Bensetti's Diner

Bensetti's Diner Cubao

City Tower Condominium, 810 Aurora Blvd cor N Domingo St Cubao, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 448-7278

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port manteau

wrote a review for Primero Casa Filipino Quezon City

Value for money, but a bit tired in presentation


I went there recently to celebrate with my family, and my findings are that for P388 (weekday buffet price, P488 on weekends), the main buffet is a good deal if you are angling for the carvery station goodies, i.e., roast angus beef (they offered rich, fatty Angus short beef plate), lechon with balambang sauce, a lechon binagoongang babuy (and a roasted chicken, but i didn't taste, so I can't comment).

The hot appetizer station looked tired and worn out, and I wasn't too hot about their some of their fusion attempts (thai krathong thong-style cups for sisig), the cheese looked like it had sat there for ages. Same with items in the cold appetizer section/salad section. I can't eat adobo maki; some may like it, I don't. There was a tuna ceviche in Chinese soup spoons, and that should be kept on ice; so not only did it not taste so good, it's actually a safety hazard.

Also their salad dressings were both too salty - Dijon + Bagoong, or Salted Eggs. Is there no regular vinaigrette option, something less salty for older, more diet conscious guests? (I realize my question may be pointless.)

My main concern with this buffet is the lack of balance - everything tends to be rich, fatty, and there are few healthy alternatives. You will get full, fast! You won't want to stay more than an hour. I don't think i'll go back, unless i'm maybe craving for another round of roasted Angus beef.

But all in all, you get more than your money's worth if you are ready to eat rich food all the way - what i mentioned above, plus soup (2 kinds), a carbonara type pasta, a few other starches, and some vegetables.

For what the place looks like (the decor is astounding, you should come inside and look at the woodwork and lighting fixtures), you know Chef Laudico is capable of attracting a higher paying audience. But given the location, it's clear he'd rather go cheaper than more expensive.

6 years ago


wrote a review for Primero Casa Filipino Quezon City

casa restorante


as good as to go..

6 years ago


wrote a review for Primero Casa Filipino Quezon City

Disappointed with one of the servers


I was really excited to try out their buffet as I've heard about the concept of Casa Filipino. Some of the Filipino dishes are made with a twist to make it modern and refreshing. However, everything went really downhill when the lady server at the meat station returned a very sour mood while serving the meat. This really turned me off and because of it I lost my appetite. She looks very sour and grouchy and perhaps shouldn't be in that station serving the customers with a frown and a certain smug on her face. I guess because of that I wouldn't go back to this restaurant again. Imagine a single employee can ruin the reputation of a restaurant that serves a good buffet.

6 years ago


wrote a review for Las Paellas Café Greenhills

Superb service


Mediocre paellas but with a topnotch service! Oh they have great clam chowder too. :)

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6 years ago

Jj Rhakstar Mac

wrote a review for RUB Ribs & BBQ Quezon City

good for sharing!


If you''re looking for a bountiful meal, you might consider eating here. P650 for 2 slabs of ribs, with 3 side dishes of your choice. I have not tried the other items on the menu, but i bet it tastes good too. Rub Ribs was featured in a show and also had a great review with regard to the food, that's why my Gf and I, as well as my friends tried this place recently. The place was really small and can only serve up to 5 or 6 tables i think, including the second floor. Service was ok, but if you're on the second floor, it's kinda hard to call the waiter's attention. Despite its small space, everything's great. I'm definitely going back here :)

6 years ago


wrote a review for Tokyo Bubble Tea Tomas Morato



I agree with Luv2it. I just dined here today during lunch. I am a fan of milk tea, specifically of Gongcha so I tried to check this resto out. Staff were okay, not accommodating yet not rude either.

I usually bring my laptop for quick business transactions and I opened it during Lunch. I found out that I had no more charge so of course, I plugged it in without meaning to work here all day. But the manager rudely and haughtily told me that they charge for this, although the 1st hour is free. No smiles, no apologetic tone. So I said okay.

Next, when I asked for my bill, same manager gave it to me without saying anything or smiling. She just handed it to me and left. Well, okay, I thought. Then as I getting ready to leave, she was right there cleaning my table already without a thank you, a smile nor a mere glance at me.

I do not expect utmost hospitality on the restos I eat at but the manager here was simply rude and unaccommodating even with her actions. It's disappointing.

The food was okay, milk tea's a little too sweet so be sure to ask for less sugar. Hope they improve customer service though.

6 years ago


wrote a review for Amber Golden Bowl Restaurant Tomas Morato

chicken galantina

we ordered chicken galantina for our own thanksgiving dinner...hindi po sya sulit at 770. the lady who took our order said that they had a 10-peso increase, and the brochure in our hands was outdated. fine. the brochure also said that we should order a day in advance, the girl further said that it should be two days in advance. but she accepted our order anyway. come our order the following evening, ANG LIIT NG SERVING. nakakainis. hindi sulit sa monay. and the brochure that came with it, supposedly updated, ganun pa din ang price at and time to order.

this is the first time i got disappointed with amber. not ordering galantina from them anymore - hindi din kasi masarap.

