Ceferina's Restaurant

Ceferina's Restaurant Quezon City

Anonas Ext cor Matahimik St Malaya, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines

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Burger King 3.26666666666667 5 15 0

wrote a review for Burger King Gateway Mall

Still at it's best


When it comes to fastfood type of burgers, BK is indeed king. They still continue to offer quality burgers for years and I should say the burgers are still at it's best. On top of my list is the Whopper and BBQ Bacon and Cheese. The fries are cooked just right too. But another reason I love BK is their Hi-C Apple Juice which is a great alternative from the usual soda you order. Indeed a great bang for your bucks.

4 years ago


wrote a review for Adarna Food and Culture Kalayaan Ave.

One of a Kind


Apart from the really good food, Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant offers you a bit of the good old times. The ambiance would take you back to memory lane, and would let you know your history with all their artifacts and displays.

Food is near perfect. Classic Filipino dishes are being prepared by one of the brightest chefs in town, Chef Giney Villar.

Staff, crew, and the owner is very accomodating. Will definitely visit Adarna again!

4 years ago


wrote a review for Gayuma ni Maria Sikatuna Village



While the friendly staff shuffled off to tend to our orders, we explored the small place. Sweet and cute but Gayuma is not just hearts and flowers (or reminiscent of our parents’ teenage life).

In one corner you’ll find their naughty shop filled with merchandise for adults only.

Their menu is just as intriguing. For an appetizer we ordered Itsie-Bitsie Fetish (P60). The taro fries seemed a little over-fried but we love how it tastes together with strawberry yogurt. The other dip is cheese and is equally yummy.

Read about the main course: http://www.tinesabillo.com/resto-review-gayuma-ni-maria/

Feeling a little dissatisfied with the main course, we moved on to the dessert. We decided to go on a chocolate overload and ordered Broken Promises (P75), the original crinkle cake, and their bestseller Beats Sex Any Day (P75).

After the first bite, we fell in love with Broken Promises. However, the extremely moist cake of BSAD and the complementary topping of butterscotch and chocolate stole the show.

Check out the full review with pictures http://www.tinesabillo.com/resto-review-gayuma-ni-maria/

4 years ago


wrote a review for Bono Yaki Libis

disappointed :-(


just wanna share my experience here., my family and i was so disappointed with the food choices.,the reason y we went there because we saw their pictures in facebook na they have crabs oyster uni n different sashimi and the desserts napakarami nila food sa pictures as in malulula ka...pero in reality! naku inantok nanay ko...seafood resto daw...e wala naman seafood hihihi.,if u have plans to dine here...nako wag masyado mataas expectations nyo at babagsak lang...di nako mauulit pati daw nanay ko hahahahahahahaha i dnt recommend this resto to my friends., sambokojin nalang :-)
sa manager ng bonoyaki ...wag na kau mag post ng pictures na d nyo naman sineserve. wala ng kakain sa inyo nyan or kakain man isang beses lang d na babalik... :-(

4 years ago

Annalisa mariano

wrote a review for Makisushi Japanese Restaurant Panay Avenue

affordable yet not so authentic


california maki really sucked, rice was sticking together and looked more like suman than maki.. ingredients werent authentic and teppanyaki and tofu steak had the same overly sweet sauce.. its ok if youre really hungry but to those whove experienced really great japanese food, you will be severely disappointed

4 years ago

Annalisa mariano

wrote a review for Chef Tatung's Cafe Sikatuna Village

nice ambiance, so so food


nice homey ambiance but food is not so great, very typical filipino cuisine with a twist, server said each order is good for 2-3 persons but will not be sufficient to hungry diners. overpriced, you can definitely have more food with higher quality in other restos..sorry, just being honest..

4 years ago


wrote a review for Boulevard Diner Quezon City

By far, the best burgers in Metro Manila


The best way to determine a good burger is to get one with the most basic of toppings. Get it with just tomato, lettuce and cheese. This one just blows everyone out.

Thick patty, cooked medium well (anything less is unsafe for burgers per international standards), no extenders, and the seasoning is just the basic salt and pepper. Truly the simplest way is always the best.

After writing this review, just saw that this is also the recommended burger place by Chef Gene Gonzalez of Cafe Ysabel. The other one he says that comes close to this is the Burger Project. I agree with him 100%

Check more of it here:

4 years ago

Blanca Ortiz

wrote a review for Bellini's Cubao



pasta al dente. pizza scrumptious. meat exquisite (try the tornado). all in all - so satisfying!

must taste: free home made wine given by owner. i love sweet wine.

