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House of Wagyu The Podium

5/F The Podium Wack Wack, Mandaluyong Metro Manila Philippines (02) 635-3056
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I'm an American who's been living in Manila for the past 3 months. One day, I had a craving for a good steak - something I hadn't had since moving here. After asking a co-worker of mine, I was referred to House of Wagyu for top of the line steak that would be similar to what I was used to back home.

I agree with the other reviewer that it doesn't really fit in where it is located (top floor right next to the movie theater), however, it was a very nice resto. It is small, however, we were eating early, and only one other party was there. We were quickly seated. The resto captain pulled out my dates chair and handed us both menus. Very nice touch.

We ordered a nice bottle of Italian wine and an order of gambas/shrimp and smoked salmon. Both dishes were sarap. The gambas was plump and juicy and the salmon tasted fantastic. The servings were fair and when I visit again, I would only order 1 appetizer and save more room for wagyu beef!

After, we ordered the Grade 8 tenderloin. Its presentation was nice and the waitress spent time explaining the meat and how to properly cut it.

The beef melted in your mouth. The mashed potatoes were creamy and buttery and squash with bruschetta and mozzarella was fantastic.

After devouring our wagyu beef, we order two desserts, the cheese cake and ice cream with summer berries. Both were good, but were unremarkable when compared with the rest of the meal.

The service throughout the night was great.

While very expensive compared to other restos here Manila, the service and food was top notch and well worth it. While I wouldn't do it all the time, the next time I get home sick for a good steak dinner, I will head straight to House of Wagyu.

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an extra roach with that?


i've been to this restaurant a few times and it's always been a so-so place to me but tonight my steak was the best I've had in this restaurant. I wouldn't say it's out there amazing but it was ok. anyways, to get to the point, my wife ordered seafood pasta 'coz she usually likes to share between what we've ordered. so i finished my share of the steak and was on my cut of the pasta and actually had some in my mouth when i saw a ~10mm roach right in my plate. augh! i immediately went for the napkins and told my pregnant wife to stop eating her pasta. i brought my plate to the waiters and demanded to speak with the manager. after about 5mins (yup he went and spoke to his chef first as if that will change anything) he finally showed up to our table and the first thing he tells us is that the roach is in one piece so it wasn't mixed in with the pasta while being cooked. hmmmmm yup that immediately made me feel better—NOT! after that very vital info then he apologized with a quick i'm sorry. he gave us another seafood pasta which we really didn't feel like eating anymore plus some sliced fruits. when the bill showed up, i immediately checked if we were charged for the pasta and low and behold it was there. i couldn't believe it! of course i complained and he took it off w/o saying a word. he was lucky i didn't make a scene and took my wife's whole family out of that place. 20T+ worth of food and all we got was the fruit slices to make up for the roach. my father-in-law was so nice he still left some extra tip for the waiters, at least the service from the waiters was satisfactory. i really wanted to give the manager an advice before we left the place but i figured he should already know that the first thing he should do when an issue such as what happened happens that the least the person want to hear is an excuse or an explanation. a quick and sincere "we are terribly sorry." would be much much better. when will the customer service of north america ever come to the philippines?

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little gem in podium but EXPENSIVE!


i was surprised that such a fancy restaurant was located inside a mall - it seemed a little out of place. considering the prices are incredibly high (well - i guess it's because it's wagyu! thank God i didn't have to pay! haha!)

the interiors are understated, cream colored walls, intimate lighting. service is SUPERB. waiters are very attentive, friendly and timely. you know they're there for you but they don't hover. i don't remember ever eating in a restaurant with such excellent service. i always believe if i am going to pay for something expensive i expect top notch service (whether in restaurants or shops) and house of wagyu did not disappoint.

the waiter will seat you at your table, give you a gem encrusted bag hook for your handbag to hang it on your table and then bring out a tray of all the meats and explain which one's which. i had the new york strip which was good but it wasn't the best i had. sadly, i had better ones cooked at home.

there are two ways you can order this, they can cook it for you in their kitchen or you can cook it yourself on a stone grill. it's really up to you. but be warned, you'll end up stinky if you cook it yourself (which is what happened to me! i smelled of greasy fat after dinner).

their new zealand baked mussels was good and so was the seabass in aluminum foil.

i don't know if i'll return though. it's just way too pricey for steak that's just okay in my book. but they deserve a gold medal for their service.

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My First Wagyu Encounter


I've always wondered when I would ever get to try a Wagyu steak. All that talk on how it melts in your mouth has always bewildered me with excitement.

My time finally came when I was invited to this restaurant for a business meeting.

I was able to try the following:
-Mushroom Soup
-Caesar Salad
-Seafood Pasta Platter
-Porterhouse 27oz.

It's good that I was able to try this place a good number of months after they've opened. I guess they were able to iron out everything, as the food was really delectable. The service was up to par, but that's expected with their kind of restaurant.

I really enjoyed the Seafood Pasta Platter and the Porterhouse. Now, I can relate to the "Wagyu experience" that my friends have always talked about.

I have no means to benchmark their steak with other places that offer Wagyu (or the legendary Kobe), but if there are better places here in the metro, then I'm excited to give them all a try!

Let me just keep my fingers crossed for another business meeting invite. ;)

10 years ago


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didnt meet my expectations.. as of now


my first entouner with Wagyu was the bset steak i ever had in DUO,, my wagyu experience here wasnt as great.. the meat was tender but it lacks the juicyness.
for the complete review with pics.. go to

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Wagyu Ribeye for P1350


When you walk into this restaurant tucked into a corner behind the ticketing counter of the Podium movie theaters, you will be greeted by an impressive array of glass-doored freezer cabinets filled with MEAT. Before you order, the waiters will helpfully show you a tray of their various cuts of meat, including a huge 22-ounce porterhouse. This is a carnivore's paradise.

My steak was tender and beautifully grilled. It may have been a tiny bit overcooked, considering that I asked for medium and thus expected a redder center, but I didn't mind. I've also had steaks with more flavor elsewhere, but I'm more than willing to give them time to improve. After all, the House of Wagyu has been open for only two weeks.

Soft lighting, classy table settings, excellent staff.

11 years ago


Steaks Casual Dining
P500 - 800
  • M, T, W, Th: 11:00AM - 10:00PM
  • F, Sa, Su: 10:00AM - 10:00PM
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