6 years ago


wrote a review for Hap Chan Tea House Ali Mall

my fave


i love the ambiance and the food. and they have big servings..

6 years ago


wrote a review for Kozui Green Tea Quezon City

Yummy Green Tea


I honestly am not a fan of tea. I have not really liked any apart from the house tea of Choi Palace in Eastwood. However, when I tried Kozui's Matcha Melon Korichio, I absolutely thought that I could actually like green tea. This tea blend was just the right one for me. I never really thought that I could really miss tea at all and, yet, there are times when I crave for this drink. I could not speak for the other blends, but I liked this one so much.

The ambiance of the place was pretty decent and relaxing although there are some signs of wear and tear inside.

The staff was pretty friendly too. They give excellent recommendations. Just stick to what they'll recommend, or else you might end up not liking your drink. Tea, I must say, is a difficult beverage to enjoy. It's either you like it so much or you can't take it at all. So, go for the safe choices.

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6 years ago


wrote a review for Don Henrico's Tomas Morato

try it once


i remember when this pizza shop was franchised the Manila area, everyone was raving about it. eventually after all the long lines had gone and everyone had their fill of it over the span of 2 years or so, it's hype went down, i finally tried it.

The quality of the pizza is not the same as the one in Baguio. years later i went back to see if things have improve, sad to say i would rather eat at Greenwich than here. sure it's filling, but the topping isn't worth the crust its baked on.

Pizza - they can do alot better

staff - they've seen better days

parking - no problem, not too many people go anymore

6 years ago


wrote a review for Romulo Cafe Quezon City

Good food, spinning waiter


Romulo was recommended to me by a friend and I have not looked at the reviews before coming. So I did not have overly high expectations for the place.

True enough, the food delivered well. We ordered the sinigang with pork liempo, Karekare and laing with adobo flakes. None of the dishes scrimped on the ingredients - with the Karekare sauce standing out from the rest. Even my girlfriend who do not usually have Karekare was pouring the sauce all over her rice.

Unfortunately, the service in this place did not match the ambiance nor the price range it positioned at. For some reason, all of the waiters seemed disgruntled with their jobs. Inquiries I made were only met with curt, sometime incomprehensible replies as if I was keeping them from watching a pacquiao fight (place was only half filled). I even had one waiter literally spin away (crossover style) from me halfway through my sentence. Wtf?

So in summary, great food. Will I come back? Probably not.

6 years ago

Hazell Co

wrote a review for Nomama Artisanal Ramen Quezon City

No Nomama


The place nice, clean and fresh. But we didn't like the ramen we ordered... their signature ramen was too thick and the vegetarian mushroom ramen was too salty. The server recommended to try the mushroom gyoza, but it was too sweet for us. Their prices weren't so bad but we weren't satisfied with the quality. Guess we won't be returning to Nomama Ramen anytime soon.

6 years ago


wrote a review for Happy Valley Villa Ortigas

Great tasting food!


This restaurant used to be known as "PinPin" and used to be located at T. Pin Pin st. Manila.

I always loved their Hong Ma, Pata tim, or Pata Bihon, Chili Crabs (by special Request) Garlic Fish Fillet and many many more.

I was surprised when they told me there was no MSG which was perfect!

Not only is the food great, affordable pa!

Lapit pa sa house namin :)

6 years ago


wrote a review for KKK SM Cubao

Food Power Revolt


Do you crave for Carbonara but thinking of a healthier alternative to the bacon bits and add a Filipino twist to it? Then you must try KKK.
Located outside SM Cubao is a restaurant complete with interior decorations with the waiters and waitresses clad in national costume and depicting the Filipino heritage. Even the songs that are played there are collections of Original Pilipino Music (OPM).No wonder my relatives from Australia and Germany never missed a chance to eat at this place of Filipino food revolution whenever they visit the country.
As a white sauce pasta fanatic, I was amazed by their Pancit Tinapa. It was a real gastronomical experience! Eversince I tasted that one, I never missed a chance to order it whenever we eat there. Even if it's lunchtime or dinner, I still order the white noodles in creamy sauce with tinapa flakes as garnishings. It's really yummy! I can finish it all by myself.
Another favorite of ours is the Kare-kareng Baka.Surprisingly, it's meat is tender and the taste is like Grandma's very own cooking.
Sizzling Bangus Belly, Pla-pla sa Gata and Tawilis are must-try also. Never try this if you're on a diet because a cup of rice won't be enough for you. Pair these with a beer and you'll end up "fully loaded".

6 years ago


wrote a review for Le Ching Tea House Greenhills Shopping Center

Delicious spareribs


Getting served in an aluminum bucket was odd for me when I got my order but what was important was the Spareribs I ordered which were very good and with a very reasonable price. Taste was superb which is the reason that keeps me from coming back to Le Ching.

6 years ago


Filipino Casual Dining
P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 2:30PM
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 6:00PM - 9:00PM
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