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G/F Liana's Supermarket, Taft Ave San Roque, Pasay Metro Manila Philippines

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wrote a review for The Cheese Steak Shop Legaspi Village

Definitely Habit Forming


I had the chance to drop by this joint last Saturday, and all I can say is that it's definitely a place worh checking out.

Their cheese steak is by far the best I've tried (I've tried those of Elbert's and Charlie's) in the metro.

Using hoagies from Amoroso's definitely did the trick.

The garlic fries is also a must try.

I'm definitely looking forward to this new habit!

8 years ago


wrote a review for Dayrit's Magallanes

Good Food, as always


Food was great and affordable. Had the roast beef and was very filling. Service needs a little bit of improvement. Recommended....

8 years ago


wrote a review for Yamazaki Makati

Alternative to Tokyo Tokyo


I usually dine here if I need to buy Japanese ingredients. Yamazaki is actually part grocery store and part diner.

First be prepared for place. It's a little dingy for a restaurant. If you think japanese restaurants are immaculate, bright, sparkling clean with ikebana decors, this is not the place for you; Think police interrogation rooms. Also, if you're used to peace and quite while eating, be prepared to be met with screaming waitresses that are trained by the best barkers in the wet market. Honestly, does every order have to be announced at the top of their lungs and must all of them scream Irasshaimase! whenever they hear the door chimes that are triggered by the entrance of another customer?

The menu. There is a separate menu for take-out ONLY and a separate menu for dine-in customers. Frankly, I prefer the take out ONLY menu, it's cheaper and there is a picture of what it looks like. The dine in menu is just romanized japanese gibberish to me. So i just order the usual - ramen, omurice or curry.

So far I have tried their special ramen and their katsu curry. The ramen soup is too salty for me but the noodles are cooked perfectly - al dente for an egg noodle. The piece de resistance is the meat toppings. It's slightly braised in mirin (japanese cooking wine) so it gives that sweet flavorful taste that can be only done with cooking wine. Also, be prepared for how big the ramen bowl is. You can probably empty a whole liter there. Price 218 pesos.

The katsu curry is nothing to speak of. I prefer the curry in Sango. What I look for in a curry is the lack of curry powder taste, or a muted version of it. The japanese sell roux for making curry. I'm not sure if they used that in this version, but frankly, the Sango curry wins hands down. This curry version uses too much sauce and if you suck in using a chopsticks, be prepared to toil when eating your rice. They serve the curry along side the rice and the sauce can flood over your rice. Although the taste has a muted curry powder flavor, it's nothing to speak of. Price 218.

The gyoza. Frankly, as a sino-gourmand. I never liked any of the japanese dimsum. I admit, that their gyoza is much better than those frozen ones (like from Ajinomoto), but what gives it that special flavor is the soy sauce that ever present in each dining table. The gyoza, is delectable and well balanced. Inside it is a combination of cabbage and meat, which together brings a light flavor; Nothing heavy or over powering. A perfect appetizer if I must say. However, the down side is that it tends to break apart quite quickly, especially if you begin dipping it in the sauce.

Next time I eat here, I'll try the omurice or perhaps one of their set meals. I really need to learn the names of those japanese dishes.

Value. Well, I abhor eating in Tokyo Tokyo because it's over commercialization has made the taste a little less flavorful. For the same price, I'd rather eat at Yamazaki - you get tastier dishes and what I would imagine what the Japanese would call Lutong Bahay. Yes - there's a lot of japanese eating there. So come early, it's less noisy and with fewer hustle and bustle.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Shakey's Magallanes

It's alright.


