Avenue 75 Sports Bar

Avenue 75 Sports Bar B.F. Homes

75 Aguirre cor Gonzalez St., B.F. Homes, Parañaque Metro Manila Philippines (02) 836-7359

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Cha Dao Tea Place 3.46666666666667 5 15 0

wrote a review for Cha Dao Tea Place B.F. Homes

Cha Dao



7 years ago


wrote a review for The Tea Hub Aguirre

Real Taste Of Tea


I have tried the various flavors of The Tea Hub and am now addicted to their famous "Tokyo Connection". This has hints of caramel and you can really taste the tea compared to other milk teas where the flavors are simply masked with loads of fructose and creamer.

8 years ago

Bang Galila

wrote a review for Big Better Burgers Pergola Mall



Sarap ng burger nila dito I like their bacon burger with barbecue sauce, have tried narin their halapeno burger....sulit busog ka na...
Try also their wedge...serve superhot...then dip it in salsa and onion dill mayo....


8 years ago


wrote a review for Ayak Azi Parañaque

Worst Sunday Dinner


Went to look for a place to dine after evening Mass.
Arrived at the place at around 7:30 pm. Since it was a hot summer night, we asked for an air-con room which has a charge of 10% of the total bill.

We were attended to by a new waitress. Took our orders. Came back with the first order that was wrong. It was a portent of things to come. 3 orders of chicken kebab, 1 beef kebab, and 2 sizziling t-bone. 30 minutes past, then 45, then an hour still no order. 1 chicken kebab and 1 sizzling t-bone came. The rest were not served yet. We complained and cancelled the orders. We were also hearing a commotion in the kitchen were waiters and cook(s) are arguing. It would seem they were not working on the our orders submitted by the new waitress. We asked for the bill but was overcharged by 5% on the aircon room. We complained again and they rectified. It seems they were trying to charge the cancelled sizziling t-bone order.

We left the place past 9:30 pm after 2 hours of agonizing stay. I suggest you folks avoid this place. No professionalism. No staff training. No breeding in short.

Our bill -- P2,555.00 that was not worth all it. Poor, if not very poor service. Bound to lose more paying customers. I do not know if "zero" rating in all categories is accepted here.

8 years ago

Carlo Lonzanida

wrote a review for Buffalo's Wings N' Things B.F. Homes

No bad stuff on this end! :)


Went here with some friends last August 2011 (making this a super late review), and here's my takes:

Food is, well, smoking! Though we only got to try the Armageddon and some light-flavored wings (for the girls), we still have yet to try the other stuff. Brace yourself before undertaking any super spicy chicken wings!

Ambiance? I rly don't know what to say, since it was my first time there. I just assumed that a place for Buffalo chicken wings actually looked and felt like that. White paint makes it look clean and well-maintained, so I'll give that props.

Service. It's not outstanding, but it's not bad, either. During our time there, a couple of customers took a table and ordered. It wasn't peak hours so there rly is no reason to complain. We got our order fast and good. Period. :)

Value? Well for starters, I rly don't expect chicken wings with fancy sauces to cost the same as a McDonald's chicken meal. I came there, prepared. And so were my friends. So, it's all good.

FINAL VERDICT: If you want to dig in to some insanely spicy chicken wings without the hassle of too many fellow diners, this branch of BWNT in BF Homes is your place to go.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Laiya Grill Sisig Republic B.F. Homes



they have established new cuisines such as, chicken ala kiev,chicken ass,chicken skin and chicken feet. i love all those especially the chicken ass! its really huge. worth trying! the best is still their number one pork sisig. so crunchy and tasty.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Twenty One Plates Parañaque

Great tasting food


The food at 21 Plates are very good. We tried their Spaghetti with Sundried Tomatoes & Chorizo and its comparable to the quality at Cibo. We also ordered the Indonesian Fried Chicken and Bo's Kaldereta. The fried chicken is unusually very good - taste's different including the yellow rice which is also good. It's not the regular fried chicken. Bo's Kaldereta is possibly the best. You really have to taste it to see the meaning of WOW. I would say that it is comparable to the food at Fely J's or Felix. I was not impressed with the dessert, Mango with Vanilla ice cream. The mango was not sweet. Each main dish order is good for 1 person but is has a hefty serving.

8 years ago

moo cow

wrote a review for Hokaben B.F. Homes

Affordable & Yummy, A Winning Combination


Tried out Hokaben outside BF Homes.

We ordered take-out which included gyoza, stirfried vegetables, a chicken dish and a burger steak looking thing. I completely forgot what they were called.

The chicken and burger steak came with rice and a side salad. It felt like a mini-bento box.

We were not disappointed, food was good and the price was not disappointing either! Great value for money.

They could use some work on getting their hot meals out of the kitchen a bit quicker. The 45 minute wait was a bit much for 5 orders. But, they let you have complimentary tea to pass the time as you drool over the menu thinking of what to order on your next visit.

8 years ago

Mike Carmona

wrote a review for Toho Restaurant Antigua B.F. Homes

Diminishing taste through the years


I just had dinner wid my family in Toho BF Homes. Sadly, the food taste and quality of presentation has gone down a lot. Im a loyal Toho Antigua patron since my childhood years in their Binondo branch. I ordered my favorite grean peas with shrimp, but came out as a scary looking vegetable dish with too much cornstarch. The Roasted asado was served so cold that the fat layers was white/sebo already. Their Nido soup tasted like water with cornstarch as well. To make it worse, the place badly needs a makeover, the resto smells like an old, oily fatfood joint. Oh well, Im not coming back ever again, will have to bear tripping to Binondo if I will need a Toho fix sometime soon.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Toho Restaurant Antigua B.F. Homes

best chinese restaurant


great servings great service authentic oriental taste

8 years ago

origshopaholicpooh Ragudo

wrote a review for Serye Santana Grove

a chip off the old block


still great barbeque as its 'parent', Aristocrat... love the boneless crispy pata & the kare-kare (both the vegetarian & the beef/oxtail!)

crew needs a little more training though... the girl gave us that will-you-make-up-your-mind look when we were ordering.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Tropical Hut Hamburger B.F. Homes

double double only


i grew up in BF homes and tropical hut was always known for their cheeseburgers. however nowadays cheeseburgers and even their sandwiches is not the best thing anymore..the double double is the best they have period.

8 years ago

happyeats Perez

wrote a review for Chi's Brick Oven Kitchen B.F. Homes

Contact Number


I love Chi's Brick Oven. You really get your money's worth. The thing is it's quite difficult to contact them and this site does not have any of their numbers as well. And you need to book a table because it's usually full during dinner.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Thatz-A-Wrap! B.F. Homes



Love the LYSDSY (bacon wrapped crabstick) with their signature green rice! great ambiance and very friendly crew. Will definitely go back and recommend to friends.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Songkran B.F. Homes




8 years ago


P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 5:30PM - 1:00AM
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