Circles Event Café

Circles Event Café Shangri-La Hotel Makati

Lobby Lvl. Makati Shangri-La, Ayala Ave. cor Makati Ave. Ayala Center, Makati Metro Manila Philippines (02) 813-8888
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Joseph Talampas

Joseph Talampas was here


5 years ago


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One of the BETTER hotel buffets out there!


Really too many food choices that one could really get overwhelmed so stay focussed and know how to invade the buffet so to speak. You would need a couple of visits to the place to be able to get a chance to trully enjoy the spread.

What I like about Circles is their concept of Interactive Theater Kitchen, where the chefs get to interact with the people and accommodate customized food requests.

For this visit, I enjoyed the following:

From the appetizer section I took some prawns and crabs. I had my prawns cooked in butter and garlic and my crab really spicy. I also got a small plate of assorted sushi and sashimi which served as my appetizer.

From the Western Section I took spareribs which were melt-in -the-mouth tender and delicious and so was their roast beef so good with the sauce with red wine. I got some baked salmon in a crust but didn't really enjoy it that much.

From the Indian station I had a huge serving of Shamarma Beef which I ate without the bread but ate with Basmati rice. Got a small serving of lamb chops but couldn't take anymore meat. I will eat more of this on my next visit.

There was one thing I hated on their menu- it was BAGNET! So sad that they failed to make a Filipino dish good enough so foreigners would learn to enjoy it. Street vendors in Vigan could make a better BAGNET than the one in Circles!!!

From their Dessert Station, I had a sampling of their different cakes but what I really enjoyed was the chocolate fountain because I just so love the FIGS that I really find difficult to find here in the Philippines! Their bread pudding with vanilla sauce was made extra special when I requested that they put a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a dallop of whip cream!

8 years ago


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It was our training at that time and as soon as we entered the entrance, on the right and left side food is almost overflowing. There were so many choices of international and local foods to choose from but of course you'll have to settle for those international foods. I knew we had three days, so during our first buffet lunch I ate "all meat" because believe me you will not try all their food once, you've got to come again and try the other ones. On the next day, I chose to have a bit of pasta and meat of course. Their lamp chops are the best but try not to get a big slice because you'll end up full quickly. I also got some desserts and it was very sumptuous but again I didn't tasted it all. There were many to choose from. The third day was still the same, I did not accomplish to at least have a very very small bite of the dishes I haven't tasted before. But all in all it was one hell of a dining experience that was the best buffet restaurant and i'll come back soon.

8 years ago


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Going 'Round In Circles


Since it was Valentine’s Day, I was out with my mom playing proxy for my dad who was abroad. We decided to have lunch at Circles Event Café in Makati Shangri-La, where they serve a long buffet of intercontinental cuisines and, based from reviews I’ve read on the net, some of the most eye-candy and decadent desserts in Manila.

It’s best to reserve a few days before your intended visit lest your name would end up on the waiting list. One good thing with Circles is that you can come in any attire, even with just tee-and-jeans and flip-flops so you don’t have to make a fuss over whatever’s appropriate to wear in going to the place. We arrived around 11:30 am and had to wait for a couple of five minutes before they ushered us in to our assigned seat. The place was literally overflowing with food! In fact, I was so engrossed with the business of eating that I didn’t notice I was filling up on my tummy way too much by the end of my 3rd plate. By the time I was up for dessert, there was just very little room left in my tummy that I only had one plate of dessert – the only real tragedy of it all. “Primera klase” were the exact two words my mom used to describe the sumptuous feast before our eyes. I’d have to agree 100% with one blogger who described the place as the Mother Of All Buffets in his site. It is not mere exaggeration for me to say that words simply cannot give justice to the wonderful dining experience me and my mom had at Circles. I know that readers who have tried the place would agree with me. You just have to try it out for yourself to figure out whatever no-nonsense I’m talking about here. Two spoilers, though: 1) You can never win against the bountiful buffet that awaits you; one simply cannot try all of it in just one visit, and 2) it was a bit pricey (Imagine a canned soda that cost PhP 175!). There were only the two of us, and I had to pay almost PhP 4,000 for the bill (Drinks, VAT, and SC included.). Nevertheless the overall dining experience we had was well worth every peso shelled out. In fact, I’m planning to go back really soon so that I can make up for the desserts and confections I haven’t tried. Oooohhhh… Can’t wait already! ^_^

10 years ago


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Wide Selection


Good thing when I dined here, it was my Tita's treat or else I'll go bankrupt hehe... ",)

Everything you need is here... from appetizers,drinks,main dish, desserts, yogurts, name it.. they have it! hehe I enjoyed their juices.. I tried their fresh apple juice (im a sucker for this) and it really satisfied me.. overall for the food that I tasted.. GREAT!

I'll definitely go back here

11 years ago


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For the Heavyweights!!!


This is probably one of the best places I've been to for a buffet. International selection of food choices.... great ambiance.... great service.... What more can you ask for??? A bigger stomach perhaps? That is the problem with this place... there's so much good food that you end up trying to stuff youself and end up feeling lousy and having a hard time moving. Believe me, you need strict discipline when you're in this place. I've been there 4-5 times already and have always ended up feeling like I wanted to die after having too much food.... Go get a circles membership card if you frequent this place.

11 years ago


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way too much!


way too much food and the price is high

for gluttons, IMHO

11 years ago


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very very nice


It is a very good place for a business meeting, as no metter what race of your business partner, they can always choose from the wide variety of cuisine served for buffet.

I love their steamed sea-bass (very fresh) from the dimsum area, but the dimsum itself was not really something I'd go for.

The salad bar is also very well-kept, you can have anything from romaine to urugula...

The dessert area is the best part. The chocolate fondue fountain and the Turkish coffee... makes a very scrumptous meal! Bravo!

12 years ago


International , Vegetarian Casual Dining
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