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G/F The Podium, 12 ADB Ave Wack Wack, Mandaluyong Metro Manila Philippines (02) 570-8906
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i <3 mac and cheese

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wrote a review

Not for us


I went to Borough on the basis of the good reviews here. The dining experience my friends and I had there leads me to conclude that the reviewers who gave it a thumbs up surely ate elsewhere.

For starters, we decided to get the basic Chips and Dip, since it's pretty hard to go wrong with this. The basket brimming with potato chips seemed like a pleasant surprise until you started to eat it. The chips tasted like crispy paper, and the sour cream dip barely had any taste. It was a prelude to our quest for flavor that evaded most of our choices that night.

My friends had fried chicken and waffles, pumpkin ravioli, cola-glazed porkloin; I had the grilled Portabello mushroom burger in a brioche with a side of fries. Let me start with my meal. The fries were good enough, and since I recommended the restaurant, I tried to like the burger and I almost did, until I felt the bitter oiliness of one of the components flushing out whatever I liked about it.

The fried chicken and waffles looked good on the menu but was a different story when it arrived on our table. It was a sad kid's meal–a chewy waffle with a sugar glaze instead of butter and maple syrup, with a small chicken leg and thigh with gravy on the side. My friend complained that the fried chicken was a tad sweet and seemed to have been cooked in re-used oil. There was no contrast between the sweetness of the waffle and the chicken. The gravy should have helped, but it wasn't worth the calories.

The cola-glazed porkloin was no longer warm when it reached our table, and was tough and quite un-tasty, to be blunt about it. My friend quietly ate her pumpkin ravioli and said it was "just okay" when I checked on her. A friend who arrived late just ordered coffee. I wanted a silver lining to our otherwise disastrous meal and asked the late-comer about her coffee. Somehow, I wasn't surprised when she told me it wasn't good too.

We usually stay in just one place for dinner but this time, we had to go to another place for dessert.

I commend this restaurant, though, for having attentive servers. But it's not enough for a return meal.

4 years ago


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Worst Dinner Service Ever


I've been going to Borough for quite some time now because I personally enjoy the food and the ambiance. We went there for the dinner of my boyfriend's mom last night (August 6, 2011) only to encounter the worst dinner service of my life. My boyfriend had called in around yesterday lunch time to have them arrange a slice of birthday cake with a candle for them to bring out after dinner and the person who answered the phone call said that she would already take care of it so we need not worry. We get there at around 7pm and ordered our usual favorite stuff. The appetizers were great and the service was ok up until the main course were served. Everything was oilier than usual including the fries and the burger, the beer battered fish and chips were too salty that you could not taste anything else but salt and oil. Aside from that, my friend's portobello mushroom burger arrived after everyone was done eating after following the order up---thrice. When my boyfriend asked for the birthday cake slice to be served it took forever since nobody told the dinner staff about the cake that he had requested lunch time so we had to wait for that too. Hoping to claim redemption, I ordered my usual milk and cookies and even that was horrible. The cookies look as though they had just been scooped and baked for a while. They were still some what ball-shaped, pale and very crumby, not like the soft and warm chocolate chip cookies I usually get. I complained to the waiter about it and he said that they usually serve their cookies that way. I no longer argued because I personally just wanted to leave the place already. We asked to have some leftovers wrapped for takeout and even that meager job was done awfully because the staff came back with another table's takeout, chicken that had bite marks and some fries. Horrible. It's very unfortunate that this had to happen since I have been a fan of Borough from the start however because of this experience, I doubt I will be coming back.

4 years ago

Tony Salvan

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Service was PAINFUL! ***Updated. Much Better!


Too bad, because this place is pretty decent. I like the fact that it's 24hrs. I'll update this review when I remember what I ordered. I think it was pulled pork sandwich. I was more than satisfied with my order.

The only problem with this place is the service! I've never had such bad service in a restaurant. There were 7 of us in the group. The first order came in after 40 minutes. A medium rare NY strip. It's the fastest thing to cook, and yet it came in 40 minutes... service goes downhill from there. the other items came in every 10 minutes. Mine finally came in last... when almost everyone was done eating! Inexcusable! Should never have happened. They weren't even that full, which boggles the mind.

I have no idea what they're doing in that kitchen... whatever it is, it's not working. Complete lack of organization. I'll give this place another chance after a couple of months to see if there's a change, but for now, keep away if you lack patience.

**Update 6-7-2011
I went back after a few months to check out the place again if there was improvement. To my delight, there was! The service was 10 folds better and the food was the same good quality from when I first visited.

I will definitely keep coming back! One star service review has been bumped to 4!

5 years ago

Jo Albin Nery

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Great 24-hour NY place!


Me and my partner went there recently to celebrate and we had a really good time. The place look fantastic with its mishmash of stark green walls, dark wooden furniture, and pink floral accents. Great, albeit a little quiet and dim.

We had the all-beef burger. The patty was really juicy and the bun was perfect. We also had the BBQ pulled pork sandwich. The tart coleslaw complemented the sweetness of the pork. Chips and the buffalo chicken were on the oily side, though, but hey, it's American food!

The star of the night was the banana amaretto French toast that went really well with our Black and White Russians. It was really decadent with the almond-specked whipped cream slowly melting over the warm flambeed loaves. Surely when we get back there we'll have this dessert again. We had to take the cookies home as we were so full, but they were awesome, too, together with the milk, which I suggested to my partner to whip up his White Russian.

The service may get a bit on your nerves. But all it takes is one bite to forget you've ever dealt with the crew.

5 years ago


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