Chateau 1771

Chateau 1771 Greenbelt 5

Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St Legazpi Village, Makati Metro Manila Philippines (02) 729-9760
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leo garcia

leo garcia had Certified Angus Beef Rib Eye, Raclette, Caesar Salad, Mashed Potato, and Spaghetti


Food is good but I had better. Raclette for me was the highlight of the meal, perfectly done. Caesar Salad was average. The Spaghetti was plain, but good for the price. Mashed potato and Rib eye Angus was getting cold when served. Chef and waiter should know better when paying for a pricy meal (Philippine standard). Steaks in philippines are mostly thin served compared to US standard which is thick. Over all it was okay, its like a average NY steakhouse in manhattan. Price is hefty. Maybe I'll comeback again?

4 years ago


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Dining here every other month


Cant get enough of this restaurant. I never had any bad experiences like others. Waiters are accomodating and know what's on the menu list all about. The food is perfectly served on time. Just enough to be served after every other courses. From the starter to soup to main course to the dessert. They have the best french food I have ever tasted!!! Love everything on their list! Their coffee sansrival is unique and suprisingly and incredibly delicious!!!! Almost all their pastas are good for sharing. Sea bass is so soft, just enough portion not to make you "umay" by the way, iv read sand bass from the previous review! So funny, its sea bass. Their prawn salad is gracious and the prawn itself is compact and thick. And to finish all courses, their coffee mocha with orange zest is the best!!

Trust me iv been here like more than 5x. Chateau 1771 is no equal to other wanna be french restau.

6 years ago


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Good....very good!


I would like to praise Chateau 1771 for making my wife and I's 2nd wedding anniversary a memorable one.

The staff were very attentive - Mariel was our waitress, but others were in attendance too. Always there when required, friendly and not-at-all overbearing.

They have, with respect to a comment above and maybe because of it (thank you) reinstated the eggplant pate. It is indeed "delicious" and "something to look forward to".

After a light starter we opted for two pasta dishes as a main course. The Linguini Salpicado; "beef tenderloin cubes with lots of garlic with creamed linguine". The beef was tender, the linguini perfectly cooked and the sauce wonderfully textured, and the Gambasetti; "Gambas cooked Chateau-style on spaghetti". The subtle smokiness of the prawns, backed up by choritzo, parmesan and green pepper was pure delight.

By the way, I came here to eat, not to be seen....however, if that floats your boat, then your wilted ego will be massaged well. You'll also have some fine eats too :)

The only minus points - and they are minor - were the irritating blind pull chain that was dangling next to the window that I kept knocking...., and my knees that kept some customers away (I was next to the window in the "prime-look-at-me" position!

7 years ago


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good food


I really enjoyed my dinner here!

9 years ago

Howell Hay

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Yes Jen I agree (ooops there goes your anonimity). The sandbass is yummy, although, they could make the portion a little bit bigger. The place is decorated quite elegantly which adds to its nice ambiance. Go check it out.

10 years ago


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le chateau 1771 est très bon!


had lunch there one day with some good friends (right howe?!) and i've got to say chateau continues to please me and all of my senses!

their new venue in greenbelt 5 transports you to a new world with high ceilings, warm sunset-hued walls, big picture windows giving generous views of greenbelt park, in a subdued elegant setting.

it's a great date place - that is if you are willing to spring P600/pax and up for your date (appetizer or soup, main course, dessert, drinks). serving sizes are not huge but good enough. you won't be scarfing down huge portions in this place. chateau is meant for slow chewing of food, using the right utensils and sipping your drinks quietly.

but in spite of the high-end ambiance, i found chateau extremely cozy. it's great for quiet conversations, hanging out with friends and even power lunches with corporate honchos.

the only disappointment during my visit to chateau was that they've discontinued the eggplant pate. i do not know why!!! i was looking forward to munching on that delicious pate spread thinly on crunchy crostinis!

fyi, they've closed their el pueblo branch to the general public, but it's still open for events or private functions.

order: lemon chicken, carrot+squash soup, creme brulee (had a taste from my friend's dessert, tastes awesome!), steak flambe.

other could tries: pasta chorizo (chorizo pieces don't overwhelm this dish, but rather compliment al dente pasta), linguini salpicado (didn't try but it's a pleasantly surprising combination and it looked good!), osso bucco.

10 years ago


European , International , Italian Fine Dining
P500 - 800
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 11:00PM
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