Caffe Molinari

Caffe Molinari Vito Cruz

876 Vito Cruz Malate, Manila Metro Manila Philippines

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Chowking 3 5 10 0

wrote a review for Chowking Harrison Plaza

needs improvement!

actually my review is for all chowking restaurants (not for this branch since i haven't been here) i have observed it, chowking restaurants are all uniform!...bad service (service crews should be trained as well as the managers and supervisors), dirty utensils, dirty time in redemptorist branch, the crew spilled softdrinks to us, then she ran and laughed her heart out without even saying sorry, we still had to ask for assistance for them to clean what she spilled, we were served cold siomai nd when you ask for condiments like chili garlic they would give you an amount bthat would make an ant stomach full! i have reported almost all the incidences to the mobile numbers on the receipts where you can text your comments but i have not received a single batangas we were given smelly utensils, when we asked for a replacement we were given a much smellier utensil!... i only dine at chowking when i have no other choice...i always end up feeling bad whenever i go to any of their stores

11 years ago


wrote a review for Giligan's Island Restaurant and Bar Malate

so far my best experience in MNL


On Wednesday 26DEC07, we arrived and were promptly, politely seated. The first course was two Kilawin selections, the oysters and Tanigue fish (US$5 for both); both were prepared the same but the Tanigue better because the fish held up to the chilis and the chilis overpowered the oysters; a generous serving of both. The second course was the Chicken/Pork Sisig (US$4); this too was a generous serving; this was TRULY AMAZING both in the quality of the ingredients and the preparation----this is a "must do" dish for your first visit here. Our compliments to Ms. Gerrybel A. Diokno for good service. Total cost including tax approx US$11. Welcome to Manila!!!!

11 years ago


wrote a review for Café Adriatico Malate

just blah...


went here on dec 25 with dennis and family.

after hearing from different people about how good the food is, and after hearing so much about the LJC (larry j cruz) food group -- my experience here turns out to be a big disappointment.

the signboard on the 2nd floor says "No Cigars Please". i wonder if they didn't mean 'smoking' in general. one thing i hate the most is when i'm eating and i can smell someobody else's smoke.

the time it took to cook our orders is DEFINITELY NOT WORTH THE WAIT.

we had:

seafood fetuccini - too bland. nothing special about it.
sausage - what's so difficult about slicing imported sausage and sauteing it.
chicken ala kiev - just blah
fish and chips - turns out to be fish and potato wedges. the fish is just bland.

11 years ago


wrote a review for Casa Armas Tapas Bar y Restaurante Malate

The King of Tapas


Still the best and foremost spanish restaurant in the country, Casa Armas has exceeded our initially humble expectations.

The establishment is busiest during weekend nights when Malate's crowd come to dine before checking out the various bars and bistros llining Nakpil Street. And yet the place is still suitable for a quiet date or a family dinner. The best seats are those beside the window away from the traffic of people sauntering in and out of the joint.

For those starting their journey into learning the delighs of spanich cuisine, it is best to order the 'Tabla Casa' for starters. A pleasant assortment of cured meats, delectable olives, asparagus, sardines and some rather mild cheese. Alternatively, one could order Gambas al Ajillo or the Fried Chorizo to enjoy authentic Spanish Tapas. Notable entrees are the Paella Negra, a rice-based entree cooked in squid ink, and the Roast Baby Pig. The Seafood Pasta cooked precisely to the bite and served with mounds of seafood in cream sauce should not be missed as well. Of course the meal would not be complete without a pitcher of a rather strong Sangria and you are all set.

Service was okay though it's a bit difficult to catch servers' attention when the restaurant is busy. Still, nothing beats the romance of the original Casa Armas in historic Malate that it would be worth the hassle of a half hour drive.

12 years ago


wrote a review for Dragon Gate Seafood Restaurant Roxas Blvd.



The food is sooo sarap! They really serve hot and fresh food. Affordable din ang presyo. Libre pa yung dessert nila na fresh pineapple, grabe ang tamis galing daw sa farm nung restaurant owner.

12 years ago


wrote a review for Dencio's Bar and Grill CCP Complex

the service is bad, bad, worse!

first time i ate at dencio's it was a disaster. before the food arrived it took 40 minutes, at hindi pa nakumpleto yung order ko! my wife and i only ordered sisig, because friends told me they have good sisig, rice and pansit, not to mention the juice and iced tea. every ten minutes i was going to the bar and they would tell me the food is on it's way. why was i so much in a hurry? because it was lunch time and that's what you do in a restaurant, you eat. 30 minutes is an acceptable waiting time for me but beyond that, it's murder. by the time the sisig got to my table, it wasn't sizzling and the pansit was too oily. of course i couldn't enjoy the meal because the waiters, specially the lady at the bar (should have gotten her name), gave me that suplada look and mumbled when i turned my back. i wasn't being toxic, i made sure of that because i know there are ways the waiters can get back at you for not being nice. i don't want to eat food that was spat at by a disgruntled waiter. with the hunger and the distress getting the better of a customer, the restaurant could have done more in not adding to the customer's aggravation. they could have at least gave better service. it really makes all the difference.

12 years ago


wrote a review for Dencio's Bar and Grill CCP Complex

very very bad service.

had the worst experience of food service here. family and i decided to eat there sunday night last week, sept 9 2007. We ordered enough food, and then when they served a but more than half of our order, we started eating. and then the soup came. and then they said the other orders are not available. then we ordered a new one, when we were almost done coz what we had at the table isn't enough yet. then it came after we were all done. they got the wrong order pa (karekareng gulay instead of the regular karekare). we complained and they responded to us slowly. one tried to midlead us to a fake manager. my brother sent a message to the email address provided in the site. its been a week and no response. if you have had bad experience at any dencio's please raise your complains. it ruined our sunday family dinner. so dont ever visit. dont ever ruin a day by going there.

12 years ago


wrote a review for Jerusalem Restaurant Malate

Authentic Mediterranean cuisine but...


Offers authentic Mediterranean cuisine at an affordable price but the place's ambiance is in dire need of improvement. Frequently crowded by foreigners which may make us locals a little out of place. The regulars can get a little loud sometimes. Did I mention that it's a (cigarette) smoking place?

Offers water-pipe smoking in flavors. Haven't tried this yet though.

12 years ago


wrote a review for Amber Golden Plate Restaurant Filmore



Their pansit malabon and pichi-pichi are the best-sellers! try it!

12 years ago


wrote a review for KFC La Salle

my favorite


we ate here almost everyday in our college days.. good times! :)

12 years ago


Italian Cafe
P1 - 150
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 10:00AM - 9:00PM
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