4 years ago

FoodMama Payatna

wrote a review for Melo's South Triangle

Won't Ever Dine Here Again


We had heard that Melo's was a steak place so when a local groupon voucher was offered, my husband availed of enough for 4--he and I plus my parents. We made reservations and looked forward to a meal that was touted as surf and turf. The Quezon City venue is quite nice, with wooden walls instead of cement, and the tables looked dressy with their white clothes. Immediately, the waiter informed us that the deal was for a couple to share a fish entree and a beef entree, not fish and steak on the same plate. We could hardly believe this as the voucher stated that each diner would have an appetizer, soup, salad and surf and turf. The manager came over to apologetically say that this was not the intention of the voucher or Melo's. Since we were already there, we decided to proceed with the meal. Our disappointment increased as the food was served. The portions were comically small. The chicken pate in a tiny dish (the kind used to put soy sauce and calamansi in) was supposed to suffice for 4 adults. The salads were so scarce that it looked like one serving had been divided among all of us. Finally the entrees came. The beef, advertised as Angus, was a paper-thin strip. The fish entrees were a bit better but just not the quality one would expect from an establishment that is supposedly of good quality. A good steak, especially Angus beef, should be at least half an inch (ideally 3/4") thick. Then the cooking doneness can be properly tailored to the diner's request.
My halibut was actually pretty good--the skin was light and crisp and the flesh cooked through but still moist. All the cut vegetables served with our main dishes were drowning in butter or margarine, though.
In the end, we all agreed that if felt as if the Melo's management resented giving us a good meal. We were P3000 poorer and much wiser. It's too bad dining establishments don't look at these group vouchers as a way of marketing their food and service!

4 years ago


wrote a review for Asya Centris Walk

Disappointing Easter Lunch


We just had our lunch at this restaurant, and I can say that it is by far the worst restaurant I've eaten in. Why?

We ordered their Salu-Salu meals for 4 and a separate lumpiang ubod.

1. Lumpiang Ubod came after 15 minutes, and for the price of Php260 exclusive of SC, I can say that the lumpiang ubod from Goldilocks is waaaaay better.

2. After 10 minutes came the Bulalo, which was super salty. We asked for more soup to balance the taste, but, lo and behold, extra soup costs Php50 more! This was the first time I encountered a restaurant that charges extra for Beef stock!

3. Then 7 minutes later, came the Chicken Pork Adobo with Turmeric. There was no Pork mean, just big chunks of Pork fat.

4. After 5 minutes more, came the rice! This was their saving grace, their Jasmine Rice was good.

5. When we were all almost done eating, we realized that we were missing one order, the Chicken Skin Sisig. We asked for it and 15 minutes later, the server came up to me and explained that they gave the sisig to another table. SHE DID NOT EVEN APOLOGIZE! She just said that we should wait 5-10 minutes more because while the kitchen prepares the dish.

6. The sisig which was supposed to be the appetizer, came when we were all done. We had no choice but to have it on take-out.

7. To top it all of, their iced tea was super sweet, leche flan- made out of gelatin and their AC was not working properly.

For the price that they put on their food, we were expecting so much more.

4 years ago


wrote a review for I Heart Froyo Quezon City

I <3 I Heart Froyo!


One of my favorite frozen yogurt restaurants... Love how generous their toppings are... I'm always overwhelmed by the amount of graham toppings they put in my frozen yogurt! ;-)

4 years ago


wrote a review for Cuisinier Bistro and Culinary Studio Timog

never again


scallops weren't cleaned
duck was tough
cheesecake was more jello than cream cheese


4 years ago


wrote a review for Woorijib Korean Restaurant Kalayaan Ave.

great value for money


the eat-all-you-can combo of rice, soup, side dishes & pork (P299) or beef (P499) with lettuce is really worth the price. do not expect a nice ambiance but the side dishes are great and refillable. be sure to empty your stomach before going to this place, enjoy!

4 years ago


wrote a review for Hap Chan Tea House Ali Mall



good food for good price

4 years ago


wrote a review for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Gateway Mall - Cinema

Why Coffee Bean Outbrews Other Coffee Shops


What's on your cup? Mine's definitely filled with The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Tea Latte . I didn't really jump on the coffee shop craze, because I think many of these stores sell overrated, overpriced brews. The Coffee Bean is a different story though.
Read my full review on: http://abbygabyfoodie.blogspot.com/2012/01/why-i-choose-coffee-bean-and-tea-leaf.html

4 years ago


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