We had the usual Manager's Choice thin crust pizzas, mojos and chicken, pitchers of cold beer-- adequate service will suffice. Being simply Shakey's, it's good enough.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Shakey's Baclaran

Extravagant service charge


Beware of the Shakeys Extravagant Service Charge

8 years ago

giselle solco

wrote a review for Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe SM Mall of Asia



Stay away. terrible food. i ordered the minced pork noodle soup and the noodles were instant noodles when all along i thought they were supposed to be hong kong egg noodles. and expensive too at 205 pesos for instant noodles when in HK a similar dish would have only cost 20hk or so!!! the cost of that dish is probably like P30!!!
their roti is also instant roti as I buy that round-shaped completely flat roti like that from wellcome in hong kong and at 185 with curry sauce its really not worth it! fresh roti is fluffy not flat and practically perfectly round like the one they serce. ive lived in hong kong for 4 years so i know hong kong food and this kind of food is what you would only expect from the worst HK cafes!!!! as in the ones that the cheapest people go to to eat simply because they cant afford anything else.
and of course that same food would cost a lot less in HK where resto food prices are usually much higher than here!!!
obviously marcovv who gave this resto 5 stars either owns the place or works for the place.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Bonchon Chicken SM Mall of Asia



Another reason to enjoy your fried chicken!

I love it! No need to compare with KFC. Its way too better! :)

8 years ago

origshopaholicpooh Ragudo

wrote a review for Rai Rai Ken Bluewave


Blue Wave branch is the worst Rai Rai Ken branch I've been to!

We asked for an extra bowl and the answer was to please wait since they're still washing it (?!?). They were not that full yet at that time & no more bowls?? People started to come in after the fireworks competition at MOA & we were already there before it even started.

We asked for water and it comes only after asking 3 of their staff.

Ebi tempura was a disappointment...Kimono Ken's was a lot better. We were so sorry that we tried Rai Rai Ken at Blue Wave instead of sticking it out with our favorite Jap Resto, Kimono Ken. We went there only because some wanted to try their ramen.

We also needed to ask twice for tempura sauce before it was served (shouldnt it be automatic when you serve tempura??)
The Yakimeshi Platter (rice) was too salty. We've tried this in another branch & it was a lot better.

What's worst is when we got our bill of P3,600+, the total senior citizen discount of my mom & tita, was only P26+?? we were a party of 8 adults & 1
5yr old kid. So I dont really know how it would amount to only P26 pesos! we always eat out with the 2 & this was the first time that we encountered such a small discount for SC. If I divide P3675, our total bill to 9 pax & less 20% SC discount, that wud already be about P80+ for 1 SC. But they were 2! It was no use arguing with the cashier as she said their POS automatically computes the discount. So I left my contact number hoping the Supervisor would call the next day, as promised by the cashier, but no call as of this writing. There's a law re SC Discount, if you don't follow the implementing rules, you're gonna be in trouble! & I mean soon...

8 years ago

Angel Verdejo

wrote a review for Bonchon Chicken SM Mall of Asia

Gal Eats World of Bonchon SM MOA Branch


Before i ate at this place, I tend to just pass by this newly constructed restaurant. First thing I noticed was the amount of costumers. Man, it was a crowd. So, I got curious and finally tried Bonchon MOA.

*The Visit:

1.) Ambiance: Red, White and Black. Modern Interiors. Sleek. Not extravagant for me, it was okay, it reminded me of KFC due to its colors. Then I noticed that it was a Korean joint with best chicken as per Esquire Magazine. "Curiosity building up" to say, plus 1 point.

2.) Traffic Flow for Costumers: This is important for me, because I'm a bit sensitive in my own "bubble space". When you enter the joint, nobody greeted us welcome. Minus 1 point, where's the friendliness of the staff? Queuing was a struggle especially in rush hours. Minus 5, it was a bummer, have their designers even thought of this? just 2 counters with just a line that will make your butt touch at some of the costumers eating at their table, terrible planning! Eating, indoors it was fine,just don't sit where the queuing tends to line along your terrible,swear! Outdoors, are you in for the strong winds while eating?

3.) Service: A bad one especially in rush hours. Coordination is needed with the staff i'd say.

4.) Food: Crispy Hot Chicken was worth the wait. I was just not used to not having gravy with fried or baked, not with catsup (koreans must not had gravy). I preferred the spicy flavor one rather than the garlic. Love the crispy chicken with the korean kimchi coleslaw. We have some at take-out, when we reached our house it turned saggy..Terrible for take-out and not hot.. Btw, the chicken parts proportion was small...

5.) Value for Money: It wasn't really worth the money i'd say. It was a bit pricey for me. If you'd make me choose from KFC Hot Chicken and Bonchon Chicken, i'd choose KFC. Just sayin.

