Bellini's Cubao

Marikina Shoe Expo, Gen. Romulo Ave. Cubao, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 913-2550
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Blanca Ortiz

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pasta al dente. pizza scrumptious. meat exquisite (try the tornado). all in all - so satisfying!

must taste: free home made wine given by owner. i love sweet wine.

4 years ago

May Gana

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Quaint Quiet Place for a Date


My boyfriend and I went here for our Christmas celebration. Our experience here wasn't as good as we had hoped. First, the bread sticks. Don't touch them unless you're really, really, REALLY hungry.

Second, the menu. Before we went there, I already looked for items to order since we were very new to the restaurant. I just wanted to make sure we didn't waste time looking at the menu and end up ordering something that didn't taste good. Unfortunately, all that effort went to waste since most of the items I thought of ordering weren't available. After that, we had to do trial and error because a lot of other things in the menu were also unavailable.

And third, the service. The service was fine at first but it seems that it was so difficult getting their attention when we were trying to get our bill. If they didn't want us to pay, it's fine by me!

One of it's redeeming qualities is the quietness of the place as well as the general mood of the restaurant. It really felt like it was the perfect place for a date. You and your partner can talk without the bustle and noise of a fastfood restaurant and the lighting and decorations of the place will put you in a romantic mood.

Another redeeming quality is the food. The food, was good despite the fact that we didn't get the ones we initially wanted. My date loved their Osso Bucco alla Florentina; it was rich and flavorful. However, my date and I felt that the portion of the food was still pretty small despite being so expensive.

Suffice to say, it was a good restaurant but I don't see myself becoming a regular.

5 years ago


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best italian restaurant so far


random thoughts about the place
- ambiance best for romantic dates.

- Affordable menu

- Quiet and very relaxing place.

- I love the Filipino singer who sang Italian songs. The singer also sang a few romantic Tagalog songs. :)

- Food was great. we ordered for
1. Pesto - fresh basil, garlic, and olive. I'm not really a fan of pesto pero okay na din. Pero I shoud have tried their seafood pesto instead. Hindi ko kasi agad nakita.
2. Pasta panna prosciutto funghi - prosciutto, cream and mushrooms. V. yummy and creamy!
3. Pizza mediterranea - mozerella, bacon, oregano and onion. Thin crust pizza ooozing with flavor.

- Our order was served after around 5 miinutes.

- i don't know where their parking is. The street is too narrow for cars.

- Marikina shoe expo is really an interesting cool place where people could dine and drink.

- Mr. Bellini is also nice to everybody. He goes to each table once in a while and checks if everything is fine. He even instructed the waiters to serve us free wine shots. :) He's lovely.

- Once you go in to the restaurant, you'll forget that outside the room is the busy streets of Cubao.

- i love the murals and paintings on the ceiling. Also, there are quite a number of interesting photos on the walls.

- I don't know which one's better -- the food or the ambiance. =)

- This place is a perfect place to celebrate special occasions with loved ones. :)

- One more chance restaurant! :)

6 years ago


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Patience is a Virtue :)


I went to bellinis with a group of friends, we ordered the pasta platter and pizza . The food was nice and the decoration as well inside the resto. One thing Ive noticed it took long time for them to served the food" parang yung gutom na gutom ka na at nawala ka na ng gana"

The ambience was great. The crew was very accomodating. The place was great for a romantic date.

6 years ago


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good food, but I was slightly disappointed


My boyfriend and I had dinner here one Saturday night. We ordered angelhair pesto, fettucine carbonara, and Napoletana pizza.

My boyfriend's carbonara dish came first. The pasta looked al dente and the sauce was pretty good. The bacon is not fried (frying the bacon is the American way, I've heard) and you can really taste the smokiness in the sauce.

When my pesto arrived, I wondered at the angelhair -- it was rather thick and white. Angelhair is supposed to be really thin and yellowish/cream in colour (like all kinds of pasta look when cooked properly). I took a bite and instantly declare the pasta undercooked. That was the worst part. As for the sauce, I love pesto so I've tasted numerous restaurants' versions of it. The one at Bellini's tasted authentic, but I would have liked to taste more garlic and pine nuts.

The pizza was different, but still good. The cheese is not grated and spread all over, but sliced thinly in small rectangles and put in the middle of each slice. The crust was thin and crunchy and tasted delicious.

The food is a little overpriced because the pasta servings are small. Good thing the place was clean and the wait staff was very attentive and helpful.

