Beat Karaoke Bar

Beat Karaoke Bar Taguig

2/F Unit 1 Bellagio Retail, Forbestown Rd Fort Bonifacio, Taguig Metro Manila Philippines (02) 822-9683

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Aubergine's Restaurants and Patisserie 3 5 15 0

wrote a review for Aubergine's Restaurants and Patisserie Fort Bonifacio

Celebrated wife's birthday there


Me and wife decided to try it out last Friday, June 15, 2012. We ordered the full course set meal.

Food was no less than great. From the appetiser all the way to the dessert. I ordered the steak option, with cheese and win pairing. Appetisers were really fantastic, the scallops and the lobster sort of already filled us up that by the time I got to the main course, I could hardly eat half of it.

Ambience is perfect for a quiet fine dining. This is the main reason why we picked this place.

The service if very good. They explained the food very well and we were given enough attention all throughout.

We ended up with a bill of approx PHP 7,200. I understand this maybe quite pricey for many but for me I do not mind paying this much as long as we enjoy the food and no hassle.

6 years ago


wrote a review for Aria Cucina Italiana Bonifacio High Street Central

Excellent Italian Fine Dining


If you are looking for some fantastic Italian fine dining, then Aria is what you are looking for. This restaurant is known in Boracay visitors and thankfully they already hit Manila scene.

If you have at least 1k per head to spare, then you would not regret trying this restaurant. For starters, I had the Insalata di Cocomero, Rucola e Pinoli and usually anything that has watermelon in your salad is really good like the one in Cyma. I also had the Velluta di Porcini (Mushroom Soup) which is not bad to compliment the Salad.

For Pizza, I had the Salsiccia to share with and for three people, we were not able to finish it as I was stuffed already with the salad and soup. Overall my experience was fantastic with Aria. It's an ideal date place as well for those who are into Italian cuisine. Just prepare to shell out around 1k per person max for a good meal.

6 years ago


wrote a review for Ristras Fort Bonifacio

real mexican taste!


im a fan of ristras since it opened few years back. I have to commend the chef and the restaurant owner for the taste of their mexican food. It's almost the real one i tasted in mexico and California. I just want to request if they can maintain their food quality even if the restaurant is old already. I noticed that the quality and quantity of the Ristras in fort is beginning to decline. Hope they can fix the problem.

6 years ago


wrote a review for Bistecca Rockwell

Dining at Bistecca was a disappointment.


We were not satisfied with the service and food of Bistecca. For the huge amount we've paid the restaurant, we found the service absolutely terrible. The steak we ordered was served after an hour. The salad had nothing but a few pieces of greens, bits of (unfresh) salmon, and too little dressing. It was a disappointment from the very beginning of our four course meal. The soup was also served late, and was not well appreciated. It was bland and was not served at proper temperature. All in all, if we had known the dishes would be so forgettable and quite frankly regretful, we would not have gone there and wasted our money. The waiters were not attentive either. We had to call their attention a couple of times before they provided service. Dining in a 'fine' restaurant such as what Bistecca claims to be should be relaxing and comforting, but we did not experience any of both. What's so frustrating is that we were the only customers there.

The ambiance was not pleasant, the air conditioning did not do any favors and the place was not clean. It had food crumbs on the chairs and floor. We even saw one of the waiters stepping on a chair with his shoes on. He returned the chair and did not wipe the seat. It was intended for customers. We found this off-putting and unprofessional. The fact that he did that in front of us just shows how careless they are.

Dining at Bistecca was a disappointment.

6 years ago


wrote a review for Kimbap & Bulgogi Market! Market!

warms the belly and the fills ur satisfaction


its a fastfood & the ambience is not so good (foodcourt location), however the food is that great that kept me & a lot of people coming back.

6 years ago


wrote a review for Giligan's Island Restaurant and Bar Market! Market!

bad service


my total bill was only P631 but they debited by atm card 3 times as in 3 times...imagine P1,262 excess payment ko!!!!!! they should have told me that same night na double posting cla sa 1,262 hinintay pa nla tumawag ako at magreklamo,tl now wla pa rin ngyari! poor service..

6 years ago

Trudis Wudis

wrote a review for Mamou Serendra

A brand of service you wont easily forget!


Ive been to Mamou's 4 times already, and I would give the waiters and staff 6 stars If I could. Once a waiter advised me against ordering pasts because it would be too heavy with my order of roast pork and chicken. So i opted for dessert instead. True enough by the time I finished my meal, my tummy was bursting at the seams and I would have ended hating the pasta for it. While in some restaurants, servers are clueless with the food they serve, at Mamou's it felt like my dining experience was far more important than the profits theyd earn. I am so pleased with their service that I couldnt help thank Mamou herself when I left.

6 years ago


wrote a review for Mary Grace Glorietta 4

Disappointed! OVERATED!


I was curious about all the reviews about Mary Grace having good ensaimada that one afternoon I decided to try their products. I ordered a slice of their TIRAMISU and their famous ensaimada.

I don't know but just maybe the products were already old. I could hardly swallow the ensaimada because it was so dry. I could almost imagine it tasting like cardboard!

The TIRAMISU was also a big disappointment. YES, it was half the price of Bizu's Tiramisu which was just a few steps away so I figured that I got what I paid for but still, for a hundred pesos, they could have done much more!

