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3/F The Venue Tower, 652 Boni Ave Highway Hills, Mandaluyong Metro Manila Philippines (02) 535-7943

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wrote a review for Bistecca Rockwell

Dining at Bistecca was a disappointment.


We were not satisfied with the service and food of Bistecca. For the huge amount we've paid the restaurant, we found the service absolutely terrible. The steak we ordered was served after an hour. The salad had nothing but a few pieces of greens, bits of (unfresh) salmon, and too little dressing. It was a disappointment from the very beginning of our four course meal. The soup was also served late, and was not well appreciated. It was bland and was not served at proper temperature. All in all, if we had known the dishes would be so forgettable and quite frankly regretful, we would not have gone there and wasted our money. The waiters were not attentive either. We had to call their attention a couple of times before they provided service. Dining in a 'fine' restaurant such as what Bistecca claims to be should be relaxing and comforting, but we did not experience any of both. What's so frustrating is that we were the only customers there.

The ambiance was not pleasant, the air conditioning did not do any favors and the place was not clean. It had food crumbs on the chairs and floor. We even saw one of the waiters stepping on a chair with his shoes on. He returned the chair and did not wipe the seat. It was intended for customers. We found this off-putting and unprofessional. The fact that he did that in front of us just shows how careless they are.

Dining at Bistecca was a disappointment.

6 years ago


wrote a review for Chef Arch's Lime 88 Mandaluyong

Favorite place to hang-out after a tiresome week


My boyfriend and I are already regular customers at Lime 88.

Thumbs up about Lime 88:
- Greatest cocktail mix - Chocnut Martini(I love the chocnut sprinkled on top of the drink)
- Crispy Tenga(this is indeed a favorite, the tofu is to really delicious, and the tenga lives up to its name - crispy)
- Good music on weekdays, not too loud, one of the best place to have decent conversations with friends
- Cozy and homey atmosphere
- Very affordable
- Discounted vouchers! So far, I think I have saved more than 2000 pesos with the groupon deals that I buy for Lime 88! I hope they keep the deals coming.

Things to improve on:
- Music during weekends. They have the tendency to shift music during saturdays, which we don't appreciate. My BF's theory is that to accommodate the yuppies, they have to play "bar type" music, which we somehow find annoying.
- Green Mango Salad. We probably ordered during the wrong season, so instead of a green mango salad, we got "tomato with a hint of green mango" salad.

Overall, we love the place. And we'll keep on hanging out at Lime 88. ;-)

6 years ago

giselle solco

wrote a review for Pho 24 Power Plant Mall

Great food for dieting


Ive been eating here for lunch everyday for the past month and lost 6 lbs already. Been eating Pho Nam (beef flank) and sometimes Pho Ga (chicken) for lunch with tons of the veggies (basil, wansuy?, onions, togue?) that comes for free with the order. So happy I lost weight and feel healthier. I guess thats why the vietnamese are so skinny. Cheap too at around 150.

6 years ago


wrote a review for Tramway Shaw Blvd.

Great Bargain


I have been to 2 tramway branches, Timog and Benawe, many times before and was surprised to know that they have a branch in Mandaluyong City. I must say that this is the best among the three.

For a price difference of about 40 pesos compared to its other two branches, you get a way lot more here in Mandaluyong branch. Aside from the usual table fare you can get in these two branches, you get the following:
1. A make-your-own noodle soup bar
2. Make-your-own pasta corner
3. Four kinds of siopao
4. Assorted cakes for the desserts
5. More variety of dishes
6. Wider space, better and cooler ambience.
7. Spoon and fork are wrapped individually in plastic and are more presentable.
8. Water pitcher can be requested on the table
9. And many more improvements over its two older branches.

There are more variety of food and more dishes to choose from, and they are all generally great tasting and well prepared.

At 238 per head, it's indeed a big bargain and more than your money's worth.

6 years ago


wrote a review for Kaya Korean Restaurant Jupiter St.

Taste of Korea in Manila


The staff was very welcoming. They opened our car door for us. They helped my grandfather get off the car. They escorted us in. We were welcomed by the manager and staff.

They waiters know the entire menu. They even recommend dished for us to try. The manager even made sure we were comfortable. :D

We ordered bulgogi, japchae, bibimbap, gyoza, and grilled mackerel. Outstanding! It was very very very delicious.

As usual, they served the Korean appetizers. :)

For dessert, we had Korean ice cream sandwiches and popsicles. Very delicious. Try it!

They gave us complimentary pineapple slices too!

The manager served us cool ginger ale with cinnamon to cleanse the palate, remove the aftertaste, and to soothe the throat.

The price is a little high. Average dish is more or less Php350. It was really really worth it though.

After dinner, they escorted us back to our car and assisted my grandpa inside. It was a great experience!