All in all, it would have been perfect if it weren't for the angelhair pasta :(

6 years ago


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my valentines date 2010 at Bellini's Cubao expo


First of all, I would like to apologize because this will be a long comment and will beg to disagree to the wonderful comments above.

I was impressed by the reviews in Bellini's that is why i chose to go here on valentines 2010. However, I am really disappointed at the food and the service.

First, we we're served with the mixed appetizers of breadsticks, bread with something like liver spread and eggplant with cheese, ham and tomato. The eggplant appetizer looked and tasted like it was cooked 4 hours before we order it!

The first plate of pasta was good. I got the ravioli with spinach inside and it was perfect. My GF got the fettucine that I forgot what's in it but also it was good but nothing extravagant about it.

For the second plate, I got the chicken with white sauce, forgot also the name. It was also good, but my GF got the seafood something, which only has a single prawn, 2 clams and 2 mussels..,the serving is really small, a kid might not even appreciate it, like the first one, it’s just a mediocre dish.

Then the waiter suddenly told us that the dessert that we ordered was already out of stock! After eating everything! Why didn’t he told us in the first place?! Waiters are shouting at each other while attending to customers. I need to get their attention twice just to get the bill, and received it after 15 minutes!

The price on the set menu didn’t justify at all the food and service. P1,700 plus service charge. All in all almost P1,900. The price is way too high for this kind of service and food.

Our date was perfect except for the food and service.

I wont be coming again in this much for all the raves about this place.

7 years ago


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Rather Disappointed


I noticed this restaurant a couple of times when I passed by the local market, and although I was curious, I never ventured inside, until a friend of mine started raving about the food. Apparently, she had eaten there with her family and said that the food, the decor, and the ambiance of the place was fantastic.

Of course, after hearing all that, I was just dying to try it out myself and finally after several weeks of nagging, I managed to get my family to go.

And I'm sad to say, after all those rave reviews, the reality didn't live up to the hype. Well, to be sure, the decor and the atmosphere of the place was nice. The walls had painted murals depicting the streets of Italy (this is just a guess) and it seemed like a cosy and relaxing Italian family restaurant. The food however, was a different story.

For those of us who aren't Italian food experts, the menu was a little hard to decipher. I couldn't tell what was a white sauce or red sauce pasta, or if it even had a sauce. In the end, we just decided to ask the waitress what were the house recommendations and ordered that. We got spaghetti with shrimps, brocolli, and tomatoes, a Bellini's pizza (basically their version of a combo), a tuna pizza, and an aluminum baked seafood pasta.

To be fair, they were all served hot and fresh out of the kitchen but in terms of taste, they were all pretty boring. Out of those four dishes, I would probably only eat the shrimp, brocolli, and tomato pasta again. It's not like the other dishes were inedible, they just weren't all that praise worthy. They were okay, but not great, and definitely not warranting all those compliments. The pizza crust was a little too thin, and while I have nothing against thin crusts, it wasn't very crisp (which is something I do have against). As for the aluminum wrapped seafood pasta, half of the clams in it didn't even steam open, and I got two itty bitty unpeeled shrimp that were overcooked. The sauce was also lackluster. It lacked the acidity you would normally expect to see in a tomato based sauce and trust me, the sauce needed some acid to compliment the seafood.

Even though they gave you complimentary dessert wine in shot glasses after the meal, overall, I wouldn't go back to this place again. Considering how much they charge you (200-300 pesos for each pasta dish and 250-350 pesos for the 12" pizzas), it's not worth it especially since their servings are kinda skimpy and frankly the food just isn't worth it. Even if they did lower the prices, I wouldn't go back.

7 years ago

YedyLicious Food Blog

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In The Middle Of Artsy Place in Cubao


you can read the review here:

7 years ago


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I was really excited to see a proper Italian restaurant open in Marikina. Me and my wife went there for dinner as soon as we had the time. Unfortunately the experience wasn't all we had hoped for. The first thing that got me annoyed was the owner, he was just a little too pushy in suggesting what we order for appetizers... naturally he was recommending the most expensive thing on the menu. For our main course we had a steak and a pizza. The steak had a very strange taste to it and the meat wasn't particularly good, and the pizza was sweet!

Compared to Italian restaurants like Amoroma (from Alabang, they moved to Tagaytay about a year ago) and Buena Vita along Dang Haari road, the food in Bellini's is well below par. I won't be visiting there again.

