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1601 P. Ocampo St. San Andres, Manila Metro Manila Philippines (02) 525- 1648
Becky's Kitchen 3.875 5 8 2
John Bola

John Bola had Food for the Gods, Butter Rhum Cake, Chocolate Fudge Cake, and Swiss Chocolate Cake


I always buy this whenever I have the chance to passby at their store in Vito Cruz, Manila.

11 months ago

Penny Angeles-Tan

Penny Angeles-Tan had Swiss Chocolate Cake


1 year ago


wrote a review

The Cake everybody would love to receive!


I have been buying from Becky her baked goodies for all my gift-givings. My favorites are "Potato-Almond Cake", Butter Cake (slice it... put a slice of cream cheese on top and put in the microwave for 30 seconds : Becky herself had tried eating this at my Sacramento Coffee House way back in 1991-93); Prune Walnut cake; Food for the gods; and the supermoist chocolate cake.

Becky has another outlet at the clubhouse of Valle Verde I in Pasig City.

4 years ago


wrote a review

super duper YUMMY


forget the diet just have slicesssssss of their cakesssssss... u cant resist...

4 years ago


wrote a review

One of the Best Brownie Places Ever


I have been a loyal neighbor customer to Becky's Kitchen for their consistently terrific quality! The Fudge Brownies and other variations such as the Cherry Walnut Fudge are amazing because they are very chewy and moist, and that's the way every brownie should be! Ensaymadas come in regular and mini sizes, pretty good too! The only cake I dislike is the Swiss Chocolate Cake (the one that's totally covered in white) because the nougats (which I think they are) inside are really hard to chew. But all their other cakes including the one with potatoes and rhum (2 different cakes) are wonderful! Prices are reasonable! This place gets full fast during the holidays, and that's already a sign that this is a good place! I'm their neighbor and I see all the cars that flood Vito Cruz and Bautista during the peak season! What are ya waiting for, give this place a try and know what it's all about yourself! :)

4 years ago


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Becky's Forever


I love the Chocolate Fudge cake Becky's kitchen. It is my favourite cake followed by their Caramel cake and Coffee Cream cake.

5 years ago


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Consistently delicious food


I've been going to Becky's for over 10 years and it's always been at the top of my list for brownies, cakes and pastries. I know lots of people share this sentiment -- just try placing an order during Christmas season and you'll understand why.

I've tried many different cakes and concoctions (yes, even the odd-sounding Potato Cake) and never once tasted anything I didn't like. As a bonus, all these goodies are reasonably priced.

I highly recommend Becky's brownies (all variants are great, although I'm partial to the one with cherries), the Prune Cake (which is a compliment because I'm a chocolate person through and through), the light and fluffy lemon squares, the Swiss Chocolate Cake and the Chocolate Mousse.

5 years ago


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Delicious Goodies


I grew up a few blocks away from the very first branch of Becky's...the one along Pablo Ocampo Sr. St. (Singalong area). I'm not a big fan of sweets, but I just can't resist Becky's. Their goodies are definitely one of the very few delicious cakes I have ever tried in my life. And I'm now 25. Haha!

Here are must-try's:
1. Chocolate crinkles that melt in your mouth (I swear this number is unforgettable!)

2. Walnut fudge - This is so popular not only among people in the St. Scho/La Salle/CSB area, but people who live down south or up north even come brave the chaotic traffic situation of Singalong and Vito Cruz to get themselves this yummy treat. Each slice is so moist and rich and chocolatey... it is sweet but not the kind of sweetness that you would get tired of.

3. Ensaymada

4. Black Forest Cake - my family's favorite (Even better than Red Ribbon's. Need I say more?)

5. Swiss Chocolate Cake

Now why are you still on the computer reading this? Shouldn't you be on the road and headed to Becky's Kitchen by now? See ya!

6 years ago


Pastry Shop
P1 - 150
  • T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 6:30AM - 8:30PM
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