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Eastwood City Walk 2 Bagumbayan, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 470-3231

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Bigoli 3.46666666666667 5 15 0

wrote a review for Bigoli Eastwood

good price for good food


I went to eastwood with some friends and decided to eat in Bigoli. I can say the food is good considering the price. I ordered their Spaghetti with meatballs(regular size, i think they call it solo?, it has 2 large meatballs on it) and was satisfied with it. I didnt like the Stromboli Bacon at first, but when i tried it with the dip, I was able to enjoy it. My boyfriend ordered steak. The serving is good for the price of I think P240, unfortunately, they served it 'medium rare' when we ordered 'well done'. I still love their free breadsticks but you really have to wait for the staff to serve it, which is a loooot of waiting, even when i deliberately asked for it, they just asked me to wait..

Overall, we enjoyed our dinner and will be going back. :)

8 years ago


wrote a review for Wham! Burgers SM City Marikina

Wham! Review


I have rated a lot of burger joints and I already forgot to rate Wham. If you check this particular store in SM Marikina, sad to say but it is already closed. But for the sake of the review well here it goes, for me Wham is one of the best, if not the best burger in town. Starting with the buns, the texture is good along with the oatmeal bits. The added veggies adds more delight too on your dining. But what stands out the most is the patty, indeed the beef used will make you stuff! And the taste is so good you will comeback for more. The price is very reasonable too.

8 years ago


wrote a review for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Eastwood City Walk 2



This CBTL branch is spacious, lots of seating capacity and rarely crowded, unlike their own coffee shop rival up front. Stay here for hours, mingle or be productive!

8 years ago

B Williams

wrote a review for Stackers Burger Café Eastwood City Walk

1st Encounter


I was impressed with Stackers. We ordered a Jack burger and fries, pepper burger and fries, chicken crisp and fries, and a strawberry shake. I ate the Jack burger without dressing and fries. A very tasteful combination; it reminded me of Burger Kings Swiss burger except a much healthier version. The strawberry shake tasted good. This was delivery which did not take more than 25 minutes to deliver. The pepper burger and the crispy chicken burger was great as well. The price was a bit higher than Jollibee or McDonald's, but the quality was worth it. I highly recommend this particular Stackers.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Komrad Eastwood Mall

Expecting this restaurant to close soon!


The taste of their food was weird. The food we ordered taste like bread with candies. Me and my date were not able to finish our meal and we didn't even care to have the leftovers wrapped up.

The service and ambiance were good, too bad the food sucks.

I'm definitely not recommending this restaurant.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Teriyaki Boy Eastwood City Walk 1

nice food


good good... yummy!

8 years ago


wrote a review for Uncle Cheffy Eastwood Mall

great food, great service


I chose this resto as our special Lunch Munch for my parents' 29th anniversary last weekend.

I must say that we were all impressed with the great food (w/ jumbo servings!) & great customer service.

It's a good thing that I checked the reviews here first before I suggested the whole family to eat here. :)

8 years ago

P Anda

wrote a review for Basil Katipunan

Most Authentic Thai Resto in Manila


Thai Cuisine isn't only spicy as most people think. It should be aromatic - full of herbs and spices.

Basil did not disappoint to deliver authentic thai cuisine, and the price was reasonable too.

We tried the following

- Flat thin Noodles - not exactly pad thai but nonetheless flavorful. The noodles are the chewy type reminiscent of the korean chap chae glass noodles and had chockful of ingredients such as egg, veggies etc. unlike other pad thai offerings in town which sadly is more noodles than anything else.

- pork curry - mildly hot and creamy - this was delicious.

- pomelo salad - which was flavorful and had a different twist than the pomelo salads i am familiar with - with a drizzling of coconut milk and had shrimp paste. we wished that there were more shrimps on it.

- prawns wrapped in noodles. was also good but it was more ordinary tasting.

- mango with sticky rice. beautifully presented but that's about it really. the mangoes wasn't ripe and tasted like preserved mangoes. the sticky rice was dry and needed more coconut milk. it resembled a paste ball - more sticky and gluey in consistency than suman that it wasn't easy eating - so i wouldn't recommend this one

service was attentive with our waiter alert and knowledgeable about the food offerings. we were discussing what we wanted to order, and he was intently listening such that he "memorized" already what we finally wanted to order.

the servings are not huge but it was ample.

i would definitely come back again and try their other dishes. besides it's not everyday that you get as close as authentic thai cuisine in manila just skip the mango with sticky rice dessert.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Chic-Boy AD Center Square

Nothing special...


As the title implies, we really did not have something to enjoy about in this establishment. Service was super slow and it even gets worse on the food.

1. Pork Sisig - Yeah it was sizzling alright when it arrived but the heat disappeared instantly leaving it cold and it did not even taste good, serving was small too, the added egg even made it look and taste awful.

2. Palabok - Worst fastfood based palabok I ever tasted. The chicharon bits mixed to it even made the taste awful as if it was spoiled already.

