Conti's Bakeshop & Restaurant

Conti's Bakeshop & Restaurant Trinoma Mall

Trinoma Mall, North Ave cor Mindanao Ave Sto. Cristo, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 900-5013 to 15
Conti's Bakeshop & Restaurant 3.85714285714286 5 15 10
Angela Guerrero

Angela Guerrero was here


2 years ago

John Doe

John Doe was here


3 years ago


berny had Mango Bravo - Frozen


3 years ago


MARC WILSON PRUDENCIADO had mango bravo and Mango Bravo - Frozen


my ultimate favorite! and my family too

3 years ago

Mark Andrei Gamboa

Mark Andrei Gamboa had Chicken Roulade and Conti's Baked Salmon


3 years ago

Alvin Tan

Alvin Tan had Pancit Palabok, Mango Bravo - Frozen, and Hot Chocolate


It was okay, so so in short. Cake was good but the hot chocolate is watery. I will be back for snacks, I guess.

3 years ago

Andy Quinn Medalla

Andy Quinn Medalla had Mango Cheesecake and Apple Potato Salad


had these but the price is a bit over the budget nowadays..

3 years ago


wrote a review

The WORST Customer Service


I just want to fully vent my complaint to this certain cashier who is on duty at around 2 p.m. today January 15, 2011 at your one and only Greenbelt branch.

She is located near the refrigerators where the Mango Bravo cakes are conspicuously displayed.

She was "suplada" as she was not entertaining my concern as a customer.

Instead she was evading me and pretending to be more busy in arranging some stuff on her counter.

She projected a pouting face at me as I ask her on the price of the Mango Bravo of which I was about to buy.

And she even entertain another customer who arrived later than me on the store instead of getting my cake order first.

I just lose my excitement in buying that cake on that day.

I hope this complaint will be brought to the attention of the management of your store.

And I hope that your cashiers or store attendants are well-trained in dealing with customers as to ensure quality customer service.

Your cakes are good but your store attendants are below par in terms of proper manners & etiquette.

5 years ago


wrote a review

Give the FULL 20% discount for Senior Citizen

The 1st time I dine at Contis was w/ friends, a week after i brought along my kids so there's no big deal when i paid my bill. But yesterday was a different thing when my mom and i decided to purchase mini Mango Bravo. The price is P495, my mom presented her Sr. citizen card for the discount and this is the computation:

1 mini Mango Bravo P495.00
Sub Total P495.00

Discountable 99.00
VAT Exemption 10.60
SC Discount 17.68
Other Discount 0.00
Total SC Discount 28.28

Total Sale 424.28
VAT 42.44


with the amount my mom was charge it only shows that the supposed 20% discount given to the SC was actually 6% only. The sad thing is i wasn't able to asked their cashier that moment since it's only now by accident i got to see the OR.

I want to call your attention on this matter since before we purchase the said cake we just have a buffet lunch somewhere in the same area but we're given the FULL 20% discount for the SC. Is it really how you give discount to SC? If that's the case, you are CHEATING your SC customers who I presume mostly don't have the time to check the OR issued to them.

5 years ago


wrote a review

can't get enough!


Just this February, my relatives from US came home for a vacation. I brought them to one of the clinics at Trinoma. We chanced upon Conti's which was located where we were supposed to be picked up by the driver.
I saw people waiting to be seated outside. I thought "hey! what's the big fuss?" I got curious and asked the driver to go back to the parking.

We patiently waited for our turn. We saw the waiter bringing foods and drinks to tables near us and those food really looks enticing to me and my relatives got even more excited looking at those jumbo cakes on displays...

I ordered Chicken Pie while waiting. Gee! It was really yummy...
In 20 minutes, we finally got our tables ready.
We had Baked Salmon, Grilled Salmon Head, Roastbeef, Allegria, Paella Rice, and a few more! Oh dear! Believe me..... they were all exceptionally good!!! And they have this super to-die-for Viennese Mocha Torte and Black Velvet!

My relatives bought so many Conti's goodies from their Take Out corner. They brought it all home to US. And now, they even asked me to send them boxes of ensaimadas, chicken pies, and polvoron.

Everysince that day, Conti's became my family's second kitchen. We are there almost 2-3 times a week. I have also brought my friends and now they are also becoming Conti's addict.

They offer so many good food both for dine-in and take out. Prices are just worth for its quality!

GEEEE!!! I just can't get enough of Conti's!

I hope they can also have one in Katipunan as it is nearer to my place...

6 years ago


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We just had dessert there and never really got to try other stuff on the menu. We ordered NY cheesecake and mango bravo. I so love the mango bravo!!!

Next time, I'll try the other things on the menu.

6 years ago


wrote a review



I don't know why but every time I go back to Conti's, I like it less than the last time I was there. I don't know if I'm just starting to get tired of their food but I don't think I eat there often enough for that. Maybe the opening of their many new branches has caused the quality of their food to suffer. Some of their dishes are too rich. That's one of my biggest pet peeves with Pinoy restos, they think good food means glopping on tons of cream, salt, sugar, butter, etc. I also don't think their desserts or pastries are that good. Even their ice cream cake isn't that good. How can you not make ice cream cake good? It seems impossible but Conti's proves otherwise. Their cheesecake is an absolute travesty. They shouldn't even be calling it cheesecake. It's more like a very, very light (not in a good way) gelatin/mousse. It's like something that you can make at home with some Jell-O and evaporated milk. Despite all this, I will probably be eating there again because, as bad as it is, it's still one of the few decent dining choices at the mall. And that's just really sad.

7 years ago

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