Dagupan Bangus Repablik

Dagupan Bangus Repablik Sta. Mesa

G/F Residencia Manila, P Sanchez St Sta. Mesa, Manila Metro Manila Philippines (0915) 697-5906

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Chef Arch's Lime 88 2.92857142857143 5 15 0

wrote a review for Chef Arch's Lime 88 Mandaluyong

Favorite place to hang-out after a tiresome week


My boyfriend and I are already regular customers at Lime 88.

Thumbs up about Lime 88:
- Greatest cocktail mix - Chocnut Martini(I love the chocnut sprinkled on top of the drink)
- Crispy Tenga(this is indeed a favorite, the tofu is to really delicious, and the tenga lives up to its name - crispy)
- Good music on weekdays, not too loud, one of the best place to have decent conversations with friends
- Cozy and homey atmosphere
- Very affordable
- Discounted vouchers! So far, I think I have saved more than 2000 pesos with the groupon deals that I buy for Lime 88! I hope they keep the deals coming.

Things to improve on:
- Music during weekends. They have the tendency to shift music during saturdays, which we don't appreciate. My BF's theory is that to accommodate the yuppies, they have to play "bar type" music, which we somehow find annoying.
- Green Mango Salad. We probably ordered during the wrong season, so instead of a green mango salad, we got "tomato with a hint of green mango" salad.

Overall, we love the place. And we'll keep on hanging out at Lime 88. ;-)

8 years ago


wrote a review for House of Lasagna Little Baguio

Totally deserving of SPOT.ph's #1 Meat Lasagna


Awesome food. We tried the meat lasagna, pesto lasagna and carbonara lasagna. For me, my favorite was the Carbonara lasagna. Totally worth it. Salivating again. Waaah, wanna go back! :D

Blog entry:

8 years ago


wrote a review for Serenitea San Juan

Poor service and customer care


Went in to the San Juan branch as a regular customer for over three years. Ordered my regular drink 'large hokkaido, 25% sugar level, with pearls and pana cotta' Got the drink to go as usual. Half way through my drink I was finally able to sip the pana cotta. However, I noticed that it had an unusual and different taste. So I made the effort to go back to ask the staff to see if it was spoiled. They tried a new batch of their own and neglected to try the pana cotta in my drink. They claimed that it was okay, failing to try the sample that was in my order. I don't see how that was the right way to treat heir customers. In the end they just ignored my complaint, which led me to leave my half finished spoiled drink to the cashier. As a regular loyal customer to Serenitea, I am very disappointed with their service and the way they handle such complaints.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Serenitea San Juan

Good Product, Mediocre Service


Ordered 9 Milk tea items for delivery. Took almost 2 hours for the delivery to arrive. Missing 1 straw and had to wait for another 1 hour for the missing straw. The lady on the other line seems impatient with my inquiries, as well.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Ristras San Juan

Typical Run for your Money...

Godzilla was not that interesting...
Full of LIME RICE (Healthy Daw)
I'm very disappointed.
No wonder it's a challege " of how much Lime Rice you can down"...
Try San Juan Branch, maybe less Lime Rice and more Meat..

8 years ago


wrote a review for King Crab House San Juan



good crab dishes

great kikiam

best oyster cake

a bit pricey

8 years ago


wrote a review for Sandy's Pizza San Juan

Toasters are heaven sent!


I ordered. It came to my house still pretty warm... But yeah, not so hot anymore. Thats ok though, I followed the reheating instructions... I put the pizza in our oven for 4 minutes, it was soo good! The Sandy's special and the chorizo is what we always order. More power!

8 years ago


wrote a review for The Frazzled Cook Mandaluyong City



Food was delicious! Servings were decent! Loved the ambiance! I would definitely recommend this restaurant.

Although I felt quite cheated -- I called to make a reservation and mentioned that I would be using my Groupon. So, my friend and I dined and we enjoyed our lunch. When we were done I asked for the bill. When I saw the bill (P1150), I handed the coupon so that they could deduct it and just charge to my credit card the remaining balance. Their staff didn’t want to honor it at firs because she said I should have given it before we had our meal but later on eventually did. I felt cheated because when I added how much they charged my credit card (P850) plus how much I paid for the voucher (P300 value should be P600), the total was the original total that I saw on the bill that they gave me. Now where was my discount there?

8 years ago

Red Box

wrote a review for My Thai Kitchen Addition Hills

where is the authenticity?


Three months ago, my friends and I visited My Thai Kitchen along Wilson St.

I love Thai food and my recent visit to Thailand solidified my craving for green and red curries, pad thai, tom yum, and pandan chicken. I was ecstatic to try Thai Kitchen.

We ordered my favorite pandan chicken, pad Thai, green curry chicken. Sadly none of them resembled the authentic thai cooking. The place has modern design and clean but lacks the Thai theme.

I noticed that the waiter was not very familiar with the items on the menu and the food took around 20-30 minutes.

Overall not recommended. There are other great Thai restaurants in the metro and I won't recommend this to my friends and relatives.

8 years ago

port manteau

wrote a review for Charlie Wanton Special Madaluyong

Excellent for nostalgia lovers, but...


It is exactly what you expect - no frills food, chewy noodles, five-spiced flavored beef brisket and their humble wontons.

But the soup for their noodles isn't anything special. We saw the can of Knorr chicken powder in the cooking area and that explains it.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Thousand Teas Mezza Residences

Bad taro milktea and custard pudding. :(


I was very much disappointed with their Custard Pudding. Its not even a custard pudding but a slab of tasteless gelatine. I had my Assam Milktea with light sugar since I was expecting that the custard pudding will make the taste a little sweeter but I was wrong. Their custard pudding made the Assam Milktea taste horrible. :( The Taro Milktea is also a disappointment. I can barely taste the Taro flavor unlike Spartea's and Ersao's Taro milktea which I think are very good Taro milkteas

Read more : http://baffledchichi.blogspot.com/2011/12/thousand-teas-mezza-residences-aurora.html

8 years ago


wrote a review for Tonang's Pancit Palabok Mandaluyong



i would say Tonang's Palabok is the best.... love there toppings as well as there services offered.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Chatime San Juan

ChaTime, good pickmeUP on a bad day


I've never been a fan of milk tea outside of Chinatown. But when my pal introduced me to it a their Landmark location on Makati i was a convert.

He brought me to this other branch in Kapitolyo Pasig, VERYY NIIIIICE place, parking no problem.

the one in Galleria is a bit hidden if you do not know where to look, it's near the Edsa entrance inside the mall.

Chatime is always a nice time.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Cookbook Kitchen Mandaluyong

Adobo Pasta was really good


we tried several dishes.
The parmesan crusted fish was highly recommended to us, however, this was one of the least favorite among us.
The adobo pasta was surprisingly heavenly.
It's a must try!!!

8 years ago

Tony Salvan

wrote a review for Balkan Express San Juan

Absolutely delicious!!!


I really have no way of comparing Eastern European cuisine because I'm unfamiliar with it. Basically it's like Persian food I guess. All I know is that everything I've tasted so far is excellent.

I love trying new things, and this one was a pleasant surprise. I will be a loyal customer for years to come.

8 years ago


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