Choi Palace Seafood and Shark's Fin Restaurant

Choi Palace Seafood and Shark's Fin Restaurant Eastwood Mall

3/F Eastwood Mall, Eastwood Ave Bagumbayan, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 706-7807 to 09
HK Choi by Choi Garden 3.5 5 3 1
B Williams

B Williams had Curry Beef, plain rice, kingdao spareribs, yang chow fried rice, ice tea, and Sioa Long Pao Dumplings


Curry was spicy but boring. Only under-cooked onions and unappealing bell peppers. The beef itself was tender and had little fat on it. The plain rices was ordinary white rice. The Yan Chow Fried Rice turned out to be enough for 3 people. Ice was sweet but ununique. The Siao Long Pao Dumplings were filled with some oily juice of some sort. That was very unappealing. The Kingdao Spareribs were incredible, sweet and tender. Overall The food was not too bad.

The interior decorations on the other hand has a very untasteful appeal. There are too many tables squeeze in. There are no tables for just two people. All the good tables were reserved even though 90% of them remained empty after we left. The carpet was not at all attractive. The chairs and tables just the same.

Choi Palace might have good food but they need an extreme interior design make over ASAP.

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Excellent choice!


I believe this place is formally called Choi Palace Seafood and Shark's Fin Restaurant and is located in Eastwood mall, just above Johnny Rockets. It's hard to miss.

I just dined in this restaurant with my sister and I have to say that this one's probably one of the best restaurants I've eaten in.

The interior of this place is simply breathtaking. From carpeted floors, to warm lights, and fancy crystals on the wall, this can potentially be an ideal dating place.

The food was also superb. Try their lechon macau. They're the best I've tasted - even better than some of the ones I've tried in HK. Seriously. The chicken feet and Xiao Long Pao are great picks as well.

More than the ambiance and food, the service here is also very good. Waiters are very polite and they really do their job well. Food is served faster than Chowking!

This restaurant is definitely not one that you'd get to dine in everyday as the prices could be leaning on the higher end. Yet, for that special dinner, this one's just perfect!

Try this place out and you'd never regret it!

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Chinese Casual Dining
P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, F: 11:00AM - 2:30PM
  • M, T, W, Th, F: 5:30PM - 10:30PM
  • Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 10:30PM
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