well. We didnt mind ordering the more expensive food but had we known a bad service they have, i would have settled for a fastfood.

10 years ago