6 years ago


wrote a review for Three Sixty / 360 A. Venue Mall - UNDER RENOVATION

Will never come back

I ordered for the ff.:
Pumpkin soup - tastes more of a buttered soup than pumpkin, did not meet the should be thickness of a pumpkin soup
Fresh four season shake - tastes unfresh/almost rotten fruit combi shake
Steamed lapu lapu - very far from the usual chinese style of how lapu lapu should really be cooked

The service though is very ok but will not come back as I was not really satisfied at all.. :(

6 years ago


wrote a review for Mamou Power Plant Mall

First-ever Steak Experience


For my first-ever steak experience a friend of mine suggested Mamou Too in the Rockwell Power Plant Mall. At first, I became hesitant when I saw the price of their steaks. I'm running a tight budget so I wanted to make sure the price would be worth it. We ordered Wawa's Prime Rib with Mashed Potato and Cream Spinach sidings and a serving of Lorenzo's Truffle Cream Pasta. The verdict: The pasta looked pale and didn't have much sauce but when we tasted it we discovered that it was flavorful. The steak, which was done medium rare, was perfectly done and tender. The gravy and steak sauce compliments its taste. Overall, my first steak experience with Mamou was a success. Their food comes quite pricey but it's all worth it. Their service is good too and the ambiance very warm and welcoming. I surely will come back to taste their other dishes. Their Roasted Pork and Chicken, Lamb Tapa and Angus Rib-eye steak are next on my list.

6 years ago


wrote a review for Beers Paradise Makati

Beers paradise


I love that this bar serves a hundred beers and it is very unique. The staff are also very hospitable.

6 years ago


wrote a review for SumoSam Power Plant Mall



the service has improved somewhat but they keep forgetting my sake!!!

6 years ago

JoelC Dizon

wrote a review for R & J Bulalohan Mandaluyong



This is one of the best and price friendly resto ever!!The bulalo jr. is not good for 1 but already good for 2 persons! And the soup its refillable. One of the best bulalo ever compared to those who charge 600 pesos but has the same taste.. RJ is my bet..even surpasses those in Mahogany Market in Tagaytay........wala lng libreng kapeng barako at saging na senorita......hehehehe

6 years ago

Patricia Abregana

wrote a review for Happy Lemon Power Plant Mall

Guilty Pleasure


I always go to Happy Lemon for a pick me up. My favorite is Green tea with Rock salt and cream cheese... weirdly addicting! :)

6 years ago


wrote a review for Focaccia Italian Restaurant A. Venue Mall

Surprisingly great


We were supposed to head over to the Fort Strip branch, but as it was closed for renovation, we had no choice but to visit the A venue branch instead. It's a quaint small restaurant that has a modern italian feel. Menu was complete and offered variety. They gave out complimentary bread baskets and the staff were pleasant. I was first disappointed at their pizza selection since there was no conventional pizzas offered, but after trying their own spin on pizza (which you are supposed to roll up with arugula and alfalfa sprouts) I was pleasantly surprised. Even my grandmother, who despises pizza, really enjoyed this one. They have big and tasty servings in reasonable prices. One knock out dish was the tartufo pasta (truffle pasta). Overall, they have all you would want in a restaurant. Good food, pleasant service, warm and creative ambiance and value for money. Highly recommended!!

6 years ago

T Son

wrote a review for Bistecca Rockwell

spiraling down


went again after a while since the last time was a pleasant experience. This time, it was as if we were in an alternate universe. The service was really bad. The steak came out after 45 minutes and it was still cold in the middle! The menu said allow 30 minutes and we did wait patiently. The staff tried to salvage the situation by throwing a few lettuce leaves on a plate and say it was a complimentary dish. It was awful, there was no dressing and you could tell it was a pathetic attempt. Why do most restaurants just spiral down from good to bad after tasting success??

6 years ago


wrote a review for Dona Dona Korean BBQ Restaurant Makati



we have been eating in korean restaurants for quite some time already.. We tried a lot specifically at makati area and even when we go out of town like in baguio & davao.. For me and my wife this is the worst korean dining experience.. the waiter and waitress are not accommodating and they require you to order 1 bbq per person(samgyupsal for example) I find it weird that they have that rule but whatever so we still ordered the marinated prime beef, samgyupsal & kimchi soup. They have poor/few serving of meats plus even though it's marinated it doesn't taste that good..they have the worst side dishes gosh its so far from all the korean restos we have been to..but in fairness at least their kimchi is good.. For me paying high is not a problem as long as you serve as good food but in donna donna omg they have poor service and not so good food.. to make it short i don't recommend this place and we are never going back again..You can try it for yourself but I assure you what I said is true..

6 years ago


wrote a review for Bistecca Rockwell

Bistecca 122 a very good steak


The 4 of us, me,the wife and 2 teenage daughters ate here last night. The ambiance was nice except for some noisy kids the parents let loose to run around the place. The Bistecca 122, a kilo of USDA choice bone in rib eye was really delicious and very tender. We didnt find the need to put salts or sauces over the steak, which btw was our usual practice. It was good on its own. My wife who seldom eat steaks liked it so much that all of us felt wanting after devouring the Bistecca 122. To her, it was the best steak she had so far. To satisfy the kids, I had to order another 350g tenderloin. About the sidings. one order is good for 2 persons. Don't believe the servers when they tell you that its for one person only. I saw the bbqued full rack baby back ribs from another table, and I think the kids would have loved it, slightly cheaper than the steaks too.
We had a lovely dinner my family would remember for a long time. We plan to go back again for special occasions, not for the usual weekend dinners as the place is not cheap.

6 years ago


Filipino Bar
P150 - 300
  • Th, F, Sa: 7:30PM - 12:00MN
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