Big 30 Pizza and Pasta

Big 30 Pizza and Pasta Sta. Rosa

Paseo de Sta. Rosa Santa Rosa, Laguna Laguna Philippines (02) 359-3515

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Just like the guy who wrote the first review, I've been to Ryuma lots of times. Everytime I go to Paseo de Sta. Rosa, I always eat at Ryuma. It's a gem!

The food is great. You can get a bowl of ramen... you eat it... and you tell yourself, "Wow! This is delicious! This bowl is going to cost me!" And when you get the bill, you'll be delighted to find that their food is reasonably priced!

じゃあ!!! RYUMAへ食べに行きましょう!!!
Jaa! Ryuma he tabe ni ikimashou!

4 years ago


wrote a review for Razon's of Guagua Sta. Rosa

Very Poor Customer Service

My mother and I went there this afternoon to eat halo-halo and pansit luglog after buying some stuff from the market. While were eating, the cashier came up to us to tell us, with a loud voice that the people from the other table could not help but looked at us, insisted that our 200 pesos bill was fake. She got me so confused, told her, maybe she's mistaken, but again she insisted that she's got this 200 pesos fake money from me. Actually, the money was from my mom, got it from the change when she bought the meat at the market. The cashier went back to the counter, and I saw she was talking to I guess her supervisor but did not come back to us anymore. After we ate, I went up to counter to talk to supervisor/manager to ask what was happened. I was really frustrated, found out, the manager/supervisor told me that the money was verified ok, no problem. They did not even have the initiative to let us know and apologize to us. The manager/supervisor and the cashier was stupid and does not have an understanding of what customer service is all about. My mother and I were customers who were humiliated in front of other customers for that accusation of paying fake 200 pesos. Unbelievable, our reputation was ruined just for that small amount, where in fact we just went to Razon's for halo-halo :( I demand for serious apologies from the owner of the restaurant. I can be reached via email,

4 years ago

Chili Geslani

wrote a review for Ryuma Japanese Restaurant Sta. Rosa

Kitschy and Yummy


I've been to this restaurant more than 20 times so that speaks how consistent their food and service is! A very wide array of Japanese fare from ramen to yakiniku to their delicious authentic takoyaki. Only downside is their lack of marketing I.e no website etc. a must try if you're down south :)

Kindly drop by my blog about Ryuma at


4 years ago


wrote a review for Umenoya Japanese Restaurant Laguna

good but nothing great, simply adequate


I heard great reviews about this place so I decided to give it a go...

The food was good, the service was ok (what's with the outfits?) and they could do better with fly control.

4 years ago


wrote a review for Cabalen Sta. Rosa

Failed to meet my expectations


I went here on a Sunday night, at around 6 PM, with a big group of people. The place is nice and spacious. We spent P360 per head, however, we weren't happy with the food. There isn't much choice and variation, most of the food looked dry, and the arrival of newly cooked food is slow; not quite what we were expecting because of the good feedback that we got from the Manila branches. We won't probably go back to this branch unless they prove that we are getting our money's worth.

5 years ago


wrote a review for John Bamboo Restaurant Solenad

Oh my Johnny!


I brought my husband w/ me for lunch today to John Bamboo, the Sate place in Nuvali. I wanted him to enjoy the good sates i tried during my 1st dine in experience here about 3 months ago. We ended up disappointed- no pork nor chicken sate for us today, they dont have it! We were forced to order beef sates, 2 out of the 3 kinds of beef sates we ordered were inedibly spicy! And the Lumpiang Samarang - fried spring rolls with bamboo shoots were dripping with oil and yes, NO bamboo shoots at all! Oh my Johnny, what happened?

5 years ago


wrote a review for Conti's Bakeshop & Restaurant Solenad

The WORST Customer Service


I just want to fully vent my complaint to this certain cashier who is on duty at around 2 p.m. today January 15, 2011 at your one and only Greenbelt branch.

She is located near the refrigerators where the Mango Bravo cakes are conspicuously displayed.

She was "suplada" as she was not entertaining my concern as a customer.

Instead she was evading me and pretending to be more busy in arranging some stuff on her counter.

She projected a pouting face at me as I ask her on the price of the Mango Bravo of which I was about to buy.

And she even entertain another customer who arrived later than me on the store instead of getting my cake order first.

I just lose my excitement in buying that cake on that day.

I hope this complaint will be brought to the attention of the management of your store.

And I hope that your cashiers or store attendants are well-trained in dealing with customers as to ensure quality customer service.

Your cakes are good but your store attendants are below par in terms of proper manners & etiquette.

5 years ago


wrote a review for Pig Out Solenad

It's no good!...........It's PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!


We couldn't wait to try out this place upon learning about this place on the internet.The food was so good that it was our 2nd time here in just over a month.It's worth driving a long way just to go to this place.

The waiters already notice that among all the people who go to Pig Out we are the ones who really pig out.We are the ones who really order a lot here because the food is so good.We love their Seoul Fried Rice,Korean Spareribs,and their Korean Style Tapa.We also tried their Chicharon Fried Rice,Indonesian Pork Satay,and their Chapchae which are also very good.

