Gulliver's of San Francisco

Gulliver's of San Francisco Makati Ave.

10/F Great Eastern Hotel, 7842 Makati Ave. Poblacion, Makati Metro Manila Philippines (02) 896-7475
Gulliver's of San Francisco 3.5 5 6 0

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A place for cozy, dim, candle-lit dinners


Though a bit dark for my taste, it is another quiet place to have dinner. What's noteworthy is it's affordability---it's not as expensive to dine here as with other places, and yet you get the service and quality you seek for in a restaurant. Also, it's one of the few places that serves lobster (tail). Although its furnishings may be a bit aged (table cloths, etc. has seen better days), I'd definitely comeback here time and again for a steak or lobster dinner.

7 years ago

May Gana

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Great Place for Great Food


What struck me about Gulliver's is really it's ambiance. The restaurant is decorated like a tavern and the waiters in the resto are all dressed up as well so it really feels like you're back in the medieval period. The mood is best at night when they light up the place with candles. Let's not forget the live piano which adds to the resto's already relaxing environment. The value food isn't too bad considering the portion and the quality. When we go here, we spend around 800 - 1000 pesos each so I suggest you bring a lot of money when eating here.

8 years ago


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Good & affordable!


I must say the prime rib was great! All the sidings were excellent -- Yorkshire pudding top rate too. The place was a bit dank but the food was well worth it, liquor prices were fine too!

8 years ago


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not bad for prime rib worth P780


a couple of my friends went to gulliver's at great eastern hotel last nov 12 with the BF and myself. last time i went there was about 8 years ago and i wasn't disappointed in their prime ribs at all. it's not the best steak in the world but it definitely gave me my money's worth back then. i wonder if it still tastes the same.

prior to going there, i checked some reviews online and found some good and some not so good ones (i'm a little doubtful of one particular not so good review as the person admitted to not being a steak-eater/lover). and so i was pretty excited to find out how their food is now after 8 years.

i'm afraid we failed to take pictures as (1) the place was a bit dark and without flash lighting and a really good cam, it probably will be a waste and (2) well we got too excited to try out the food that we just completely forgot. will try to restrain self better next time.

anyway, here are what we ordered:

prime rib - this already came with spinach souffle, creamed corn, baked potato and bread. according to the menu, we should have gotten yorkshire pudding instead of bread but we never got to ask why we got bread instead. the bread was good anyway, it was actually more like a puff pastry/croissant so didn't really complain. i do remember the pudding to be really good too though. i got the gulliver's cut (P780) medium rare of course and my friend got the end cuts (P780) which can only be done one way which is medium to well done. the gulliver's cut was okay, it was cooked and seasoned well but there were parts that was a bit chewy. i think it's more the quality of the meat than the way it was cooked. for the most part, its not too bad at all. the end cuts though was a bit chewy - probably coz it was mostly well done. not bad for prime rib worth P780.

gulliver's tidbits - Crab rangoon, crispy duck, panko, prawns and calamari fritti - nothing spectacular actually. the calamari was a bit chewy. it seemed that the prawns were cooked while still frozen as its rock hard. the duck might be the saving grace of this dish but i am not a duck fan so i can't really tell you if it was the best or not. it did taste good though.

Clam Chowder - this is not to be combined with the steak if your tummy could only accommodate too much. this was extra filling and very tasty that you'd want to lick it off the cup.

Fettuccine Al Pesto with Chicken - the BF got this for himself as he's not a big carnivore like me. he did say it was good but he didn't finish it - might be due to the clam chowder.

Grandma's Favorite Warm Cinnamon Apple Pie - tasted good, served warm. we ordered it without a scoop of ice cream but it still came with it.

the place was a bit dark i guess to simulate the old english pub feel. the attendants were pretty attentive at the start of our meal (might be because there were only 3 tables filled at that time) - they kept refilling our wine glasses that we didn't quite notice that we finished it quickly. there wasn't much wait time either for the bill. this meal set us off about P3,800 which already includes a bottle of french vintage wine.

their specialty really is their prime rib. but you have to set your expectations right for the price that you'll be paying. obviously, steaks from elbert's and the others of its kind are much better but an order of steak there could very well get you paying P4,000++. so when you do visit this joint, you must set your expectations accordingly.

will i go back? why not? when i get a hankering for some red meat and if my diet allows, i won't mind going back here. especially if i'm on a budget.

8 years ago


American Fine Dining
P500 - 800
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 10:00AM - 10:00PM
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