Dolcelatte South Triangle

1616 Quezon Ave South Triangle, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 425-0313 loc 109 to 110
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Jhing Dela Cruz

Jhing Dela Cruz craved for Salmon Alfredo


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my dulce~!


this resto has really nice ambiance. nice place for having sweet talks...sweet treats..i love the cheesecake and the best mango candy cake ever!!! can really taste the mango..on the main course..i love the savory chicken so flavorful..but it closes so early for me closes 10pm..and is also close on sundays :(

7 years ago


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Nice Resto! Good Food! Friendly Staff!


Two weeks ago me and college friends went to Dolcelatte. It was a surprise! a good experience with dishes presented with style and imagination in accordance with Italian traditions. The service was excellent, really welcoming. The food was lovely and the staff is very accommodating especially the one who handled the banquet Sir Jay (he has a look, nice smile - he looks like Enchong Dee). The music and atmosphere were chilled and we enjoyed the whole experience. A big thumbs Up!

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Nice food


Its our first time to dine with dolcelatte. me and my american friend who just arrived from U.S. I thought it is a italian resto but i found out its not. It is very unique because the name of the resto is an italian term but they are combination of european and asian cuisine. The price is affordable and service is good and of course the food, wow superb! and it is big portion we tried the dolce latte santa fe salad its really delicious it matches their name as gourmet resto. And my friend tried the rib eye steak and according to him its really flavorful that he can smell the herbs and garlic essence from it. As we are eating we had a chance of meeting the Chef he is nice to talk with and I think he has really a good culinary experience base from the food we ate, its really delicious. I will recommend dolcelatte to all of my friends.

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yummilicious food!!


I dont know why we arrive at dolcelatte at quezon ave. me and my barkadas are planning to go to timog but we ended up at dolcelatte. we thought it is an expensive restaurant but when we browse the menu we got shock it is so affordable price. They have good variety of food selection. We tried their all meat pizza and fried chicken with mojos wow superb serving talaga! very big good for all of us barkadas and we love the mojos so flavorful that i almost forgot my name. The dining is so relaxing and ambiance is good. The service is good and what makes it more interesting is they have a create you own salad, tacos, pizza and pasta.... may free wi-fi pa. they allso have assortments of cakes that you can buy small sizeslike their toblerone cake very affordable. We will really comeback to this place. Its a nice hang-out place. kaya guys try na i'm sure you will love it too.

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Dolcelatte, A Sweet Treat


This is a new cafe restaurant on Quezon Ave. (right beside Hi-Top Supermarket).

The food is really delicious. Props to the chef! Superb, SUPERB pasta. Honestly. Way better than Italianni's IMHO. I've also tried the Cordon Bleu which was good but nothing to write home about. My sister had the Grilled Blue Marlin which was excellent. Their coffee is awesome especially the Dolce Latte which the place is named after. I am not a coffee lover but I just got hooked on their Dolce Latte. I'm craving it right now as I'm writing this. As with the desserts/breads/pastries, the Macadamia Apple Pie was terrible. I don't even think it was really Macadamia in there but that's not the worst thing about it. The apple filling was just not good. It was liked sweetened pickled apples. Blech. I assume the regular Apple Pie is not good as well. On the other hand, their cheesecake is scrumptious. Creamy but not too dense or heavy or too light (like Conti's disappointing cheesecake). Hands down though, the Carrot Muffin is the one I would keep going back for. It was just SO good. Ask them to warm it up and you'll be in heaven when you take that first bite. You HAVE to try it.

Service is mostly okay but we were unlucky enough to be served by a lousy waiter, you know the type - never smiles, not very welcoming or gracious. I asked him about the free wi-fi that they offer (there were signs everywhere in the cafe) and he looked absolutely baffled. He was like, "Ma'am ano po yun? Wi-fi?". He went away to ask someone about it and came back with a password which didn't work. I gave up on it. I really wasn't too irritated about it but the next time we came back, he was our waiter again and that time, I got really annoyed by what he did. He comes over to get our orders and I greet him with a smile like, "Oh, look, a familiar face! It's you again and it's us again!" I don't get even the hint of a smile or any greeting whatsoever from him. We glance down to our menus and he suddenly just leaves. As in, he just walks - nay, runs - away from the table as we were about to order. It was really weird and a little bit rude. Another waiter came over after a few minutes to get our orders. I don't know if it was just that one waiter who is a bumbling weirdo or if the whole service crew in general is in need of more training/experience. They're still on soft launch so I guess you can't really expect super smooth service. It's not too bad though just don't expect perfection in the service dept. Waiting time for food to be served is decent.

The ambiance is good, tranquil, organic, relaxing, upscale but not in that stuffy way, cozy, modern. Decor is obviously Zen-inspired, done in tones of chocolate brown and copper. There's a cool indoor waterfall fountain. I have some minor gripes with the couch-type seating though, they are a bit awkward. The ones in the front, near the entrance, with the wavy design are a bit too high, just a shave really but enough to make it a little uncomfortable (and I'm 5' 8" so I can only imagine how much more uncomfortable it is for people of more average height). The ones in the back (near the restrooms) looked really comfy and are the right height but for some reason, when you sit down, you feel like you're going to slide off. I'm baffled as to why that is. Maybe the bench underneath the foam has a slight slant? Also, parking is a little tight. There's a big, empty parking lot next door but it's Hi-Top property and we got hassled by the Hi-Top security guard when we parked there and he saw us heading towards Dolcelatte. We told him we were going to shop at Hi-Top after eating at Dolce (which we weren't really) and that got him off our backs. No biggie. Like my sister said, "What is he gonna do, shoot us?" Anyway, these are very minor gripes. The positive points far outweigh the negatives.

I find the price of the food to be reasonable. I think you get your money's worth in terms of portion size and the food's quality. They also have a 2nd floor but I haven't been able to check that out. I imagine it would be good for small company meetings or barkada reunions.

All in all, I think they're doing pretty good and if you're in the area, you should check it out. If you're after good food, you'll find Dolcelatte to be a sweet treat for sure.

8 years ago


P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa: 8:00AM - 10:00PM
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