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Nelson Bechayda

Nelson Bechayda craved for KFC SM City Marilao

1 year ago


wrote a review for Chowking SM Marilao

Chicken Legs served uncooked!


I know how hard to work in a food chain restaurant like Chowking at SM Marilao. Employees seem so tired and exhausted especially during closing time. However, it should not be the reason to serve uncooked chicken ( with fresh blood still). My family loves to eat at Chowking, but we got frustrated with this kind of service they gave us last Sunday night (September 18, 2011). I complained about the uncooked chicken of my son ( with a little bite on it) and so with my sister-in-law. The server just accepted it without saying anything. Then, he came back with the same chicken legs but they were fried with greesy oil. I looked for the manager and asked him how they are dealing with customer about served uncooked chicken. He said that it depends if the customer just wanted to fried it or would like to have a new one. He even told me that the server was not told about what we really wanted and he said that they used separate oil to fry them again ( why it was so greesy and you can tell by just seeing the chicken's skin after they fried it again). I told him that I was not asked in the first place and it was not healthy to fry the chicken with a bite with their used oil and gave it back to the customer. In addition, if this is how they are dealing with the same complain for more customers, then, it is not advisable to eat in Chowking at SM Marilao for the safety of the customers. The manager realized my point and said that he was so sorry about it and it was because of closing time. I told him that closing time is not a reason to serve uncooked chicken legs. They should have said to us that they will not serve chicken legs anymore for they don't have enough time to cook it right.

I highly recommend that Mr. Apple, the manager and the server should be given a training about serving customer, hygiene on food preparations, and dealing with complains. I am asking for a refund of what we paid or even just for the chicken legs that were served uncooked. My sister-in-law even told him how good the service of Jollibee in complains like this, because the same thing happened when they ate there and the food was replaced and they received extra services.

2 years ago


wrote a review for Reyes Barbecue SM City Marilao

They know their barbecue


My wife and I have dined here a couple of times, she usually order the grilled squid and for me pork barbecue plus a couple of sticks of chicken gizzard. They certainly know their barbecue, its quite tasty and probably the best I've had. Their barbecue is different from the usual, the meat is skewed like a kebab so you'll get a layer of meat and fat unlike the normal barbecues with the fat at the end, and their price is very reasonable as well. The only down side to this place is the wait, it takes about 15 - 20mins for your order to come, but the thing is they cook only upon order. If you're not in a hurry and crave for barbecue or other grilled food, try this place it’s worth the wait.

5 years ago


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