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wrote a review for Flapjacks Robinsons Place Manila

Worst BGC restaurant ever


We weren't seated when we came in. There were 5 of us and we were given a table for 4, with the staff telling us that he would get an extra seat. My husband stood beside a table where the kitchen manager was seated, and he did not even bother to offer a vacant seat from the table. He simply ignored us, and it was my husband who ended up getting the extra seat. We didn't feel welcome.
The kitchen manager was the one who got our orders. We kept on clarifying to him that my son wanted the barbecue ribs only and not the combo, and he kept on repeating that order as combo.
It struck us that the staff of this particular outlet was very unprofessional.
There was a time when the manager was chewing while attending to us.
Staff was noisy and did not speak in a soft manner in front of customers.
Plates were not given for the appetizers. This resulted to really messy tables as the crumbs kept falling on the table. We had to ask for the plates, otherwise they would never have come.
The kitchen manager, yes him again, went to our table after we got our bill, grabbed my BGC card, and said: This is someone else's card. I gave yours to the wrong person. But it was my card. I saw my name on it, yet he still pulled it away. He didn't even apologize. (See my comment below on still the same kitchen manager about what he did to our bill.)
It took a long time for the food to be prepared.
Food was very greasy.
The presentation was not good and far from impressive, somehow matched the surroundings.
Premises were very dirty. Couch cover very dirty and had a lot of black stains.
Plastic bags on top of counters. Smelled quite bad.
The moment we entered, we kind of doubted if this was really a BGC restaurant.
20% discount was not applied to all food items. Other outlets are very transparent in adding everything then deducting the bgc discount at the end of the bill. The kitchen manager only applied the 20% off to some food items. This was the first time I saw it done this way. I called on another crew member to make the corrections. Neither the manager nor the crew member apologized for the mistake, and the difference between the 2 bills was significant.

What a disgrace to BGC this place was. I will never eat in Flapjacks again nor recommend this to anyone.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Krazy Garlik Greenbelt

Fun Food for Everyone


Our gang tried out Krazy Garlik this last weekend and went crazy over the Baba Ganoush (a Middle Eastern starter), Spanish dishes Gambas Al Ajillo and Beef Salpicao, Calamari Aioli and Lobster Risotto. Further old favorites like Crispy Pata, Fried Chicken and Spaghetti Bolognese had a new twist that made the children's eyes sparkle. Special note: the Crispy Pata was really tender as our server claimed it would be.

There was this pizza called Garlic Snowflakes, which had thin, crispy slices of garlic as a special topping. The pizza wasn't heavy and the garlic bits were not offensive at all to the mouth.

The drinks? Krazy Garlik had a special drink list other than the usual soda-bar-shakes stuff. They were healthy tonics, and I got to try Travel Sickness, a blend of red apple, kiwi, watermelon and ginger. Truly refreshing!

Too bad we didn't get to try out their desserts as the group decided to get this elsewhere.

The servers were friendly, and made us feel really happy about being at their place that lunchtime.

Will surely go back to try more dishes (and desserts)!

9 years ago