3. Cebu Lechon - Either over cooked or under cooked. The serving was a mix of leftovers I guess. No good taste.

8 years ago


wrote a review for O'sonho Portuguese Fusion Restobar Eastwood Mall



I was a bit hesitant to go back to osonho after having a not so great experience before with our food taking so long. My friends insisted that it was so much better so i lost the vote 8-1. we went to their eastwood branch for dinner and was surprised. The service was great and the servers were very attentive and accommodating, considering they were quite full. The food, as i remembered was very good. We ordered the spicy chicken , coffee pork, paella, salad with duck amongst others but those were the ones that stood out for me. Their sangria was really good. It had fresh fruits, unlike others that serve sangria. Glad that i tried it again and that they improved. The only thing i didn't like was the bathroom was kinda dirty but when i told the waiter he apologized and cleaned it right away which was good. Will definitely be back!

8 years ago


wrote a review for La Creperie Eastwood Mall

A corner in Paris


My first visit was quite pleasant. Our server was very accommodating and even made helpful suggestions. The portions were more than sufficient, and the ambiance was wonderful. =) French music played in the background while everything was covered in a cozy orange light.

Only downside is that I get cold easily and had to put on my jacket. :p But our server was very nice and turned up the heat a bit. I'm definitely going back!

8 years ago

Angelina Padalecki

wrote a review for Kogi Bulgogi Eastwood Mall

very bad service from inefficient staff!


We had lunch here recently last March 25, 2012. We were seated at the al fresco area, when we were about to order we pressed the buzzer many times, waited 10 minutes until i decided to walk up to the manager inside the resto to ask for a waiter to take our order. Then our food came the waiter carelessly put the food on the table na parang padabog n nakasimangot. They were not smiling , they seemed so unhappy with their work , i don't know maybe they were'nt being paid well. My daughter is not really used to eating with chopsticks so i asked for a pair of spoon n fork from the waiter who served our fooe. 5 minutes after i aked the other waiter again. After another 5 minutes i just about have had enough already , stood up again , walked inside to ask another staff for spoon n fork.
This was the only time in my experience of dining out that i ever had to stand up a couple of times in a restaurant to request something from the wait staff. To think that it was 2:30 pm and the place was not that busy.
Very disappointed! The food was not that good either. We had bulgogi bap, bibimbap, korean fried. Chicken, and california maki.
The bulgogi did not taste like real korean bulgogi. It is a shame for this resto to claim they are serving authentic korean food. The korean fried chicken tastes bland.
Very bad service, the waiters are inefficient, inattentive. The food is bad! Not worth your precious time and money! Stay away from this resto!

8 years ago


wrote a review for Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes Katipunan

If you want to start you day right....


The view outside is definitely inviting although i wouldn't recommend it for a first date -- unless its a breakfast date.

The Lasagna is worth the price, two rolls with bread can be eaten by two people. Their Hickory dish will never fall off the season and their Mango shake -- ohh lala just like a Mango Ice Cream!

Chicken with Bacon bits wasnt too exciting for me but the Penne is worth the risk.

All in all, it is too pricey to eat here but everything is worth your every penny!


Try the tuna and chicken pies too for take out!

8 years ago


wrote a review for Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes Katipunan

Worth it!


My friends and I have been to Banapple a couple of times and it their food never fails to disappoint. This place offers great tasting food with generous servings, which really gives one value of one’s money. So overall, I really recommend this place!

Let me explain in detail. I’m a fan of their rice dishes, and would recommend their classics such as their Chicken Breast Parmesiano and their Hickory Ribs. I find these dishes consistently good, but come in large helpings, which never fail to satisfy me, but may be too much for some people.
I’m also a huge fan of their desserts such as their trademark Banoffee Pie and cheesecake. The Banoffee Pie, with its great mix of real bananas, cream and a great caramel crust. It is rather heavy, though.

While the food is almost perfect, I feel that the ambiance isn’t. The old branch had undergone renovation, significantly improving the ambiance, increasing the store’s capacity and giving more space to diners. However, the newer store could use some work. The lower floor is almost always full and cramped, which makes it difficult to get around, assuming that one gets a seat inside. But if not, one has to get a seat in the second floor, which is also a small space, and without air-conditioning.

But as a whole, I think Banapple is a must-try restaurant!

8 years ago


wrote a review for Gigi's Custaroons Bagumbayan

B-E-S-T Desserts I have every eaten.


Chanced upon The Custaroonery at the St Pio Chapel Parking lot. I was enticed by the cuteness of their shop - every detail was thought through. I bought a box of everything they sold: Custaroons, Le Petit Squares (not sure of the exact name), Cupcakes and Poppers. Everything and I mean, EVERYTHING tasted great! The custaroons and poppers were just heavenly, unique and delicious! The Petite squares, to die for - chewy and gooey just how I like them. Last but not the least, the cupcakes. O-M-G.. They were the best BEST cupcakes I have ever had. Believe me, I know my cupcakes and Miss Gaerlan's cupcakes are EXCELLENT. Just the exact sweetness; light but not too light and extremely moist. Best of all, her variants are unique (Dark Chocolate with BAcon, Chocolate Orange with Dark Chips, Green Tea, Lemon with Cranberry... just to name a few). Whoever you are, Miss Gigi Gaerlan... NEVER STOP BAKING!!! You really make the B-E-S-T desserts!

8 years ago


Filipino , International Casual Dining
P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 12:00AM - 12:00MN
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