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84 Mother Ignacia St South Triangle, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 412-7815
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Ha Yuan – in some Chinese language translates as “The Kitchen”
I remember very well how our previous football association president renamed our team to “Gli Calciatori” meaning “The Footballers” in Italian. How imaginative and creative of our previous president, I wanted to name the women’s football league back in college to Green Faeries but it was kicked to the side by some lame “Gli Calciatori” name.

So ‘The Kitchen’ is actually ‘The Casual Dining Restaurant’ in Timog offering oriental cuisines that’s vegetarian friendly. Oh how I raked the land for Vegetarian Siopao and finally found them here, the feeling was very much similar to finding the Yamashita Treasure!

Wrapped in wheat bun their veggie pao has mushrooms and other veggie ingredients. For a whopping amount of P40, it’s the only veggie pao I know of and is quite delicious but the price tag is hard to swallow. Fairly small in size, I need two more to satisfy my hunger. They also sell the veggie pao at Mercato Centrale every Saturday morning at around P35.

Their Fresh Lumpia is something a lot of people come back for. With fresh vegetables and bamboo shoots, they would never compromise the meal if one ingredient is missing. My lunch here always consist of veggie pao and lumpia which amounts to P100.

They have decent tofu dishes that would go well with rice and other meals on the menu.

A friend of mine keeps coming here for Taho. Available in Cold and Hot variants, taho here has been wrapped up in a different package with extra protein kick!
Order cold taho with lychee and berries or go for Cold taho with beans! Perfect for dessert it was said that they use special syrup for this special kind of taho. A wonderful treat for the sweet tooth, taho is truly something to come back for along with veggie pao and fresh lumpia in this casual dining place.

The place has a down to earth feeling summed up with Chinese folk music in the background and Vintage Chinese posters on the wall. The service is fine. Waiters exhibit several moods from snooty to ‘happy-to-serve-you’ down to ‘blank-poker-faces’.

Unfortunately, what they lack is a vegetarian variant of their noodle-soups. Sadly we vegetarians can’t order any noodle soup here that didn’t require an animal’s death.

Decent enough for an oriental dining restaurant that can also accommodate vegetarians and vegans.

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Chinese Casual Dining
P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 10:00AM - 10:00PM
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