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Jollibee 2.5 5 7 2
Jerty Gavales

Jerty Gavales had Champ at Jollibee GMA Cavite

8 months ago

princess joy

princess joy craved for Yangchow Chaofan from Chowking Imus

11 months ago

princess joy

princess joy had Yangchow Chaofan at Chowking Imus


11 months ago


wrote a review for Chowking Imus

kkainis talaga...

akala ko nagbago na ung service nila.......grabe! matagal na ....kulang kulang pa.. TSK! TSK!

2 years ago


wrote a review for Chowking Imus

The food & the service


Still the same, the food is good, just have to improve on the service.. this is very vital coz its reflects the management..

4 years ago


wrote a review for Chowking Imus

the Food & the service


the food is good no doubt about that.. but.. the service is so poor. you crew would give time frame for a food order but cant come up with it. what is worst, they dont know how to apologize. this is particularly @ you SM- Molino outlet. wish you can
check on that.. Service is very important in any eatery..

5 years ago


wrote a review for Chowking Imus

thw worst chowking branch i've visited (so far)


the crew are so disorganized! all of them still do not know how to run the store properly, laging kagulo! considering the fact na most crews have been working there for so long na! "a lot of customers" is always their excuse! pwede ba magbago bago na kayo im sure pag may lumabas na competitor ang chowking na kayang magtayo ng outlets beside all chowking outlets paniguradong babagsak kayo! ang dumi ng mga utensils nyo etc......wala lang malapit lapit na chinese resto na affordable kaya pinapasok to ng customers

6 years ago


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