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Zark's Burgers 2.8 5 15 0

wrote a review for Zark's Burgers Taft Ave.

Answer for huge hunger


If you're tired of the same old burgers that come in small sizes, then Zark's Burgers is for you. A wide range of burgers found on their menu and the price is definitely reasonable. I tried their Jawbreaker burger and it was massive! It took me a while to finish it all up good thing along with the burger comes a free serving of fries and refillable ice tea. A perfect match for their gigantic burgers. Next time I will try their challenges and maybe I could get away with it free of charge. The ambiance is the only downside its quite steamy inside their establishment. A little improvement maybe on the airconditioning plus you go home smelling like grease so that goes to the exhaust system as well. But overall it was a fun burger experience.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Aristocrat Restaurant Roxas Blvd.

Best Chicken BBQ in town!


I am never disappointed when I eat at Aristocrat! The quality is always consistent, and prices are always reasonable. Their chicken BBQ is a childhood favorite and will always be my ultimate comfort food.

8 years ago

Joyce Cayabyab

wrote a review for Market Café Hyatt Hotel & Casino Manila

Good and bad of market cafe


I just tried lunch at market cafe due to a deal I got from dealgrocer, went with my husband and sisters. The place is great, clean, neat, the staff are very attentive and helpful.
Whenever I go to buffets, I go straight to the japanese section. I liked their sashimis mainly because they remove the fishy dark parts in the salmon. It was fresh and really good. The sushis were limited but they were good.
The pizzas were baked fresh from scratch and i love the taste of their dough. Howevervthe toppings were ordinary, like any other pizza out there.
The cooked food selection were few but nothing really memorable about them. The noodle was disappointing, very bland.
The prime rib is excellent indeed, moist and tender. But they don't restock when they run out of it so be early.what disappointed me most I guess is the choice of seafood and meat to cook. When I browsed reviews of this resto they showed a lot of fresh fish and meats. There were no crabs, or steaks, or whole fish, or marlin. Good thing I got discount.
The desserts were fantastic! Must try the crepes with ice cream. But the sherbet has a bitter after taste.
All in all it was ok for me. It was not bad as in terrible.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Pancake House Cash & Carry Mall

they don't listen


The servers are just not very friendly. they serve while chit-chatting with the other staff and don't even look at you...
My friend ordered roast beef and asked it be well done.... it came out with blood when sliced.
I was happy with my soup and Seafood Gambero though.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Le Coeur de France Times Plaza



I'm apalled at the disservice I received at this branch. This franchise is known to have great service as I've heard. For the regular working person, the price is not as affordable so this is considered a splurge when you dine or buy any food item from here.

My experience in the restaurant today is that I was craving for some good coffee and since I've ordered this in the past, I decided to go back and enjoy a cup of coffee. As I was in line, I made a decision to try a chicken pandesal with my coffee. As my coffee was being brewed, I saw the different sandwich pictures on the wall and requested from another female staff to change my previous order to a chicken sandwich instead. The previous order I placed was not heated up and just placed in a bag waiting on my coffee. The female staff wasn't sure if I had paid yet or not so asked a fellow staff but I interrupted to say I was still waiting on coffee. I noticed that this female staff made a side comment regarding me changing my mind but did not mind it. The female staff asked a gentleman sandwich maker to make the sandwich I requested but I did notice that she mentioned something to him about me changing my mind but he proceeded to make my sandwich. As he was making my sandwich, I requested if my sandwich could be toasted and now I received a look of disbelief from not only the female and male but even the manager who was running the cash register. The proceeded to explain to me that this wasn't possible but I didn't understand because bread is bread and if I want my toasted, that should be my perogative. Needless to say that my request was denied and am very unhappy about this. I will not only think twice but will no longer patronize this establishment. Service is service and if not provided, I will let others know my dissatisfaction.

On the Useful Tips that's on the bag it says: Eat on the day of purchase, preferably warm for better flavor. - ARE THEY KIDDING ME??!!! Don't place this advice on the bag and not do what they recommend!

8 years ago


wrote a review for Pancake House Times Plaza

Bad service and food took so long to come


It took so long the food to be delivered, i asked 4 crews where was the chicken cos i saw them giving chicken to others and we came first. I stood up and asked the counter wheres the chicken? I decided to leave and cancel the order and the waiter acted rude and shouted to cashier to cancel order, i only paid for the iced tea which i shouldnt do!

8 years ago


wrote a review for Sinangag Express DLSU

great service! good food!


i love their chilled taho and the sinangag...very affordable and the students favorite... i saw plenty of them dining there...service is fast! I want to franchise sinangag express at a mall in cavite area. Anyone can give me details? Are you available for franchising? I mean the " real sinangag express". Thanks!

8 years ago


wrote a review for Zark's Burgers Taft Ave.

Best Burger around Taft


Zark's Burger houses one of the best selection of burgers. They have a wide range of variety and not only the burgers are quite cheap for their sizes, but they are also damn delicious. Warning though, cheap, delicious and large burgers come with a downside. They contain a lot of calories for they love bacon and cheese on their burgers. All in all, it is quite the burger shop. (Warning, you may smell like the kitchen after eating.)

