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CRUMBS Speciality Cakes & Desserts Antipolo

Unit 101 JL Domingo Bldg, 10 Marcos Highway Antipolo, Rizal Rizal Philippines (02) 249-0155
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"Crumbly" No more!!!


Ever since I was a child, I adored food a lot especially sweet things, having said this, I am always at a search for great tasting desserts. One should be surprised that in the busy highway in Marcos highway Antipolo one would end up with authentic, genuine and non pretentious desserts. Give a hand for the new born baby CRUMBS Speciality Cakes & Desserts! Oh no! You got it all wrong, this is not the Crumbs bakeshop located in the US nor is it a franchise of it. It is a new cakery/cupcakery/café/bistro in town.

According to very reliable sources. Crumbs cakes are already known for making homemade cakes that are very generous, high in quality, not to sweet yet very indulging for about 4 years already and takes pride in the thought of “getting what you paid for” mantra. This store located in between a hardware store and a comedy bar is their pride and joy, their flagship store that they dream of becoming well known in the future. Founded by 2 siblings, one is a nurse and the other is a doctor. True foodies in their own right, they established this shop to show people that making desserts need not be from pre mixes or short cuts but from loving hands, genuine passion, skill and quality traditions that needs to be preserved.

One lazy afternoon, I found myself driving along this busy highway and saw the glistening and happy yellow sign of Crumbs, feeling a little bit hungry, I entered the establishment and was surprised that it has this nostalgic feeling about it. Shades of black, orange and yellow are very abundant in the shop and I find it really relaxing and soothing. Friendly staff greeted me with a warm “Good afternoon sir! Welcome to Crumbs!” which resulted a smile in my face as I approach my desired table to sit on.

The food menu at Crumbs is at its minimum, of course they are not a restaurant to begin with. They have 3 selections of pasta at that time and boasting that there Pasta Bolognese is their main player. Curious, I ordered for it. For my beverage I chose their bottomless iced tea.

As my food is being prepared, another staff of theirs approached me and gave me a handful of magazines as he uttered “Sir! Something to read?”. I said my thank you to him as he left and prepared my beverage. This for me is a bit surprising because nowadays where many “cafes” are abundantly and rampantly being established, some forget how genuine customer service is needed. I was happy on how things are coming about. As I was waiting for my food to be finished I noticed a very unique take on wall designs. You see, at Crumbs they don’t use accent paintings or murals at their wall but instead what they have there are unique food trivias that are really fun to look at. I was very curious on the trivia’s that I found myself unseated and actually was reading all of the trivia’s posted on the wall. Was really fun reading it and educational as well.

At last, my food arrived. A bite to it was astounding, I could not believe myself I missed this. Served on a rectangular plate, the pasta was really good! It was not your typical pasta dish, it was very much Italian! Mushroom, soft beef, chorizo, parmesan cheese and parsley flakes waved back at me as I was devouring this heavenly dish. Serving was great, it had two munificent sized garlic breads which also tasted great and the amount of pasta noodles is actually suitable for 2 people already (Of course I am a voracious eater so its perfect for me!). Do you know the feeling when you eat something and you tell yourself “I want this! How can I make it at home?!”. That’s what I felt as I was finishing my plate. It was really good. I give it a 9.5/10. Classic pasta Bolognese as i remember it is around 120-130php per plate.

Don’t get me wrong, this excitement of mine did not end as fast as how my pasta plate was eaten. This is a dessert place! Of course I need to have a helping of their cakes!No hesitation whatsoever, I stood up and looked at their chiller. It was good! They have selections of cakes and cupcakes as well as other desserts. The girl told me that those are not the only cakes they have and that they are actually made to order. The cakes present then was for slicing only because they are advocates of not storing too much cakes on their display. I honestly liked the sound of that! That only means that all cakes of theirs don’t last 2 weeks on the chillers, not like others!

She told me their best seller is their Chocolate cake named the “Devil’s Advocate”. It was a chocolate cake with caramel filling in the middle and was surprisingly not so sweet! It is great with coffee by the way! The cake slice was 85php i think and their Café Americano was 50php. I would score the cake 9/10 because it was very flavourful and soft and they told me that it was 100% butter. The coffee was your average joe, I give it an 8/10. Another best seller that they have is their "Red Velvet Cheescake" this i think is the best cheesecake i have ever tasted. It was simple, so soft, very silky and smooth as similar as what the waitress described to me! Again, surprisingly not sweet! its actually tangy with sweetness and salty-ness at the right places! This one should be tried by anyone who visit there! Its not always available as they told me but once you have the chance on seeing it there...Heaven forbid...have a slice! you wont regret it! As someone would say...Heaven sent! :)

Although we all are familiar with coffee shops, this shop also offers hot tea on a pot if someone wants it. 2nd servings of the tea is possible, just ask for additional water if your tea bag can still be used they told me.

I was not able to try this but the staff also told me that one of their best sellers is their bars. They have 3 variants of this. Nutty mocha which according to them was a coffee flavored cookie bar. Choco Chip cookie bar, and their best seller which is the Blondies, that uses white chocolate. The friendly staff told me that when dine-in, customers can actually purchase these bars as Ala-Mode.

As I was about to go, I could not resist to buy me a “pasalubong” for my family members. Approaching again their cake chiller, the waitress told me that their best seller for their cupcake is the “Scarlet Witch” which is their version of the Red velvet cupcake and their “ChocoHazelnut” cupcake which can be at par with the Ferrero chocolate that we all love. They have single boxes, 2’s, 4’s, 6’s and 12’s. I chose the 4’s because this is just my first time trying it. The box was very simple, no elaborate design whatsoever. Plain, nice!

Over all, I think I had a very unexpected great time at Crumbs. The food was not pompous but rather was generous, flavourful and abundant. Their playlist was very good I might say! Moody and relaxing! Makes you want to get a book and a coffee and immerse yourself to cloud 9.

Total damage is very acceptable because you will really get what you have paid for. I can say that Crumbs is the new place in town, virginal yet promising! I think I will be back again very soon because they advised me that their dessert menu is still in the process of expanding. Exciting indeed!

PS: Remember the cupcakes I bought? It did not last a second in our house. Believe me, what they advice you at Crumbs that you should eat it at room temperature is very true. It will not only taste good according to them but instead it tasted even better more! I want another bite!

(My review will be posted in my blog as soon as it is up and runnin' out!)


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Little Heaven within Reach


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