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wrote a review for Mr. Jones Greenbelt 5

Mr. Tom Jones is that you?

I believe the first name of Mr. Jones is Tom. After trying out this restaurant, you'd definitely say "Tom Jones na ako kaka antay ng order". Don't believe the servers when they say that the orders will take 25 to 30 minutes. It takes 40 to 50 minutes serving time during an off-peak hour where there were only around 12pax in the resto at that time.

Basically, the kitchen is too small to handle the amount of menu items being sold plus the fact that it seemed like the cooks had no sense of urgency taking their sweet time.

I can't imagine how it would be like when the restaurant is full during peak service time.

Service was terrible. I had to ask for water several times before they gave us. Billing out took forever. The server had to use 3 machines to swipe my credit card.

The burger was not worth the wait. It was dry even if cooked at medium. The mac and cheese was pretty decent. The price is definitely not worth it. The milk shake which is P215 made of Arce Ice Cream, Elle & Vire Whipping Cream and 2 cherries is overpriced! And how about that P90 bottle of 8ounce coke zero.

Just like Sir Tom Jone's canceled concert here in Manila supposedly because he got sick, let us wait for this restaurant to improve before giving them another chance.

9 years ago


wrote a review for Aria Cucina Italiana Boracay

Just Skip It!


This restaurant is over rated!
I do not understand the rave reviews. The pasta boscaiola was so so. How can you go wrong with the quattro formaggi pizza? And definitely don't order the Scaloppine di Manzo.
It is not worth the price.

10 years ago


wrote a review for Lolo Dad's Café Malate

Dissapointed the 2nd time around

Just had dinner there to celebrate a special occasion. We decided not to try the new French restaurants at Pasay Road because we wanted to play it safe tonight. And since we tried Lolo Dad's before, we expected great food.
It's not the same when Chef Ariel is not in the kitchen. Nowadays, you see a lot of young chef's, probably OJTs in their kitchen goofing around.
We ordered the rack of lamb and the duck breast. The roquefort cheese risotto that accompanied the lamb was so strong that it practically killed your taste buds that you could not taste any of the flavors in that dish anymore. We requested it to be cooked medium and we got it medium rare. The lamb served was also not the prime quality. The duck breast was so tough that I could not eat most of it. The siding were all bad.
The sampler of chocolates was so-so.
And the service, I could not comprehend it as well. There were old waiter's and young waiters in black. Every time you call the old waiter, they would always refer you to the younger ones.
We just had such a high expectation from this restaurant so it was very disappointing the 2nd time around. Not worth it anymore.

11 years ago


wrote a review for Mickey's Delicatessen Jupiter St.

Almost but not quite...


Finally tried it for lunch today. We ordered caesar salad and their "world famous" nurnberger pork sausages and was very pleased with both.
Lunch was almost perfect until we tried the Grandmother's Famous Apfelstrudel. It tasted really old! No wonder the name.
The server became arrogant when I informed him that our dessert tasted old. When I asked for a glass of water, it took 2 servers and 10 minutes long considering that we're the only customers left at that time.
I would go back to Mickey's again for the good food. I'm just not quite sure how long I can withstand the service culture they have there.

11 years ago


wrote a review for Shakey's Magallanes

Hoy Gising!


This seem to be a prevailing trademark of most Shakey's outlet we visited.
How can an oatmeal raisin bar a la mode take 3 follow-ups and 30 minutes to prepare? And when it did arrive, our table was full of soiled dishes and the waiter did not even bother to buss it out. We also had to ask for teaspoons and brought back one when we're clearly 3 people sharing the dessert. Haaay we had to ask for 2 more again.
I saw 2 managers wearing yellow that time we were there. They're probably just fixtures not concerend about traing their staff.
We like Shakey's but I probably will go to other branches where service is much bearable.

12 years ago