8 years ago


wrote a review for Time Out Sports Grill University Mall

Love the games and drinks!


Great place to meet up with friends to chill! Beer pong is also a lot of fun. I always order their drinks by the caraffe. It's also a pretty safe place.

8 years ago

Jeremy Tan

wrote a review for Lolo Dad's Café Malate

Loose Loose ang Wallet Mo


Ambiance: the garden facade is impressive. Wifey complained about a certain old house stuffiness about the place, others might like it, she didn't.

Security: With your prices, I think you guys can afford a security guard with a long riffle. I'm sure criminals won't try to rob you as most of your transactions are credit card, but, how about your diners. Mayayaman sila.

Here's what we got:

Salad: Ahi Tuna Loin and Marinated Salmon: Tuna was great on top of watermelon with wasabi dressing, lovely contrasts. They threw in like 4 leaves for the salad, I mean c'mon, really?!

Onion soup: they didn't want to split it bawal daw. Taste: normal.

Herb de Provence Crusted Rack of Lamb: The lamb was wonderfully cooked, the flavors were intact, no lamb lansa at all.

Grilled Halibut and Baby Lobster: Should change it to fetus lobster. When they say modest serving, they mean M O D E S T.

A teaspoon they gave my wife had a black foreign matter on it, this pissed her off so much.

The open kitchen is wonderful to look at, the chef's table in front of the window is a great barkada experience.

Me, personally, the one thing I liked most was their warm rolls. With flavored butter. Yum yum! Magpakabusog kayo sa bread nila kasi mala tinga ang serving nila!

Totally agree with their waiters. They charge an arm and a leg and give you the worth of a toenail in their waiters.

Nice place siguro if you need to "impress" your date really badly, but there are 45 others places I'd recommend that would give you so much more bang for the buck.

Value: wala bang negative stars?

8 years ago


wrote a review for UCC Cafe Terrace Robinson Place Manila



food and coffee was great! but the service is horrible.. i signaled the waitress so she can take our orders, she said "just a minute ma'am" so we waited after close to 10minutes, i noticed she's fixing the newspapers, i called her once again but it seems that she's pretending not to hear me so i then signaled a different waitress since we were starving. the waitresses were so slow and cold towards us (i don't know why). it wasn't a pleasant experience at all. when we leave, there's a waitress at the entrance who didn't even say thank you" or "come again".

8 years ago


wrote a review for Brooklyn's Robinsons Place - Manila

just another review


Hi i can't say anything about the pizza the pizza is good, i ordered here and i liked it but unfortunately thats the food.

as for the delivery i have had some bad experiences with this my place being very near no rp manila branch they take a very long time to deliver to me which in one time arrived at almost 2 hours after and my pizza arrived cold and not really any good anymore.

also one time i just suddenly decided to order but they would not entertain me anymore even though it was not yet their closing time. i don't know their reason for doing this cause the guy i talked to was making some lame excuses on the fone and just had it with their services and thus i shall proclaim to never order from this joint ever again. tsk tsk tsk very unfortunate indeed.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Binalot Malate

sa binalot masarap maging pinoy


sa binalot masarap maging pinoy

8 years ago


wrote a review for Carpaccio Ristorante Italiano Makati

Not worth the price


Maybe my expectations were too high. I read Carpaccio's menu on this site and immediately had a hankering for the lasagna al forno as it was described. I was expecting a sumptuous (with its price, it had better be) dish smothered in yummy tomato concasse.

Alas, it was not to be. The lasagna was instead swimming in watery bechamel and smothered in mozzarella, with just a dribble of tomato sauce on top. The ground meat was either ground beef or ground lamb, I couldn't tell, but it didn't taste good and the whole thing was overpowered by the basil.

I asked the waitress if I could have more tomato concasse and she gave me a tiny bowl with about three teaspoonsful of the stuff. Argh.

Still, the service was good and the place was nice. I'm not going back, though. Too overpriced for food that's definitely not that great.

8 years ago

port manteau

wrote a review for Shawarma Snack Center/ SSC Malate

Eat on the canteen side, it's cheaper/better


I am not certain why this restaurant company/group decided to offer an airconditioned outlet right across their original carinderya/cafeteria style store on Salas in Malate (also airconditioned, mind you), but you will feel ripped off if you eat on the fancy side. It also takes longer. Anyway, I never expect service to be good, and for this place, I make reasonable exception.

Last time we were there we ordered kibda (ox brain, better than Mister Kabab's on West Avenue), one shawarma, skewers of tomato+onion, motabal (roast eggplant dip), hummus, their delicious bread, as well as a couple sodas. Your price suggestion per person of P100 is not accurate. If you plan to eat a lot, it's probably closer to P250-400 per person, including service charge.

But this is the real thing. I repeat: eat on the cheap side, and enjoy watching the grill action outside.

8 years ago


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