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G/F Marvin Plaza Bldg, VA Rufino St Legazpi Village, Makati Metro Manila Philippines (02) 997-3030
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Jona Robles

Jona Robles craved for Domino's Deluxe

9 months ago

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Aimee Balanial had Pulled Pork BBQ

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joy mediodia had Domino's Deluxe

2 years ago

Travis Lilley

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3 years ago


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good thing there Angel's Pizza


No wonder there were seperatists. Domino's isn't all that, Oily and over priced. I would offer this pizza to someone i want to die of heart attack.

2 words - Cardiac Delight.

the other reviewer was right. don't walk away, RUN!

4 years ago


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Worth a try


I had the Extravaganza with jalapeño and it was surprisingly good and not greasy. The taste is pretty close to their pizza in L.A. but the crust is a little sweeter which I like. It's a bit pricey and the largest size they have is only 12". I'll probably just order the regular pepperoni next time so it's cheaper. It was still worth a try. Hope they do well.

5 years ago


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Rediscovering Domino's!


I had a craving for Domino's Bacon Cheeseburger pizza, so I finally took the plunge (with a friend). Thanks to munchpunch, I was able to get the new delivery phone number (667-3391 to 93) and placed an order. Previous reviews weren't too good, but I decided to give it a chance. I was surprised to find out that Domino's has a call center already! Probably one of the steps they are taking to improve operations. They told me their standard delivery times are from 45 mins to 1 hour. Our order arrived in about 40 minutes! To think, my friend and I even called again to add an order for cheese sauce. Also, the pizzas are buy one get one free with no softdrink order required. Highly recommended!

7 years ago


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an exercise in futility

happy with our respective past experiences with domino's - with the separate numbers for separate branches - we tried calling 922-2222 to get pizza delivered.

first, i asked if they could deliver us the buddy bundle. it took her a couple of minutes to verify whether they still have that. in addition, she didn't even put the phone on mute, so i kept hearing her bugging the others in the room about her query. after she confirmed its availability, she got my details which, IMHO, took forever. not only did she make me repeat everything, she made me spell everything, slowly, as if she wasn't really familiar with the location of the keys on her keyboard.

after more than five minutes of feeding her the necessary information, i finally gave her my order, only to be told that they do not have bbq chicken available. and with that, i said no thanks, never mind.

i used to feel bad that domino's has lagged behind other pizza deliveries cause i really loved their pizza. but with that experience, i don't think they can ever recover.

7 years ago


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fast delivery


we ordered 3 big family pizzas... superb and yummy!

7 years ago


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Oh My

Can you imagine how stupid I feel, I tried this again I am now waiting almost 2 hours for a pizza. 8 yes 8 phone calls to ask where we live, they said the pizza would be here in 5 minutes now and now i get a phone call saying they cannot deliver------IMAGINE Second attempt to deal with these people and they have no clue, no one speaks English. It is easier to fly somewhere and order a proper pizza. Shame on Dominos allowing these people to buy a franchise, they wont last long.

7 years ago


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Poor Service

Placed order for Pepperoni Feast at 715pm, told delivery within 45-60 minutes, amazingly when THEY called at 830 to follow up they claimed they never got the order, well how did they know my number to call? Pizza finally arrived at 1010pm, nothing like Dominos in North America, pepperoni has sweet taste, crust was crispy and not as thin as I would have liked, and the dipping sauces were not up to par. No website and poor customer service, demanded free and got that, maybe they will improve if they have to keep giving pizzas away for free.

8 years ago


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