7 years ago


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must try...u won't be disappointed!


this pizza called bellini's special was like nothing else out there... quite a unique and very impressive pizza... uses delicate slices of melanzane to create the unexpected best pizza imho

the private label sweet wine is awesome too - doesn't taste like that awful carlo rossi (the only good wines are the ones that taste good, not what other people just agree on).

7 years ago

chunky Aquino

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simply delicious...


the food here, for all italian food enthusiasts out there, is utterly and purely authentic. i cannot complain on how their food is prepared and presented. so far, i have tried (and not regretting it) their penne arrabiata, three-pasta sampler, the anchovies antipasti (divine!), bellini's special pizza (thin-crust), and never- to- be- forgotten orange cake. oh yes, a shot of limoncello is a must after meal...i really enjoyed it. thank you for bringing us this resto in this neck of the woods senor bellini...till our next visit. ciao!

7 years ago


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birthday bust!


this is my second time at bellini's. it was not as good as the first time. our wait staff sure knew the menu by heart. he was so proud to state the entrees' names so fast i can't keep up. so funny. it only goes to show he is well-trained. they served thin bread sticks as appetizer (for free). we had to ask for olive oil and balsamic vinegar. the latter tasted funny the first time i took a dip. their pastas are "okay". not bland tasting but it sure failed to create a revolution of "oohs" and "aahhhs" in the group. the thin pizza got better reception. i so love olives (green and black).

=( the mango shake took forever to serve. and the bill ... hay, we could have eaten at a cheaper italian place.

7 years ago


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disappointing obama


Tama, yung ONE MORE CHANCE nga muna ang maaalala mo pag nakita mo ang lugar na'to. At gaya nung sa pelikula, maganda ngang lugar ito para makapag-catch-up, usap-usap at bonding. Kung gusto mo munang magtime-out sa ingay at usok sa Cubao Expo, dito ka pumasok.
Pakiramdam ko, bigla akong nailipad papuntang Italy dahil sa hitsura ng loob ng Bellini's. At nakakaaliw yung lalakeng naka-gitara na humaharana sa mga kumakain.
Masarap ang pagkain, mas mahal nga lang ng bahagya kaysa Aveneto o Napoli. Kung grupo kayong pupunta, subukan nyong umorder ng iba-iba, para marami kayong matikman sa menu.
Medyo na-disappoint nga lang yung kaopisina ko sa Obama Cake nila. Addict pa man din sa tsokolate niya. Parang wala raw gaanong ipinagkaiba yung cake sa iba pang mga chocolate cakes na natikman niya. 200 yung isang slice ng Obama cake.


bisitahin nyo ko sa

7 years ago


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old flame


this is one of the places i brag about whenever people talk about food. something like "alam mo ba sa cubao", loved the food here. the ambience somehow came with the food, it sorta makes you smile.

*the guitar guy also was very nice and even the owner was something to fuzz about.
*parking is ok, plus you get to walk around art.
*but something was lost in this resto. food suddenly became mediocre. but i havent given up yet, i will still eat there because i love that place. sana lang better na yung food this time
*the first time i tried it kulang na lang subo ko tinidor.

7 years ago


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A Kingdom of Prime Time Taste


I wasn't really a big fan of the Cubao area until I discovered this gem at this unlikely place... in an unlikely spot. The outside was camouflaged by novelty shops and bazaars to keep this precious treasure from vicious gourmands (like me, heheheh!). The interior boasts off great style with interesting paintings on the walls and even on the ceiling. Sturdy and yet comfy chairs make a better place to start building your heart in it especially when you get your eyes on the photos taken by the former paparazzi owner himself! I ordered their creamy and delicately flavoured ravioli, while my date enjoyed her tasty seafood marinara pasta. Even I, who's allergic to seafood, enjoyed it as well! Bellini's sweet wine's also a top-notch winner for drinkers and non-drinkers alike. The live guitar serenade made us stay for some Italian specialty pizza and I have to admit that it became the all-time favourite of all the girls I brought there. Heheheh! We had tiramisu for dessert and I should say that its bitter-sweet creaminess sets it apart from all other tiramisus I've tasted! Their great service makes the place extra-special, and the price comes out to be a winner too. Quality, quantity, and worth...I just couldn't ask for more! Perfect for this coming V-Day!

8 years ago

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Italian Casual Dining
P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 11:00PM
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