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wrote a review for The Cheese Steak Shop Legaspi Village

Definitely Habit Forming


I had the chance to drop by this joint last Saturday, and all I can say is that it's definitely a place worh checking out.

Their cheese steak is by far the best I've tried (I've tried those of Elbert's and Charlie's) in the metro.

Using hoagies from Amoroso's definitely did the trick.

The garlic fries is also a must try.

I'm definitely looking forward to this new habit!

8 years ago


wrote a review for Dusit Thani Glorietta 3

Authentic and Delicious


For somebody who has stayed in Thailand for a lot of years, I must say that this restaurant offers the authentic taste of real Thai food. Service is fast and servers are very courteous and helpful. Never mind that the place is dinghy, but it actually adds a lot of character. What's important is that it is clean. The only thing that I think should be improved are the serving sizes. It wouldn't hurt to add just a little bit more. Prices are reasonable though.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Bonchon Chicken Greenbelt 1

Good chicken, BAD delivery service

You guys need to check your delivery service at Greenbelt 1 as you will lose customers with the way they handle orders.

We placed our orders around 10:45 and we were informed that it will take them 45 minutes to deliver, and that’s reasonable enough. After 45 minutes, we made a follow-up call (that’s around 12 noon and note that we have been waiting for over an hour already) and we were told that the riders are yet to return but will prioritize ours as soon as one arrives.

Hungry and anxious that our lunch break is almost over, we made several calls through numbers 659-8080 and 519-8438 but no one was answering while the other one is unavailable.

We patiently waited for another 30 minutes and eventually decided that we will just go out and buy our food already since our chicken arriving anytime soon is impossible.

On our way out, we saw your delivery guy and confirmed if its for us; yes, he said. I said, we will not take the orders anymore as they made us wait for over 2 hours! We exerted all means to make follow-ups but to no avail. The least that they could have done is call us and let us know that you cannot deliver the food yet and ask us if we are willing to wait. But it never happened. What we got when we called earlier is a lousy excuse that you are swamped with deliveries. No apologies, no follow-up call after, nothing!

It is not our problem if you have tons of orders, that’s good for your business. But how about your customers like us who thought of this possibility and that’s why we made sure to place our orders an hour before lunch time? We have been considerate enough, but sad to say, not your Greenbelt branch!

BTW, we finished lunch at 2PM and while writing this, no one from this branch has called to apologize.

Way to go Bonchon! May this branch realize that it is not just about the food, more often than not, people value good service!

8 years ago

Mya Bernardo

wrote a review for Dang Dee Fastfood Legaspi Village

very good!


i looove their food.. my favorite is their sweet and sour sparerib.. a must try!
plus they have free delivery.. very affordable!

8 years ago


wrote a review for Cafe Attivo Makati

Quaint, Appetizing and Value for money!!!!


I've been eating in this restaurant, Cafe Attivo (Aguirre St., Legaspi Village) for the past 2 years. It's in my office building so it is very accessible.
We often hold business meetings and presentations as my clients would often crave for it. (which is really good!)
They serve the best pasta, rice meals and appetizers - with my very own personal favorite, Creamy Mushroom Porkchop! Breaded porkchop with a sumptuous creamy sauce with pasta/rice and side veggies all for 150! Talk about value for money. Another favorite and a must-try would be their Cordon Bleu! It's the best i've had so far!

Staff are well-trained and truly polite, they know their customers by name too!

I have recommended this resto to my friends and now, they have become regular customers as well! A good find in the big city! :)

8 years ago


wrote a review for Cafe Attivo Makati

Very Good Service!


I recently claimed my late cash cash pinoy voucher and I'm surprised that their management still honored it. I loved their pasta bolognese and carbonara. The staff gave me a free chocolate cake when they found out from my I.D. that it was my birthday. I was informed that they have a new promo online in Ensogo, and i will definitely purchase another voucher for myself and my family. Thank you Cafe Attivo for making my birthday memorable! i love your restaurant!

8 years ago


wrote a review for Adobo Connection Dela Rosa

for those who condo...


