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wrote a review for Serenitea San Juan

Poor service and customer care


Went in to the San Juan branch as a regular customer for over three years. Ordered my regular drink 'large hokkaido, 25% sugar level, with pearls and pana cotta' Got the drink to go as usual. Half way through my drink I was finally able to sip the pana cotta. However, I noticed that it had an unusual and different taste. So I made the effort to go back to ask the staff to see if it was spoiled. They tried a new batch of their own and neglected to try the pana cotta in my drink. They claimed that it was okay, failing to try the sample that was in my order. I don't see how that was the right way to treat heir customers. In the end they just ignored my complaint, which led me to leave my half finished spoiled drink to the cashier. As a regular loyal customer to Serenitea, I am very disappointed with their service and the way they handle such complaints.

7 years ago