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Bellissimo Ristorante Tomas Morato

105 Scout Castor Laging Handa, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 376-5746
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Elemental Composition of Cesare Iced Tea.


I can’t wait for my next Aglio Olio experience. The Bellissimo Aglio Olio has less sugar, less lipids, some salt/sodium in moderate amount and has thiamine and iodine (based on a proximate analysis of a taken-out sample last July 2009). 1 serving Bellissimo Aglio Olio is only between 110-160 calories depending on the amount of parmesan cheese you put; this is equivalent to only 1 two-stick Kit-Kat chocolate bar. Not so high in calories but very yummy pasta.  The Sicily pizza is my personal favorite. You can also instruct the staff to “smolder” the pizza a little bit in order to coagulate the proteins in the dough. The dough with the proteins coalesced makes Bellissimo pizza the best in the world!There are paintings of Cesar Montano in the walls in the second floor. These artworks are for sale and are varied regularly every month. The proceeds for the paintings percolate to a noble cause— the main beneficiary is the Panaghoy foundation , a foundation committed to provide outreach programs to public schools and healthcare services/facilities, and medical and dental missions in Bohol. In short, you dine and at the same time, gain acquaintance of art , and as well , able to contribute to a openhanded institution. Even an untutored connoisseur like myself can say at once that the paintings are indeed Bellissimo!

Method Development for the Determination of Elemental Composition of Iced Tea Infusions Using X-rays.
By Raymond J. sucgang
Iced tea, made from brewed tea leaves is a beverage commonly consumed throughout the world. In the Philippines, the most popular iced tea enjoyed by most people is the Bellissimo Ristorante iced tea blend.
Many researchers and reports have proven the benefits of tea in the prevention of cancer and other diseases. Tea contains rich amino acids, minerals, vitamins, tea derivatives, essential oils and fluoride. Tea contains several polyphenolic components like cathechin with antioxidant properties. The medicinal properties and benefits of tea to the human body are undoubted.
Tea contains abundant minerals like phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, aluminum, sulfur and fluorine, etc, which are beneficial to health, when present in trace quantities. The occurrence of other trace elements in tea, in concentrations exceeding or approaching the limits set by the national standards for drinking water, is however, often an indication of pollution/contamination.
A study was completed on the expediency of X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry, XRF, for the determination of trace elements in iced tea mixes. A procedure was optimized which involved drying in a microliter amount of the sample on top of a filter paper under an infrared lamp, and subsequent analysis of the filter with the sample under energy dispersive X-ray Fluorescence system. The spectrometry instrumentation consisted of an X-ray tube , a germanium, Ge, detector and secondary targets. The samples were mounted holders and placed upon the detector which was aligned to an X-ray source. The pulses generated were proportionately amplified and directed to a computer, and data were resolved to mineral concentrations in parts per million, ppm.
The Bellissimo iced tea is an infusion concocted by a world class Filipino actor and restaurateur, Cesar Montano. Due to its distinct flavor accompanied by bursts of Pandanus aroma and a hint of pineapple, the Bellissimo infusion is the beverage of choice of most Filipinos.
My personal study documenting the elemental content of iced tea from Bellissimo Ristorante gave way to the following results: the iced tea was an excellent source of Selenium (an important mineral in the body), zinc, copper and magnesium; none of the minerals exceeded the limits set by the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water; there were no harmful minerals found in considerable concentrations; fluoride, which has often been implicated in fluorosis resulting from intake of high fluoride in tea commodities, was measured to be in concentrations which are regarded as beneficial instead of harmful. The work has demonstrated that the Bellissimo Ristorante iced tea can be considered safe and beneficial to human wellbeing as far as mineral composition is concerned, and that the determination of trace elements in food and drinks is important in both nutrition and toxicology. Furthermore the suitability of X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry analysis for the determination of trace elements in iced tea mixes has been demonstrated by the study.
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great pizza... but...


great place. the moment we walk through the door, we though we're not in morato anymore. the pictures and decors are awesome, so as the ambiance of the place as a whole.

It was borderline fine-dinning and cozy (the wines displayed helped set up a romantic mood).

the food was ok. well, it's not the kind that would make you jump up and down for joy, but the food will definitely leave you satisfied.

we ordered pasta with shrimp and clam (sorry, forgot the name haha!). the pasta's taste was overwhelming, but in a good way.

The pizza we ordered was awesome. a no-meat pizza, but we totally loved it. the taste just makes your taste buds ask for more. yum!

service kinda sucked, though. they would make you wait forever for simple stuff, say, a tissue?

but if you are willing to look beyond the service, this is definitely a great place to dine, and the perfect way to end your week :)

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A Let Down


I first ate here a few months after it opened. The decor was nice, creating an air of being in an authentic italian restaurant. Sadly all the dishes we ordered were not really that good, the pizza was soggy, the soup and pasta tasteless. In fairness to them, they might have improved as they were going thru some growing pains when we ate there. I don't plan to eat there in the near future.

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the place to be


truly your pizza is yummy... and pasta aldente.Affordable, Me and my husband had a lunch there and truly the place is romantic. I am an ofw , and I used to know this place from tfc-kabuhayang swak na swak. Only the service isn't nice, huzzle sa pagkuha ng bills and giving of change...ang tagal..........Nahuli kami tuloy sa appointment ko.....

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foods are really delicious. Considerably a cozy place. Value for money is worth. But the service ...eeiww.... We waited for the bill almost 20 minutes, and the change for another 20 minutes.......What the heck...

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Italian Casual Dining
P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 12:00MN
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