Cafe by the Ruins

Cafe by the Ruins Baguio City

23 Chuntug St Baguio City, Benguet Benguet Philippines (074) 442-4010
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Great Food and Ambiance


It was our 2nd time in Baguio and we decided to try this restaurant after reading reviews and recommendations.

The ambiance is not that cheap nor expensive, but overall it is clean and comfortable. It is a restaurant built on a ruins. It was lunch time so me and my gf ordered the Bagnet & Pinikpikan - both were served with Mountain Rice and we also ordered Pandan Lemon Grass Iced Tea for our drinks.

We've been served with the iced tea and it comes with a shot of honey. It tasted bland - no sweetness nor a bit sourness as expected on iced tea. But we were delightful as we mixed up the honey and the tastes were getting better and better until we drank the last drop.
Hint - mix the honey well!

Pinikpikan is also good - Tinola-like soup with chicken and pork. The chicken is so-so, but we were addicted to the soup it's so delicious!

Bagnet is the meal that we will never forget when thoughts came up from our trip to Baguio. The Bagnet is so crunchy, even if you hate eating the fat - you will not regret munching the whole thing. It comes up with a diningding and tomato w/c were also delicious!

Price is reasonable for the food that we ate: Php 600 + 10% Service Charge = Php 660. Not Bad.

Staffs were attentive, and service is good.

We'll definitely go back here when we visit Baguio and try more - especially their chocolate/drinks and desserts. :)

7 years ago


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A costly but rewarding way to start the day


I went here for breakfast, and this place totally woke up my senses. From the visual feast of the interiors to the lush breads and spreads, the experience was worth every centavo spent. I forgot to sample the nigh-mythical civet cat coffee but even the more conventional arabica blends are worth recommending. The reliable free wi-fi for diners is a sweet bonus, as usual.

7 years ago


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yehey Tapuey!


my last visit to Cafe by the Ruins was like 5 years ago, yet everytime i run back memory lane it's as if it was just there last week. i have no idea now what the resto looks like now... but it was unlike any other resto here in Metro Manila, plus of course the centralize climate control of nature.

i had a breakfast set meal - the rice was great and the tapa has a distinct taste (am not sure exactly what, but it was good)... believe it or not i ordered for a second serving. the waiter suggested that i give the tapuey a try... it's a native rice wine fermented by the ifugaos. it has a sweet soury taste and at the same time burns subtly through your throat - believe me, i could probably drink a liter of it myself. although, i think it's not for the weak in stomach as others i know have found the taste unappealing to their palate.

all in all the service is good, the menu is well thought out and dining in Cafe by the Ruins is an experience that will make you remember Baguio with a smile.

11 years ago


Asian , Fusion Casual Dining
P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 7:00AM - 9:00PM
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