Overall Rate: 2 out of 5 Stars

8 years ago


wrote a review for Choice Buffet Restaurant Hobbies of Asia

Best Value


Cheaper than YakiMix. Almost better in some ways. Best value for your money. :)

8 years ago


wrote a review for Ukiyo Restaurant Alphaland Southgate Mall

You can bring your Japanese friends!


It may be a bit on the expensive side but it is worth it!
For those who knew the old Toki, Ukiyo is even more authentic.
There are a few delicious chef's specials and the management is efficient.
I have only one critic: they let guests smoke in the private rooms and non-smokers are able to smell the smoke - not too much though...

8 years ago

P Anda

wrote a review for Midas Café Midas Hotel and Casino

It's not Midas' Gold


long overdue review. visited on dec 31st using group buying site voucher

We expected the food to be more "special" as it was new year's eve. sadly and disappointingly, it was just an ordinary buffet food fare - nothing extra nothing fancy

The food was tasty and palatable and was refilled although limited. example the japanese section had a few sushi selections and sashimi but did not have tempura.

there was a grill section and there were adequate chafing dishes of food. the food on the chafing dishes lacked presentation and looked like it was dumped unceremoniously on the chafing dish. also there was no organization of dishes and it was a row of mishmashed items i.e filipino, chinese and what have you dishes all side by side rather than assigning dishes of one region in a specific area.

don't expect dimsum either. as i said, it was limited.

although midas refilled the dishes, towards the end of the evening, they never bothered to replace food items and just let things run out specially the dessert.


if you are a group buying voucher holder, the staff will treat you differently

1. unlimited drinks - they offer soda from the fountain rather than the canned variety offered to regular paying customers. soda lost its fizz type of soda.

2. they segregate voucher holders (strategically placed around the edges of the room or at the corners of the room rather than the middle) and staff announce that this group and that group were voucher holders. it felt like we were criminals with a big voucher holder written on our foreheads walking about

3. junior staff were assigned to voucher holders and service was slow and less attentive

the regular price for the buffet is 1998 php, and voucher holders paid php998

the reason for buying vouchers is to test the waters before committing to the full deal.

the buffet food and service wasn't worth Php 1998, and i think with the treatment received for the voucher holder of PHP 998 was also a bit high price.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Yamazaki Makati

trust me, i'm fat.


i was referred by a friend to try out this hole-in-the-wall restaurant somewhere near makati cinema square and Yamazaki was the place.

i had the Yasai Itame (veggie stir-fry) and gyoza (fried dumpling) with some miso soup. the appearance of the food isn't spectacular, but the taste is, if not better, the same as some of the other japanese places i've been to (momotaro, ryuma, sakura, sakae)

the gyoza was nice and moist, not oily, with a slightly crispy bottom side and stuffed nicely.

the yasai itame had a distinct smoky smell reminiscent of a japanese friend of mine's cooking.

working like clockwork, the attendants don't skip a beat, but also do not have the time to smile at you all that much. still, better than most others.

Being a japanese culture freak, i'm quite particular with the tones and themes inside such places. yamazaki is basically divided into 2 areas, a japanese grocery and the restaurant. it sort of made me feel like i was in a bustling japanese center, with people moving here and there, conversations just around the divider.

i spent around 200 pesos, give or take ten. i'd say that's pretty nice for the goods.


i'm going back for more.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Dayrit's Magallanes

Real good food!


Fast hearty and sinful beef dishes that warms the heart as well as the belly.

Always full, this longtime place is worth every peso.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe SM Mall of Asia

fresh air!


It is great to see a chinese restaurant that doesn't dish out the same chinoy dishes such as david's t house or chow king! this restaurant stays authentic and i think the previous reviewer cannot appreciate this! dim sum is steamed fresh to order, so it is not sitting around for hours like the push carts! they have regional variations of many classic chinese dishes like congee! They have the style i see in singapore which is much lighter to eat! nice, casual dining, very nice ambience and good quality food all for a great price! i don't live near pasay, but next time i'm in MOA will definitely be back!

8 years ago


Pastry Shop
P1 - 150
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 10:00AM - 9:00PM
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