Cafe Juanita

Cafe Juanita Pasig

2 United St Kapitolyo, Pasig Metro Manila Philippines (02) 632-0357
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twice cooked adobo


twice cooked adobo is yummy!

4 years ago


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maybe it was the choice of food, but after eating, i couldn't quite figure out what the rave is about. save for the ambiance and the piano man, i thought the dishes we got were rather simple (twice cooked adobo tasted flat, the ratatoy was simply ensalada and i think pricey at Php 200++ -- for a few slices of tomatoes, eggplants, anchovies...). The leche flan is ordinary (my neighbor makes a better one). I enjoyed the cheesecake at least. All in all, not really value-for-money I think. And oh, even if you have table reservation, you can't reserve parking. Park at your own risk.

5 years ago

Victor Ocson

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Nice, just nice


When your caterer friend, keeps telling you to try this resto, it better live up to it's hype. So many restaurants have hyped so well that when you actually get there, you wonder what all the fuss is about. Well, Cafe Juanita, does not disappoint, but I wouldn't exactly sing it's praises, either. The food is actually well done, everything tastes as they should no unpleasant surprises here. The crispy phai phai, which is just 'Thai style' danggit is a nice way to start the meal. Then, we had the sinigang na salmon, also well executed. And a host of other recommended dishes. All were good but none were that memorable. Except for the dessert, sticky toffee pudding, which is the one dish I would go back for. All in all, it was a pleasant dining experience and not too expensive either. As for the much touted decor, well, I can appreciate the effort, but don't really care much for it.

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good eats


the buffet was great and most of the food was tasteful.... music was fine and the definition of eclectic is this place

wash rooms need work though

6 years ago


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What's in a name?


Is deep-fried pork liempo bearing no resemblance to the darker Ilocano kind still classifiable as bagnet so long as it's crispy and tastes good? This resto's version comes in a bowl of fresh tomatoes spiced with chili flakes and both the pork and the salsa are good, but I think this is good lechong kawali, not bagnet. Based on the decor and the repeat customers, I doubt if the owner cares. I do however, because traditional bagnet has the flavor that go so well with pakbet and not well at all with lechon sauce. I would have been disappointed had I ordered their bagnet with their pinakbet.

I also tried their tinuktok which tasted ok except that I couldn't distinguish the taste of the buko or the crab. I'm as adventurous as the next person when it comes to eating, but I must say I have to rein in my analytical tendencies when it comes to this place. The place offers pleasant surprises but it may make pairing dishes based on preconceptions difficult.

Interestingly, with the multitude of dishes they offer, the only soup they have that's good enough for a group is sinigang. Every other soup such as pancit molo and tom yung is for individual orders. Still, I suppose the resto is in a niche of it's own, justifiable by sheer food quality and decor quantity. It's a hard to define niche but good enough to require reservations for weekday dinner. Definitely worth trying once and probably good enough to return to again.

6 years ago


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Eclectic, indeed.


Cafe Juanita is... well, different.

It is unlike the other restaurants I've been to. But it is different in a good way, because the uniqueness becomes part (a large part at that) of its appeal.

I went there with a couple of friends last day of July. I say it's a must that you call in to reserve as the place can get pretty crowded.

Anyway, we ordered the following:

• Bagnet Salad (which was my favorite of the dishes we had)
• Pan-grilled Fish Fillet in Kare-kare Sauce
• Pan-broiled Prawns (has a sweet & sour sauce)
• sticky toffee pudding (dessert)

Overall, the food was just okay -- could've been better considering the prices.

The service needs to be improved because many of the crew members didn't appear happy to serve the diners. They weren't very attentive either. One has to catch their attention a couple of times or so before they'd come to you.

Parking space is almost non-existent.

If you prefer to dine in peace and quiet, then this is not the place for you.

Although some of the decors could get downright creepy (particularly the hanging masks), I still like the design and the concept of the whole place.

6 years ago


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A Melange of Colors and Flavors


Category: Restaurants
Cuisine: Eclectic
Location: No. 2 United cor. West Capitol, Bo. Kapitolyo, Pasig City
The Bait: Good reviews from friends and media
The Line: Eclectically Romantic (according to Awesome Planet)
The Hook: Simply good cooking
The Sinker: Less than stellar service
The Catch: P400++ per person

This is the opposite of zen. The beyond-kitsch, bordello-like decor is a minimalist's nightmare. Gordon Ramsay would have a fit with the fusion-confusion of its ultra eclectic menu, which mixes Mediterranean with Asian. Cafe Juanita is a visual melee but a gustatory delight.

The Sinigang na Corned Beef with Chorizo (P389) is interesting. What's great about the dish is that before they serve it, the server comes out with a little cup of the broth and ask you to sample it the way they'd ask you to sample the wine before serving. You can ask them to adjust the acidity or the sourness.

The soup they delivered was just perfect. As sour as we wanted it. We rarely have this kind of sinigang broth, thickened by gabi. Really good, or it also could be that we were very hungry when we got there. There was nothing extraordinary with the corned beef, but the chorizo gave it a unique twist.

My favorite dish was the Tinuktok (P199). I suspect a lot of diner miss this as it is on the bottom of the comprehensive menu. Imagine this: crabmeat and buco wrapped in taro leaves topped by two sauces -- coconut and crab fat. Something I would definitely order when I go back.

My Cafe Juanita experience was capped by the famous Sticky Toffee Pudding (P89). This affirms what I've always known -- giving up dessert for life is just wrong. The pudding was very moist. The caramel sauce could be too sweet for others, but for me the combination of pudding, caramel sauce, and vanilla ice cream was just, uhm, I'm struggling to articulate how good it is. It has an old-fashioned, homemade appeal to it, but it is exceptionally good.

The one serving us was very pleasant and helpful, but she still needed a bit of training answering some of our questions. In fairness to her, I was inquisitive and my husband was determined to charm her with his corny jokes. She was very patient with both of us.

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7 years ago

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Asian , Filipino , Fusion Casual Dining
P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 2:00PM
  • M, T, W, Th, Sa, Su: 5:30PM - 10:00PM
  • F: 5:30PM - 12:00MN
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