Bo's Coffee 4 5 15 1
Mitch Cena

Mitch Cena craved for Caramelo and Bo's Turkey Club

9 months ago

Cheenee Jean Ronquillo

Cheenee Jean Ronquillo craved for Chocolate Cake

Tried the cold white brew 3days ago and made me palpitate haha! But its okay its still good and still one of their coffee potions that made me craved.☺♥♥♥

3 years ago

Elleryn Christine Eleria

Elleryn Christine Eleria craved

3 years ago

Jocelyn Loo

Jocelyn Loo craved

3 years ago

Pierre John Dx Garcia

Pierre John Dx Garcia craved

3 years ago

Mary Sheena Litang

Mary Sheena Litang craved

3 years ago

Rey Tan

Rey Tan craved

3 years ago

Kyol Pilapil

Kyol Pilapil craved

3 years ago

Jasphine Vera Cornelio

Jasphine Vera Cornelio had Chocolate Chips

3 years ago

Heida Bagaipo

Heida Bagaipo craved for Coffee of the Day and New York Cheesecake

4 years ago

Alma Rey

Alma Rey craved for Pomodoro

5 years ago

Elie Bercero

Elie Bercero craved for Mango Cake

5 years ago

Shiela Ignacio

Shiela Ignacio craved for Mango Cake

5 years ago

Theresa De Guzman

Theresa De Guzman craved for Caffe Cappuccino

5 years ago

Eunice Mae Honculada

Eunice Mae Honculada craved for Caffe Americano

5 years ago

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Cafe , Beverage Shop
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