Clawdaddy's Great American Picnic

Clawdaddy's Great American Picnic Bonifacio High Street

Bonifacio High Street, The Fort, 9th Ave Fort Bonifacio, Taguig Metro Manila Philippines (02) 856-4785
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noralie aala ramiro

noralie aala ramiro craved for Manhattan Clam Chowder

6 months ago

Esperanza Cheng Uy

Esperanza Cheng Uy craved for Salt and Pepper Crab

9 months ago

Jacob Israel Matias

Jacob Israel Matias craved for Maui Fish and Shrimp Sub

10 months ago

Amy Bullena

Amy Bullena craved for Seafood Boil and Crab Maritess

1 year ago

Derlyn Acielo

Derlyn Acielo craved for Baked Shellfish Medley

1 year ago

Melissa Benoza

Melissa Benoza had Crab Maritess


1 year ago

Lore Reyes

Lore Reyes craved for Oyster Sampler

2 years ago


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I really enjoy my first dining experience at Clawdaddy BHS. First they have this Crabs with garlic ( Forgot the name ) and the Manager and Staff are super friendly...We are very suprised sa birthday song nila for my lola...very lively and it make us feel special>>>TWo thumbs up for Clawdaddy

2 years ago


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was in clawdaddy 2 months ago and its still the same warm family style faces every time i dine in but the service is always the best..

3 years ago


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Food so-so; great service!


We had a big team dinner of 14 at Clawdaddy, and the service was excellent. Food prep time was pretty long... but the waiter was obliging enough to split the bill in pairs of 7, and took extra care to note which pair ordered what.

All in all, food was okay... nothing really great actually... Nothing that sets it apart from the usual. For appetizers I had the mini corn dogs, which were no different from the cheap mall cart ones. I also had the King paddle, which the waiter said was good for 2-3... so three of us shared it, and it left me a tad bit hungry still. It's better shared by two actually. (i have a big appetite. And the ribs are IMPOSSIBLE TO SHARE with two others!)Ribs were good --- tender, with good sauce.

Even if food was mediocre, I would go back for the good service, the very festive ambiance. :) I've never had such attentive service on a big group. :)

4 years ago


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EXpensive without a cause


Order the crab. BF had to send back beef due to its bloodiness. Cocktail drinks are not that good. I wished I ordered coke. The pasta was okay and the taco too. Eat in Gumbo na lang if you have the option.

4 years ago


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clawdaddy, the fort


I went there with a party of 10. We had the BBQ King Caboodle and 2 orders of Crab and Seafood Boil. with 10 orders of rice and 10 iced teas and 1 order of classic ceasar salad. the total bill incl 10% service charge is 4,401.86.

Value for food is great.

I'd give an A for the food that they serve, the variety was great... but when it comes to service, if you want better and faster service, i suggest you go somewhere else.

6 years ago


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Almost Perfect


It was our first time eating here, but we've always been curious about it. Finally had the chance to try the place last Sunday.

My husband and I ordered the buffalo wings and the steak and prawns.

The steak was grilled well. Tender and juicy. The gravy and vegetable sidings were excellent. The prawns were equally excellent.

However, for the buffalo wings, what we got were bloody chicken meat. I think the meat was frozen and wasn't thawed enough before cooking.

Items are a bit on the expensive side and service is so-so.

The verdict: I'd give it a second try given the chance, but I'd steer clear away from the chicken wings.

6 years ago


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Good value but don't go there for the ribs.


Subtitled as "The Great American Picnic", Clawdaddy's aimed to provide that backyard barbecue type of ambience once provided by Racks. And judging by the crowd when we went there one Saturday night, it seems everybody wants to partake of the experience they're offering.

There is good variety in the menu, offering a number of appetizers, soups, salads, grilled meats, subs and seafood, especially crabs. The last item made me realize that Crawdaddy's is a part of the Red Crab group so I pretty much concluded their crabs were going to be good. But for unexplained reasons, we decided to order a full rack of baby back ribs, shrimp etouffe pasta, seared tuna and fried calamari salad, fried oyster sub and gumbo. All the items we ordered were tasty and satisfying, except for the surprisingly tough baby back ribs. The ribs were disappointing, since it doesn't have that fall off the bone quality, as the meat clung on desperately in a tug of war with my teeth. Also, the marinade didn't penetrate much to the meat so it has a pretty ordinary flavor. However, the other dishes especially the etouffe pasta and the gumbo were noteworthy enough to redeem the ribs.

The place itself is nice, as the tables remind one of a picnic table in a park somewhere in the US. It also has holes where pails can be placed so you can put your discarded ribs, crab shells and other trash at your convenience.

The staff is very helpful and efficient, so despite the ribs I'll go back again, maybe to order the crabs.

6 years ago


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A Taste of the South


because most of us have never been to clawdaddy's and because they have their "truly amazing lunch crates" (available til aug01 only) promo, my cousins and I hit the resto for saturday lunch.

we had amongst ourselves: refillable lemonades, grilled chipotle apache chicken (crate), iowa grilled stuffed porkchop (crate), baby back ribs with pacific dory cajun etouffee (crate) and 2kg worth of crab in maritess sauce (garlic, white wine and olive oil). we were also served complimentary slices of corn on the cob.

the chicken was only so-so; the porkchop not really as grilled as we had wanted it to be even when we sent it back to the kitchen. the dirty rice, which was served with all the crates (the iowa porkchop didn't come with walnut parsley rice whatever that is), was good enough. the clam chowder that came with the crates tasted like the kind that comes from cans. the saving grace of the lunch crates were the fruit bowls, which, in fairness, were fresh enough. the baby back ribs tasted good, although it wasn't the fall off the bone kind. truth be told, kenny roger's taste even better. the pacific dory was also good, it was fresh, and the sauce was neither too thick nor too runny.

the crabs were altogether a different experience. underneath the shells, the flesh was bursting and was juicy to the bite and the maritess sauce had the perfect tang to it, the spiciness biting back just right and the roasted garlic made it heaven.

one thing about the crates, though: they were big and very awkward. ate a lot of table space and made slicing a feat. we had to remove the plates and bowls from inside the crates and chucked the crates aside instead.

id recommend clawdaddy's if only for the crabs, if you were part of a large group and you can spend a lot for lunch.

6 years ago


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