Frequently Asked Questions

For Restaurant Owners

How can I update my profile or menu?

You can fill out this form or email us at anytime for updates.

Can I advertise?

Yes, you can through banners and the specials menu. Please fill out this form and we will help you get started.

Why do other restaurant pages look better and have photos?

It is one of many benefits of posting menu specials. These restaurants are promoted throughout the site from the homepage, search results, and on nearby menus.

For Diners, Users, Munchers...

How can I submit reviews?

Munchpunch does not have the usual review feature, but you can leave your rating and comments by tagging restaurants you have been to. This is the check mark icon that you see on search result pages and on the restuarant's page.

What is the "GET CODE" button?

It is for members to get a freebie or perk from a restaurant. When you "get a code", it sends you a text message that you can show to the staff upon ordering at the restaurant or food establishment.

Can I order online?

While we have menus of restaurants, we do not accept orders for them yet.

How can I help keep Munchpunch up to date?

We would love to get your help and keep everything up to date. Email us anytime at if you see a restaurant that has closed for good, has a wrong no., or outdated menu.

We update the site everyday but we could use your help. :)