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David Salva

wrote a review for The Old Spaghetti House Waltermart Makati

Great food and ambiance


We've been going to Waltermart mall every week but just ignored this resto and thought that it would not meed my expectations.

On Easter 2009, a group of us went in to experience their food, service and ambiance. I ordered the American Baked Spareribs and an refillable iced tea. The meal included java rice, 2 pieces chips and the pork spareribs with sauce. The pork was so soft and tender that you don't need to use table knives to cut it. I was actually surprised that was 3/4 inch thick and was so tasty. And the serving is worth its price!

There was one little downside though. It was too salty. I'm not sure if it's really suppose to taste that way but it was way over salty for me. Oh did I mention that I have a very high salt and sugar levels? So, for an ordinary person, you wouldn't be able to eat this one.

As for service, it was superb. Despite this resto to be in a mall, their service was just like that of a hotel! I was surprised to see my empty or almost empty glass of refillable iced tea always full without noticing them refilling it!

So here's my rating for this store.

9 years ago

David Salva

wrote a review for Pho Hoa Vietnamese Noodle House Trinoma

Great Salad!


I never was a veggie person. But the girl I was about to date wanted to have great salad. What do I know about salads?! So, I sent some text messages to friends who're health conscious and have tried different restos. 9 out of 10 who replied said to try Pho Hoa's Pomelo Shrimp salad. We went for lunch one Saturday morning and found the place with a little difficulty. Thanks to the friendly concierge staff.

I came 5 minutes early and sat on one of their comfy chairs. My date arrived and we ordered our meal. The waiters were a little rowdy and plates were handled unceremoniously. So I really didn't like it. Their service is not that exemplary either. But the place and ambiance is great!

The salad servings were excellent for a big boy like me (no wonder the price is at Php200 per plate). It's going to make me full even if it's just a salad! I must say, this Pomelo Shrimp Salad is the best salad I've tasted in my entire life! It's worth every centavo!

If you're a salad lover, this is worthy of recommendation.

9 years ago