At least their garlic peanuts were good. I finished a whole bottle while watching a movie.

It would be unfair to rate the AMBIANCE. They had a small stall located beneath the escalator near the entrance of the food court so expect crowds milling around everywhere.

Service on the other hand was really good. Very helpful staff and served me with a smile and also very good at answering queries.

6 years ago


wrote a review for Va Bene Pasta Deli Makati City

big surprise


Celebrated my birthday at this restaurant !!!! Guess what? i love their food,the pasta is "buonissima " Of course it costs us no less than 1000 for person (7 pax) we eat lamb ,vealcheeks ,loabster ravioli,and veal tenderloin ! u will not regret for sure! The restaurant was full and lively and the service very friendly and polite (very rare nowdays) they reccomended us the tiramisu and it die for.

6 years ago


wrote a review for Shi Lin Fort Bonifacio

Okay, but will need to go back


I had dinner at Shi Lin (Fort) a couple of nights ago, upon the recommendation of one my friends. I've honestly never heard of it, as I do not frequent Podium; but I do like Chinese food, and (excuse my naivete) I was sure that Taiwanese food wouldn't be completely different.

Dinner was light and simple: an order of xiao long bao, the pork and vegetable wonton soup, plus the red bean dumpling. While I know enough not to judge the entire menu on three dishes (I will go back), the xiao long bao wasn't as marvelous as it was described to me. The broth wasn't flavorful, the dough tasted like it had been cooking too long, and the meat was bland. I've had xiao long bao before, here as well as abroad, and I've just had better, I guess.

The pork and vegetable wonton soup was okay but forgettable. I added several drops of the black vinegar and chili oil, but that might just be me because I like spicy food.

The red bean dumpling was actually good, as it was really only slightly sweet and the creamy texture was just as I expected it to be.

Place seemed clean enough, and the waitstaff was courteous. Prices were okay, but again, need to go back to taste the other dishes.

6 years ago


wrote a review for Sariwon Korean Barbecue Bonifacio High Street Central

Yay for Japchae!!!


We ordered to go and were generally pleased with food, but share the following:

The wait was long and had to wait outside the restaurant in the heat (no water or complimentary beverage was offered). We ordered the following:

Japchae - met our expectations. The order is enough for one serving (probably not enough to fill a man's stomach). We would order it again.

Jeonju Bibimbap - they forgot to include the rice; we had to run and purchase rice from a nearby restaurant. It would be good to have it all mixed and ready to eat when we picked it up.

Galbi - the meat was tasty; it would be good to have more lettuce leaves to match the amount of meat.

Sariwon Bulgolgi - we did not expect to have a soup dish, but my daughter liked it.

Side dishes of kimchee, etc - too little, small containers, difficult for four people to share a 1/4 cup each of side dishes. But, they were all tasty.

To make up for the missing rice, the restaurant went out of their way to make up - they delivered two Korean style halo-halo and sikhye.

We will definitely go back and dine in.

We paid about $55 (USD) for this meal - a little more than I would pay for the amount of food provided at other Korean restaurants.

6 years ago

Mon Villaverde

wrote a review for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Bonifacio High Street

Good place to Relax


Prices are not that high, but compared to what other coffee shops has to offer, I would rather go to this place because its ambiance is just great!, no noisy outdoor noises, lighting is even, seats are comfortable. The best ammenity of this place is the Wi-Fi Connection which is fairly fast and FREE. Yes, its free given that you have the Swirl Card that can be purchased one time for 195.00, the card also earns points that you can use to buy beverages or food at any branch.

Overall, good place to hangout by yourself of with friends, with outdoor seating, nothing can go wrong for smokers. Oh before i forget, PETS are Allowed inside the cafe.

6 years ago


wrote a review for Slice Bonifacio High Street Central

Tastefully sinful for something healthy


I read somewhere that the food here are healthier because of the ingredients and the preparation, but it tasted like it was sinful! We had the rice dish with beef and cheese topping and the cream-based pasta with chicken. Both were very cheesy and good, we thought we won't able to get dessert. Their choco yema cupcakes are good also; I will definitely go back to try more because I was sick and only ahd a bite. They also have a moringa juice which tasted nothing like moringa - just like a citrus juice.

6 years ago


wrote a review for The Cake Club Bonifacio High Street Central

Great ambiance, great food


The place was very polished and nice. The food was nicely prepared and that compensated for the fact that I did not like their salmon dish (too tangy for me). My companion liked the beef belly dish though; I will try that next time. We also tried Le Royale, which was really good - imagine eating a cake made out of Ferrero chocolates.

6 years ago


wrote a review for 2nd's Bonifacio High Street



My husband and i decided to try this place given the great reviews we came across. We ordered mostly what other reviewers recommended. The bacon chicharon although crunchy tasted flat if not for the bleu cheese sauce (which comes as an add on) and the greens on the side. I ended up asking for more greens and making the bacon a topping. There was no hint of bacon or saltiness. The Three Pigs (Lechon Kawali) was crispy but again had no taste and much to our disappointment so was the Duck Confit which although crisp on the outside and relatively tender still lacked flavor and fell short of what we are used to in French restos. We have to agree though that the ambience/interiors
and service were good. We were perplexed as to why everything we ordered was bland and wondered if the way it was fried was the culprit.

6 years ago


Filipino Casual Dining , Bar
P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 6:00PM - 3:00AM
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