Barbara's Restaurant

Barbara's Restaurant Intramuros

Plaza San Luis Complex, Gen. Luna St. Intramuros, Manila Metro Manila Philippines (02) 527-4086
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You get what you pay for.


I was able to get a voucher from a group buying site so I ended up paying only 50 percent of the current price.

At 200+ I enjoyed the show. The food on the other hand was just ok. I really wouldn't want to complain because I could easily spend that amount and more for just a coffee or a satisfying meal at a fast food place.

I sympathize though with the customers who had to pay full price. I would really feel ripped off if I too paid 500+. Simply not worth it even if they have a cultural show.

I would definitely not recommend Barbara's nor eat their again at their current offering.

6 years ago


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Great Food and entertainment


I have read the reviews for this restaurant, months ago even before i went there myself to really prove who says the truth. I should say, the food was really good, although only a few entries compared to other buffet which has wide array of choices but those few entries are the best. Service is good, staff are very warm and welcoming, very polite too. The place...superb! And the highlight of my visit is the cultural dance show. Very entertaining. With that warm and cozy place, the nice staff, very delicious food and the very entertaining show, i would definitely come back and even pass that good information to my friends and relatives so that they can experience it themselves..

6 years ago


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Myth and Fact about Barbara's Restaurant


Just a month ago we've our reservation to Barbara's Restaurant. My friends and I were so excited that time and with our excitement, we didn't bother to even look up for any feedback on this restaurant. But last night coz we don't know where the exact location of this place, we've searched the internet and we have not only found out the address but we've read a lot of bad feedbacks on this restaurant. Upon reading this, our level of excitement became too low. We've been debating whether we are still going to pursue it or not. So to make the story short since we cannot really refund our money we decided to go and we were really surprised with the outcome of the event. Here's what we've found out today:
MYTH: The service was poor.
FACT: They were all very accommodating and they truly provide a very good service.
Myth: Foreigners are priority while Filipinos are not.
Fact: There was no discrimination at all between the foreigners or us, Filipinos.
Myth: Food were not good and sometimes they are
Fact: The food were very palatable and we've not tasted any soiled one.
Myth: The food tray were not refilled.
Fact: The servers have been ready to refill them.
So overall, Barbara's Restaurant is worth it all to try. Me and my friends enjoyed the food, the cultural show, and the ambiance.

See and experience it first before you judge and believe what you heard. Believe me, it's a lesson learned.

7 years ago

Jeannie Gonzales

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It's not worth


Would you believe paying P540/head for a buffet of
4 entrees only, that's what we experienced today as we decided to celebrate my mother's 83th birthday in this place. That most of the time also we have to remind the waiters to refill the food trays, maybe due to the limitation of their menu we the customers don't have the choice but to serve ourselves on what laid on their buffet table as a result of empty trays always. We experienced also a discrimination from some of the staff in favor to their foreign guests

7 years ago


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Snacks at Intramuros


The food is really good, but it's not worth what we paid for. It costs that much maybe because of the fact it's in the middle of Intramuros!!!

The ambiance is great (good for picture taking). Other than that it's mediocre. I love the lasagna and the clubhouse though.

7 years ago


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This restaurant which is newly advertised as taiwanese vegetarian buffet is a rip off! Even for the low low price of P199.00 per head it's still a rip off! They serve very few dishes and 3 of them are Tofu. 1st Tofu can be described as 'kabag balls', 2nd Tofu taste sour already. 3rd tofu I think are mixes from left over dishes. Other dishes are fried Ampalaya (very Oily), Vegetarian fish (Spoiled/rotten), Fried rice, Pancit canton, and Mustasa. Appetizers are atchara only. They also serve soup which are plain boiled water with sea weed.

The place is located inside the Orchidarium which is a garden so they have no airconditioning. There are frogs jumping everywhere and I saw several cats running around.

Final Verdict! THIS PLACE SUCKS! and Taiwanese RIP-OFF!

I feel like I was 12 3!!

9 years ago


International Casual Dining
P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa: 11:00AM - 2:00PM
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa: 6:00PM - 10:00PM
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