Eat Well! Delicious Kitchen

Eat Well! Delicious Kitchen Taguig

G/F Unit C Net Quad Bldg, 30th St Fort Bonifacio, Taguig Metro Manila Philippines (02) 856-9408
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Fish Pundavela

Fish Pundavela craved for Masachi with White Chocolate

2 years ago


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Good food!


Good food and service. - galleria branch

4 years ago


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was here last sat with friends, just played some games and tried to eat here!food is plain chinese food.nothing seems to impress me!but worst is service.we asked about 4 times for cutlery.then one of the waiter shouted back at and said "oo ito na kumukuha na!" won't eat here food, bad service!!!

5 years ago


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YUMMY Eat Well


Their shrimp puff's a superb surprise!!!
yum yum yum!!!

their dessert selection was also great!!!
white fungus soup and hot almond soup are the best!!

I love their food but their service was unsatisfactory.

5 years ago


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loves it!


Ate there 3 times this week! I love it!

5 years ago


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usual Chinese fare


nothing great

just the usual affordable Chinese fast food.....

5 years ago

Gelo Pots

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All's Well in Eat Well


For a long time, I've been wanting to eat at Eat Well! Delicious Kitchen in The Fort. Finally got the chance to eat there last night and true enough, it did not disappoint! =D

First of, I expected the usual chinese cuisine. Lechon Macau (or some other version, theirs was Roasted Crispy Pork, I think), dimsum, fried squid, hot-pots, etc which you can find in almost any Chinese restaurant in the metro. But I wanted to try something different, so we ordered the Steamed Egg White with Seafood to go with the Hakao and Roasted Crispy Pork.

True enough, Delicious Kitchen did not disappoint. The Hakao was just sumptuous and they're very generous with the shrimp. The Roasted Crispy Pork, although it doesn't look very appetizing with no clear efforts at presentation, is very tasty and goes best with Hoisin sauce. The Steamed Egg White with Seafood, as our main course, was a nice change from the normal orders and very yummy also. It's like different kinds of seafood (shrimp, squid, fish, and fish eggs) and mushroom on a bed of steamed egg whites. A must-try!!!

I'd definitely go back to Delicious Kitchen to try out their other sumptuous dishes.

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Second Chances


I've eaten at Eat Well twice already, which is a low count considering it's in the same building where I work.

My first visit was during their first soft opening day. There were only a few people seated when we went in and the servers were very accommodating. They apologized in advanced and said they were just on soft opening. They suggested some dishes we could order that can be served faster, which were the rice toppings. We ordered a crispy pork rice, hakao, sweet & sour pork, and their yang chow fried rice. The crispy pork rice was served after a while and the hakao within a reasonable amount of time. But the sweet & sour pork and yang chow fried rice took forever to get to our table. They also got our drinks wrong. One waiter said that they were out of mango juice so we ordered something else instead. But a while later mango juice was served. It was very confusing and very annoying. One of the owners kept apologizing and talking to us about how their kitchen works to explain why it was taking so long.

My annoyance at the whole situation subsided when the food arrived and I finally got to eat. Their hakao is the best I've had so far. The dumplings aren't big but they're filled with real shrimps and not extenders or fillers. The wrapping was not too thin nor too thick either. The pork in the sweet & sour was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, just the way I like it. The sauce was a good balance of sweet and sour. Their yang chow fried rice is very good too. The rice wasn't dry nor too mushy. Overall the food was excellent.

On my second visit my friend and I ordered the steamed pork and shrimp dumpling (siomai), sliced beef with broccoli in oyster sauce, and a cup of jasmine rice each. For dessert we had the masachi with chocolate. Everything was just delicious! The siomai was bigger than the usual siomai you'd get. You can see that it had real shrimp and it didn't taste like cheap siomai you'd get in some "Chinese" restaurants. The beef with broccoli was big enough to serve 2-3 people, in our opinion, and had a good amount of beef and broccoli. It was kind of oily, though, but not that off-putting. The best ending to a meal is a wonderful dessert, which the masachi with chocolate is perfect for. It took quite a while for it to be served but when we each put one whole masachi in our mouths we realized why. It was very hot inside! The masachi balls are stuffed with melted white chocolate and smothered in crushed nuts. It is served fresh from the oven so you should be careful in eating it. We burned our tongues by eating them whole. Haha.

The service was also so much better during my second visit. They served us free hot tea, got our orders right, they came back immediately when we ordered something that wasn't available anymore. Very stellar service, if I may say so.

Their place is a bit small, though. They tried to fit as many tables into the first floor as comfortably as they could. There's also a second floor, which I've never been to. But all in all the place is comfortable, but can get a bit noisy during peak hours.

6 years ago


Chinese Casual Dining
P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 10:00PM
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