Biggs Diner

Biggs Diner Naga City

BMC Rd. Naga City, Camarines Sur Camarines Sur Philippines (054) 473-3333

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Mara Trana

Mara Trana craved for Box of 6 from KFC Naga City Plaza

3 years ago


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Bigg's Breakfast Disgusting


I just had the Grand Slam Breakfast. It's the worst breakfast I've ever had. The sunny side up was a disaster. It was so barely done. Even the egg white was still gooey. Not to mention swimming in oil. Same with the sausages. And the hash brown, too. It was practically an oil mine. The rice wasn't even warm. It's breakfast for heaven's sake! Everything's supposed to be freshly done. I was the first customer for the day, and they were supposed to be ready and prepared but they were not. The cash register wasnt even working. Sheesh!
This was Bigg's Bagumbayan.

I've also tried one of their burger meals way back and it was just as bad. Bad, bad, bad. The burger bun tasted like cardboard.

I'm definitely not coming back.

9 years ago


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Biggs Diner, The Biggest Food Chain in Bicol


Bigg's Diner is a 50's inspired diner right in the heart of Naga City. Being inside Bigg's is not only a gastronomical treat but a feast for the eyes as well. I personally enjoyed viewing all the antique knick knacks that the place has on display. We went to Bigg's Diner for the Halo-Halo. Aside from getting Halo-Halo for the nine of us, I also ordered burgers, french fries, and a large Hawaiian Pizza. Total bill was only at around Php 1,100. Not bad for good food in a cool place, huh?

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