Gilak by Hossein

Gilak by Hossein Greenbelt 3

2/F Greenbelt 3, Esperanza St. Ayala Center, Makati Metro Manila Philippines (02) 729-0266
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Ron Del Valle

Ron Del Valle craved for Lamb Yakni Soup

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abbygabyfoodie had beef kebab, Hossein's Appetizer, Saffron Rice, Supreme Kebab II, Plain Biryani, Shrimp Tandori Kebab, Lamb Kebab, and Chicken Kebab


Stepping into Hossein’s is like walking into an enchanting chapter from the One Thousand and One Nights. With the heavy draperies hanging from elaborately carved wooden arches and colorful Moroccan chandeliers glowing from the ceilings, I almost expected a magical carpet to bring us in. What I got was even better – a night of exquisite Persian, Arabic and Indian cuisine under the commanding spell of Chef Hossein Sohrabi...
Read more about my Gilak experience here:

must try: Chef's Appetizer (yummy motabal and dolmeh),
beef kebab (huge servings!), Supreme Kebab II

3 years ago

Katrina Davidson

Katrina Davidson craved for Chelou Lamb Shish and Mix Kebab I

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Avoid if you can...


Not worth it, servings are too small for the price. Just go to Hassan's in Katipunan or Mr. Kebab if you want an affordable Persian delight...

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Pricey and NOT WORTH IT.

Spending at least 1,500 per person and leaving the resto still hungry is very disappointing. The servings are small to minuscule and irritating because you have to get everything "extra" to "complete" a meal!

Ambiance was great though. Very good if you want a very private and quiet atmosphere because NO ONE ELSE was there.

For just a little bit more, I would rather eat at Circles at the Shangri-la and feast on the Mediterranian station PLUS you get so much more!

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Simply The Best


I got nothing much to say, ate here a couple of weeks ago, but to tell you the truth, if i were to be executed today, and they'd ask me what food i'll eat for my last supper, I'd be dead sure kebabs will come to mind, and this restaurant would be my first pick. Would just make my soon to be passing a little bit better. Simply the Best. Recommends this to all food lovers out there.

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Best Persian Restaurant


I've been to a lot of Persian restaurants in a lot of different countries, but i got to say, this place happens to be the best Persian Restaurant period. Romantic Ambiance, Superb Food, First Class Service, and the owner, i love him, friendliest Restaurant Owner I've meet. If i go for vacation again in the Philippines, i'll definitely come back. Love it there.

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Bad Experience on my Wedding Anniversary


Well these opinions in this page are fake. this is what really happen there. We went to Trinoma branch. Staff has no idea about the food, they claimed it halal and fully certified and when we asked them to present with the certificate, they gave us the copy of the receipt from the imported of the meat who they buy from which was one year old. I asked them are they selling one year old meat then they quickly present with the new current receipt of some company which was not the RESTAURANT or MR Hossain name, it was a receipt of import of the beef from Australia with the certification from some "islamic Co-Ordination company in Melbourne which has no address or Australian Business Number. I just happen to be a resident of Melbourne, then they serve us the food Persian Biryani costing us 340 pesos per plate and they didn't put nuts in it claiming that nuts are too expensive. When I called manager she refuse to put the nuts in biryani which is a main recipe of the dish. then they presented us with the bill for 905 pesos which I refused to pay and told them that I wil have them investigated for all this and then suddenly the bill was dropped to 680 pesos which was the original price.
This is a dodgy restaurant and most of the dishes there are with wrong recipe and their Halal certification is fake. I don't think I want to go their again, you shouldn't go their either after all we pay the money they publish in the menu and they don't give you what you order any way. bad bad bad experience on my wedding anniversary.

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Who's got my sauce?


Back home in Boston, there is this sweet lunch spot called the Kebab House. I try and dose myself with their kabobs once every week or so. For US $10, you get a nice portion of a meat of your choice, rice pilaf, some cucumber tomato salad, pita, and of course, a yogurt dipping sauce.

In my Saturday night search for dinner, I spotted this Hossein's spot. The guy out front told me the specialty was Kebab. Excellent, I have not had a good kebab for a while.

I started with some Persian Soup, which was very tasty (although the serving size was small). I initially ordered Dal soup, but 5 minutes later, the server told me they did not have that soup tonight. But I digress..

I also ordered the lamb shish-kabob. This is where my complaints come in. For around 500 PHP, I was served about 8 or 9 (small) pieces of lamb, with a few rings of purple onion and three slices of cucumber. No dipping sauce, no salad on the side, and I even had to pay for the pita (they called it Naan, but it was not authentic Naan). It was just a very boring dish. Tzatziki would have cost 280 PHP extra. Pffffff.

The lamb was good, but in my experience with this cuisine, it's always nice to have some key accompaniments, and they should come with your meal.

All in all, for about 1000 PHP, I was still hungry upon leaving.

Back in Boston, I can't even finish my kebab lunch :)

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Try this


better yet go to MR kebab at west avenue,, its the closest its got to persian cuisine... u wont regret it ^^

7 years ago


Greek , Indian , Mediterranean , Persian Casual Dining
P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 11:00PM
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