Café Mediterranean

Café Mediterranean Greenbelt 1

G/F Greenbelt 1, Greenbelt Drive Ayala Center, Makati Metro Manila Philippines (02) 751-9705
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Bea Olivera

Bea Olivera craved for Grilled Beef Gyro

MOST EXCELLENT GYRO. highly recommend the gyro platters and plates - they make everything very well and their meats are superb. also staff is generally super attentive! sometimes they'd hand you a chair for your handbag, or even suddenly give you some hand towels after you eat with your hands! i noticed that they usually scan the room with their eyes to see if everyone is taken care of, especially if it's off-meal hours! i love this place, so cozy, so quaint and the food is simply DELICIOUS.

5 days ago

Fritzie Sesmundo

Fritzie Sesmundo craved

7 days ago

Florence Valmonte

Florence Valmonte craved

5 months ago


leipacariem had lentil burger, Lentil Soup, and Shepherd's Salad

I really love their lentil burger at cafe mediterranean! Works well for me since I'm already a vegetarian. ;-)

9 months ago


leipacariem craved for lentil burger and Lentil Soup

9 months ago

EyEm Lab Yu

EyEm Lab Yu had Grilled Beef Gyro and Greca Pizza


1 year ago

Jen Jocson

Jen Jocson craved for Grilled Lamb and Buttered Rice

2 years ago

Stephanie dela Cruz

wrote a review



We had our lunch in Cafe Med today. My cousin and I ordered their Chicken Kebab with buttered rice. --- It was so good! Flavorful, indeed. I'm not so much into veggies; but when I mixed their greens, tomato, and onion with the rice, the result was super yummy! They also served a generous amount of chicken meat. I was so full afterwards. I'd definitely come back soon to try their other dishes.

3 years ago


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Decent Greek for the price


Café Mediterranean is good, not great, Greek food. If you want great, go to Cyma across the Greenbelt courtyard in GB 2. However, if you're looking for a decent Greek salad and gyro for lunch at a good price, it's tough to beat Café Mediterranean. Definitely worth checking out, provided you're not expecting to be whisked off to Greece with one bite.

My favorite part of the meal was the Bonifacio's Revenge hot sauce, which they sell to go for P120. This stuff is killer.

4 years ago


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Good meal and great service by the staff, even when it was nearing closing time when we arrived.

5 years ago


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Also great for vegetarians/vegans


Back when I used to eat meat, my favorites in CM were the kebabs - beef, lamb, chicken, tuna, kofta - take your pick! Especially with buttered rice and an extra serving of roasted onion and tomato, i'll need to order a second stomach to take in all that yumminess.

However, since turning vegetarian, Cafe Med remains to be a favorite. In most restaurants, veg options are limited to mushroom soup or the requisite salad dish - and that's if i'm lucky. With CM, veg offerings are a real treat that I'm sure even non-vegetarians would enjoy. My favorite is the falafel gyro (good for vegans too), which you can also have as a starter. And speaking of starters, nearly all (except the kofta, i think) are veg-friendly. I love the hummus, tabbouleh and tapenade! Of course there's also the roasted vegetable soup and the panino vegetariano (vegans-opt for the one with hummus instead of yogurt) and the one wth roasted peppers and feta. I haven't even tried their new red lentil soup and the lentil with pasta dish - reasons to keep coming back to Cafe Mediterranean!

5 years ago


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A stomach full


I admit it's not my first time to eat at Cafe Mediterranean. I've been to its branch at Robinson Galleria some years before. That time, I ordered the fish fillet mediterranean, the one with the tomato sauce. Not that I have anything against their food, it was good, but I am no fan of sour tomatoes (which is what real tomatoes taste like.)

Anyway, cutting my story short, today my friends and I ate at their branch in Greenbelt 1. Same great mediterranean ambiance, clean store, a sturdy wooden table (which makes me real comfy as like dining on our home's table) and so I tried a dish without the tomatoes. I got the Egyptian Fish croquettes - fish fillet with garlic sauce and lemon served with pita or rice, your choice. Sighing, "at least there are no tomatoes." I thought.

It was great. I finished my meal and I was so full. They had llike 5 or 6 pieces of the croquettes and 2 large rolled pitas and it doesn't cost over 200p. Great deal. Their service was friendly and very knowledgeable with their menu. We asked them about their specials and they didn't even stammer one bit. Definitely a good place to eat.

5 years ago


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great mediterranean food for 1st timers


for a quick foodie fix after work, my hubby and i normally head to whichever chinese restaurant we chance upon first. let's just say that we were in a try-something-new mood when we came across cafe med (although it was actually in the other branch, in ATC).

both ATC and GB1 branches can only be described as cozy, with warm-colored walls, tiled floors and clunky wooden tables and chairs. although it can be quite noisy, especially during peak hours (11am-2pm & 6pm-8pm), we found the noise bearable if for the prompt and friendly service the staff provided.

because it was our first time, we weren't sure which dishes to try, so we decided on their gyro plates, which had portions of this and that, a great sampler. i had the chicken and my husband had beef. all gyro plates come with baba ghanoush (they call it "eggplant salad" in english, but really it's eggplant pulp at its best), tzatziki (cucumber and mint mixed in yoghurt), tabouleh (a salad of parsley, mint, tomato and scallion) and a choice of either steamed rice, buttered rice or morrocan rice pilaf. since then, i've always had mine with the pilaf. i had my dad try it once, but he didn't like it one bit, and he's a very "adventurous" eater, so i guess to each his own. my hubby on the other hand, always has his gyro with buttered rice. and always, we try to trade other stuff on our plates for the other's tabouleh, which we find addictive.

since our first visit to cafe med, which is about half a year from press time, they've raised their prices, and although we find their menu a bit pricey, we still keep coming back for more. we've tried their kofta (ground meat dumpling), which goes excellently with hummus (mashed chickpeas) and pita bread. we've also tried a couple of their pizzas (which specific ones escapes me now); they all tasted so-so, but can be salvaged with a dollop of cafe med's excellent garlic dip.

all in all, i'd give cafe med four out of five stars.

6 years ago


Greek , Italian , Mediterranean , Middle Eastern Casual Dining
P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 10:00AM - 9:00PM
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