Finio Tomas Morato

Tomas Morato Sacred Heart, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 415-1278
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first impression


We were supposed to have late lunch here this afternoon. Its been more than a year since we last ate in this resto in T.Morato. We didn't know where to eat when we left our work, but when we saw FINIO, we immediately parked in front of its resto. Lucky? I don't know. But the people in the next establishment have suspicious smile on their faces when we walked into this resto. I wonder why.

We were 6 in the group.

The place is desserted. There were two (2) waiters in uniform and one in plain white undershirt at the counter.

We ordered appetizer as soon as we're seated. Asked the waiter which among their quesadilla is the best seller. He didn't mention any. Looks like he hasn't tried it too. And he was busy serving water instead of getting our order.

We were the only customer and after that waiter left (went to the kitchen, I supposed), we were left with no one to talk to regarding their menu. There was no one getting our our order. So we called the attention of the other waiter and said: "Waiter, first time namin kakain dito at hindi namin alam kung ano ang masarap dito. Wala kami makausap na waiter. Walang lumalapit sa inyo. Kailangan pa kayo tawagin. Baka kapag kumakain na kami, mahirapan kami tawagin ang atensiyon ninyo."

Then we all stood up and left the lousy resto.

5 years ago


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filipino food with a twist


this restaurant never fails to surprise me with every dish i order. it's all good, and pretty big servings too. first time i went here with a friend, we ordered the sinigang na baboy, sorpresa de balot, and tilapia strips. the sinigang was good for 3-4 people (it is important to note that they don't use MSG on any of the dishes) and tasted great, you know that the pork was boiled for hours until soft & the soup tasted just right. the sorpresa de balot was just ok for me, maybe because I prefer the simple street vendor balot. the tilapia strips were a creative twist, no bones, no hassle. next time we visited we ordered the longanisa quesadilla and lengua dish (i forgot the exact name), the quesadilla was flavorful and again good for 2. the lengua meat was soft and sliced thin, and matched the sauce. 3rd time we had the spareribs, pinakbet & bagnet. you have GOT to try the spareribs, soft, fall-of-the-bone meat that absorbed the flavor all the way in. the pinakbet was good but a bit too oily for some, and don't bother ordering the bagnet if you're having this because it's topped with bagnet already, and the bagnet doesn't really stand well on it's own. and then we ordered the boneless crispy pata...aahhh, yes, i wonder how they make this awesome dish. crispy pata served in thin slices, with crispy skin and soft meat (looked like sliced morcon when it was served). my friend said she preferred the regular crispy pata with bones since that was more flavorful, i think so too, i'd choose that in a regular inuman session, but i think this is tops for a group dinner. the price is comparable to Max's Restaurant, so it's pretty good for big groups. definitely worth more than one visit.

6 years ago


Filipino Casual Dining
P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 10:00PM
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