Gourmet's Palate

Gourmet's Palate B.F. Homes

Aguirre Ave., Phase 1 and 3 B.F. Homes, Parañaque Metro Manila Philippines (02) 809-4273
Gourmet's Palate 3.16666666666667 5 6 1
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Yummy! The best!

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bad service,good burgers


Gourmet's Palate burgers are the best-priced, best tasting burgers in the south, as far as im concerned. The bread is good (when fresh..i chanced on a stale bun at one point)-- warm, kinda crusty. The patty is charbroiled, it takes a bit to prepare but tastes good. I love their Samurai burger--their basic charbroiled burger laced with a delicious wasabi-mayo dressing.
For the price and quality, I'd choose Gourmet over Drift or Crave.
Their fries were tasty too. deep fried, crunchy. And cheap (small serving).

Gourmet's Palate is good to eat at when you're hungry and on a budget.

That said, I dislike their service. Was eating there one time, tried to follow up my food. The waitress was rude and unhelpful. And the last time I ate, their service water/glasses smelled/tasted of dishwashing detergent.Yuck.

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I just want to let you guys know about the awful delivery service that Gourmet currently has. First of all I called 8094273 on June 11, 2010 at 11:05AM and spoke to an untrained personnel named Mary Anne at Phase 1 BF branch who obviously doesn't know what she was doing as she has to consult somebody else for everything that I ask. Second she said that delivery will not be made in less that an hour due to deliveries to be made in Alabang. I agreed for my orders to be delivered in an hour but when she found out that the delivery is to be made in Valley 1 Sucat Paranaque, she told me that they do not deliver to the said area upon verifying from someone else that she was consulting from within the restaurant, whereas it states on http://ph.88db.com/Food-and-Beverage/Fast-Food-Delivery/ad-850834/en/ ( : GOURMETS CHARBOILED BURGERS | Food Delivery in Paranaque City | Fast Food | Food Order | Fast Food Restaurant) I am a loyal customer of Gourmets as a walk in customer but never again will I patronize your restaurant and rest assured that people will know about your awful service.

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where it's always good to eat


don't let the name fool you. it's no shangri-la but whenever we drop by BF, we almost always eat at gourmet along aguirre st. the food is really good and its uber mura. the takaw meals are my favorite. partner that with siomai or gyoza ok na ako.

then you can cross at the other side of the street for some ice cream. or you can shop for shoes at step rite. o di ba, wagi.

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Best Burgers Ever!


Gourmet's Palate serves the best burgers I have ever tasted (no exaggeration.)

The buns are amazingly light, but compliment the burger well. And even if the burger has gone cold, it won't turn greasy.

Rice meals and side dishes aren't bad, either. My personal favorites are the Mushroom Melt and Garlic Scream burgers, as well as the soft beef taco.

Starting at 70+ per burger, you'd get bang for your buck. So if you're on a tight budget, forget the fast food burgers, they aren't even remotely as good as what Gourmet's Palate serves any way.

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Yummy & affordable!


I love Gourmet Palate Charbroiled Burgers! :D My favorites include the roast beef w/ cheese sandwich & mushroom melt. Try their tacos and mongolian takaw bowl too! Prices are reasonable, so its really worth your money! :)

8 years ago


Steaks , Tex-Mex Fast Food
P1 - 150
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 10:00AM - 4:00AM
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