The only thing we didn't like here on our first time here is their Crispy Pata. It was okay but there are better places to eat it. The service was also very good.Kilala na nga kami ng mga waiter dito dahil alam nilang nag eenjoy kami dito.

I will strongly recommend this place to relatives and friends. I went here with my family.I'm looking forward to be here with friends!

PIG OUT-Definitely a place to be! The food is so good that you'll forget you're diet here! It's a perfect place to eat going to or coming back from Tagaytay or Batangas!

6 years ago


wrote a review for Reyes Barbecue Solenad


My daughter is a fan of Reyes Barbecue, so when we went to Nuvali and saw their branch, we did not hesitate to take our lunch there.

The place is nice, the crews are polite and we are enjoying the foods when one of my companion suddenly looked aghast. When I looked, in the middle of her half eaten java rice, a not so small cockroach is resting in peace...

I called on the waiter and showed the rice ( I have the picture on my facebook). No apology, no explanation; i was just told that they can change the java rice if I want. Grabe!!! Upon seeing the cockroach which you have almost eaten, would you still have the appetite to continue eating? We are 5 in the group including a 4yr old boy; its disgusting to realize that all of us (and probably all of those who have eaten there at the same time we were there) have eaten the java rice con cockroach coz its most likely that the java rice came from one pot/container.

My husband and I tried to control our temper so as not to make a scene. I asked for the store manager, but he is not around daw. I asked whom I can talk to 'bout the incident and the crew said "wala po."

Before out temper explode, we left the outlet forgetting that the dessert we have ordered and paid was not serve yet. And nobody from the crew had the courage to remind us 'bout that.

I'd like to convince myself that this untoward incident does and can happen even in a 5-star resto. But then, I do hope that store owners can train their crew on what to do in case this incident happens. A polite explanation and apology would somehow appease us instead of offering another bowl of java rice. This was an insult!!!

6 years ago


wrote a review for Conti's Bakeshop & Restaurant Solenad

Classic Conti's Flavor


Were able to eat here on a very hot Sunday afternoon. It was a surprised that the place is crowded at that time, and the interior arrangements did not help at all.

I got the Chicken BBQ with Java rice. The food tastes great but the servings is quite smaller compared to the Paranaque branch.

The place looked more like a fastfood rather than a fine restaurant, which can really turn-off patrons of the other branches.

6 years ago


wrote a review for Kanin Club Sta. Rosa

KC food experience was not superb..but it was ok!


I went to Sta Rosa with a friend and we decided to eat at KC because we never tried to dine there. We never had any idea what to order , it could have been better if the menu has pictures in it.. Although seeing others' table.. with their ordered food.. really helped us in deciding what to eat.. Good enough, we tried KC's new grilled spareribs.. it was really good! However, i would like to suggest that crews should be more accommodating to customers. Plus, some prices in this site is not updated.

7 years ago


wrote a review for King Bee Laguna

King Bee, authentic chinese restaurant!


I'm living in Sta. Rosa Laguna area and always longing for an authentic Chinese restaurant nearby. One of the best Chinese Restaurant we went to in Metro Manila is the Chinatown's Best Food Chinese Restaurant in Banawe QC and this was also where we held our wedding reception. So everytime we went to my parents who's living in Manila we always passed by at Chinatown's Best Food to take out some good food for lunch with my parents.

Since I visit my parents only once in a while now, I always missed the taste of authentic chinese foods.

We have one chinese restaurant nearby Sta. Rosa Laguna area which is the "Ho Chai Lai" but it's not that comparable to ChinaTown's Best Food.

Now that King Bee Restaurant is now open for business located near our area at the Tagaytay-Sta. Rosa Road across Paseo de Sta. Rosa, I can't wait to eat there again.

Today is my daughter's 7th b-day and my wife told me that she already ate at King Bee Restaurant in Gen. Trias Cavite branch and the foods were great! So we went to Paseo de Sta. Rosa to have our dinner.

I asked the waiter their best seller and advised me to have Hongkong Spareribs for pork, steamed fish fillet (maya-maya) with ham and mushroom, and Yang chow fried rice.

We also have steamed dumplings — bean curd skins stuffed with meat and vegetables and chicken feet for our appetizer.

We’ve been ChinaTown's Best Food regulars for almost a decade and we’re happy to have a King Bee nearby.

7 years ago


wrote a review for Rai Rai Ken SM Sta. Rosa

love Japanese but not this one


It's unusual for me not to like a Japanese restaurant. Well, Rai Rai Ken falls short of competitors because their food is average though the price very well rivals uhm... say, Teriyaki Boy or Red Kimono. The service in this particular store isn't good. The staff are damn slow. At that time I was starting to think they were intentionally avoiding looking my way. And it wasn't even a busy hour. No matter how much craving I have for shake sashimi, I'll never go to this store again.

7 years ago


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