Living in a condo in Makati usually entails eating out most of the time or ordering in, cooking your meals is almost never an option. Being a student and someone who lives in the province this was heaven for me, I would be able to eat great tasting food everyday!!! But soon enough i got tired of all the takeout and restaurant prepared food, i started craving for a home cooked meal, food that didnt taste like it was prepared with loads of butter or oil. What I would like to think as "semi-healthy" food, something that felt like it came from home. I found this resto near my condo, and I usually take out or get my food delivered. The food here hit the spot for me! finally something i can eat that doesnt taste like its loaded with fat. Plus having it delivered or taking it out and eating it in my condo makes me feel like I am back home and realistically its less hassle ordering or taking it out since I am a student, and the prices fit into my budget, leaving some extra money for going out on the weekends! hahaha

8 years ago


wrote a review for Kitchen Greenbelt 3

Going Back for More


Had dinner here with my friends last weekend. We ordered the Head Master (deep fried squid head), Too Good, It's True (salmon cooked in beef steak sauce) with rice pilaff, Under the Sun (seafood combination with chili cream sauce), sweet serenade (pandan juice) and grand slam (dessert). The Head Master is yummy; not the usual calamari served in other restos. It has an orange batter and the squid is very tender. The salmon is also delicious but i particularly liked the rice pilaff which was served witht the salmon. But the winner for me is the pasta dish (Under the Sun). The combination of the chili and cream sauce is just right, not spicy at all. The pasta was al dente and the seafood was good. Ambiance was quite different from the usual restaurant setting. Lighting was quite dim. Service was attentive. Definitely going back to try the other items on the menu.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Restaurante Pia y Damaso Greenbelt 5

The Best Brazo in Manila


Whenever I visit the Greenbelt 5 area, I would always come across this restaurant and made me curious for me to try. Although they are competiting with Fely J's for Filipino cuisine, although this restaurant somehow stood out.

I would suggest ordering the Chicken sherry with the potatoes as the serving is enough together with the potatoes. The steak here is a bit overpriced and salty so I would not recommend that.

Of course the most important thing is you don't leave this restaurant without trying their famous Brazo de Mercedes. The price is really cheap and the sweetness is enough to satisfy any dessert lover. Of course don't forget to fill up the survey as they would give you a sweet treat in order to improve their service.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Gilak by Hossein Greenbelt 3

Avoid if you can...


Not worth it, servings are too small for the price. Just go to Hassan's in Katipunan or Mr. Kebab if you want an affordable Persian delight...

8 years ago


wrote a review for Cafe Attivo Makati

Best carbonara in Manila


As I was looking for a new Italian restaurant in Makati, i spotted a small corner Italian trattoria style called Cafe Attivo. To satisfy my pasta craving, I walked in the restaurant for the first time and ordered my favorite Carbonara pasta. I was surprised that the price of their food is considerably low especially from the ambiance of the place and the warm service staff. When my order arrived, i was very impressed with the way they cooked their carbonara al dente pasta and they used fresh cream, parmesan, and egg yolk. So far the best Carbonara pasta i tasted in town which i can definitely recommend to my family and friends. If your looking for a quiet restaurant, good food, and good value for money, i recommend to try this place Cafe Attivo in Makati Aguirre Street.

8 years ago

Alvin Tan

wrote a review for David's Tea House Greenbelt 1

Quick and tasty chinese food


I love chinese food and David's has been climbing up my personal resto chart as of late. I'm noticing that they are consistently cleaner (at least compared to 95% of chinese restos), faster and tastier than most chinese restaurants I go to.

What I usually order? beef stew, yang chow, eggplant in a pot (dunno what's the real name), siomai, radish cake, and salt & pepper spareribs!

I also recently discovered another favorite - it's sotanghon (clear thin noodles) with sliced pork/beef. It's not pancit or a noodle soup. It's served in a pot similar to a beef stew dish. Just ask the waiter what it is when you order - I forgot the name of the dish. :P

8 years ago


wrote a review for Cafe Attivo Makati

Authentic Italian Food and best value for money


Just had my late lunch in Cafe Attivo Makati today, and I'm very happy with the food i tried in their restaurant. Rigatoni shrimp alfonso was superb and for the price of p258 i think its really good value. Good service and pleasant ambiance, worth going back to. Keep it up!

8 years ago


wrote a review for Alexa's Deli Cafe and Wine Bar Salcedo Village

Bring Change


Nice place, decent ambiance, but they refused to serve me because I tried to pay with 1000 peso note and they didn't have change. They also wouldn't accept a credit card.

8 years ago

Jeremy Tan

wrote a review for Myron's Place Greenbelt 5

Myron's D Place 2 B


Loved their dark bread. Ordered seconds of it and they gladly gave me a second serving of their free bread, hehe. Thanks.

Roasted Duck Breast on Risotto with Dried Fruits Price: 850.00
Adored it. The duck was perfectly cooked, raw enough to appreciate the flavor and texture. Well enough to remove all the other unwanted flavors.

Sliders Price Price:550.00 A Sampling of their Angus Mini Burgers.
One of their burgers had foie gras, what a pleasant surprise!

Fancy eating without the fancy price tag.

Great bang for the buck!

8 years ago


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